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Final Reflection

The benefits of using different digital technologies in schools and classrooms are endless as they can; provide collaboration between teachers, students, parents and colleagues, evoke critical thinking and evaluation, promote creativity, engage literacy and mathematical skills and engage students in a way that some other teaching tools cannot (Howell, 2012). 408 more words

Design based thinking and 3D printers

Teaching by design is a relatively new approach to pedagogy which invites open-ended questioning and problem solving (Fouché and Crowley, 2017). Wrigley (2017) suggests that when design is used in conjunction with problem solving  and decision making it has an increasingly beneficial role in society. 473 more words

21st Century Classroom

21st Century Learners

21st century learners are disengaged in the education process because what they are faced with today does not teach them in the way that they can learn. 471 more words