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35 Years Later 8/10

I remember chatting with my professor one day as I was sharing with future educators and she caught me off guard when she mentioned how little has changed since technology was introduced in the 80s. 193 more words

Tech in Learning or Not, That is the Question.

There seems to be a strange dichotomy in education and learning these days, and it revolves around tech. Does technology help learning or hinder it? You find opinions on both sides of the issue. 422 more words

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What's Wrong with High School?

A new contest is being sponsored by Steve Jobs widow,¬†Laurene Powell Jobs — called the Super School Project.¬†She and her philanthropic organization are crowdsourcing a contest to reinvent high school — not just improve it, not just enhance it, but totally re-invent it. 424 more words

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Teaching in a digital world

The digital world provides us with many conveniences in life. Our smartphones display the weather forecast determining suitable attire for the day and they can plot an efficient driving route to work avoiding traffic. 366 more words

What About Passion in Learning?

There is the common saying to “Follow your passion,” but there is an equally common saying to “Not let your passion be your profession.” Which is correct? 542 more words

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Lessons from a Substitute Teacher

I’m a professional writer, but when I don’t have writing work, I also substitute teach at the local grade school and middle school. I’ve found that I really enjoy teaching kids — although I have no formal training as a teacher for young students. 788 more words

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Learn Technology Skills. Be Employed.

I wanted to share something interesting from a book I recently read. Employers really are hiring more for niche technology skills than they are for general knowledge. 344 more words

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