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the Swords Project

old snapshot from the days of kodachrome (64), the Swords live at the Hollywood Theatre back when they were called the Swords Project.

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Leaves Budding

Many years ago I met an amazing visual artist named En Burk, who at the time worked with leaves, branches and other natural objects. She patiently waited for them to fall from their respective trees or plants, and then fashioned them into stunningly beautiful sculptures, sometimes quickly shaping them before they dried and hardened. 227 more words

Silent Sound

And I See Night // GADADU

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King Louie: Chinese Crawfish (Album) 2004

King Louie: One Man Band

Chinese Crawdad

Goner Records (Memphis)


One-man stomp from Mr. Bankston, the man from N’orleans, recorded by Jay Yuenger.  Another set of noteworthy 21st century garage.

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Tight Bro's: Lend You a Hand (Album) 2001

Tight Bro’s

Lend You a Hand

Kill Rock Stars


Proving that Girl Town ain’t just a bunch of nurd glasses and torn panties, this Olympia outfit puts ’70s hard rock through the punk-rock wringer, backs the Dodge van into the garage, the power-booster punched, the jams from the Supertuner blasting through a pair of speakers they stole from the drive-in, the Alice Cooper Group, AC/DC and even Led Zeppelin at their most basic, this band sporting their influences like patches on a jean jacket.   48 more words

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