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The Hunches (2002) Yes. No. Shut It. (LP) In the Red 093

The Hunches

Yes. No. Shut It. 


In the Red 093

Loud. Punk. Rock. And Roll.  Pressing the energy of their shows into vinyl for your listening pleasure …stomping outa all your garage idols…Stones, Saints, Sonics, Dolls, Brains…raw focused frenzy…rock and roll noise, hard as basement cement.

— winch

Downtown Boys (2015) Full Communism (LP) Don Giovanni Records

Second set from Downtown Boys…and girls…full-on no-holds-barred political punk…with horns…and energy to spare…”bi bilingual political dance sax party from Providence.”

— winch (author of



The Growlers (2010 -2014)

This California outfit has managed to keep their oddball signature stew in tact while offering enough spice and variety to the recipe to keep it interesting. 188 more words

Natural Child (2016) Okey Dokey (LP) Natural Child Records and Tapes NCRT001

Natural Child

Okey Dokey 


Natural Child Records and Tapes NCRT001


Sixth set from Nashville’s Natural Child, first one on their own Natural Child Records and Tapes, garage rock Nashville style, one of the best 2016 has to offer. 9 more words

La Misma (2016) Kanizadi (LP) estado tóx'co 023

Kickboxing with a pack of girls, endless rumpus stomp and jarring jabs, tons of fun and more than a little bit menacing, snapping at you in language you can’t understand (unless you’re maybe from Brazil or Portugal then maybe if they let you you can wrap your fingers around the fists and get some inside grin) snapping at the heels of some demons in a language any punk in the world is bound to understand. 24 more words

Nude Beach (2010) s/t (LP) 

Nude Beach

Self titled


Mandible Records

Debut from this Brooklyn trio…power pop punk..sounding somewhat like Pittsburgh’s Beach Slang (who came after this band) and the Cynics (who came long before) and probably all the bands that influenced those bands…the Replacements… Springsteen…bands of the 60s–both the American garage power pop of that decade and bands like Buffalo Springfield…the earthy elements recalling Tom Petty…even chucking an easily recognizable instrumental nod to Memphis R&B, which is much appreciated since where would we be without the contributions of that town. 40 more words