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Coachwhips (2003) Bangers vs. Fuckers (LP) Narnack Records (7002)

Recommended 21st century garage…bare wire garage punk stomp from California …clean as an ashtray at 2 AM in the backyard lot of some dive bar on the edge of town.


Gøggs (2016) S/T (LP) In the Red (290)


Segall’s latest project…raw hard garage stomp…fuzzy and scuzzy but focused as a shotgun jackhammer going to work on some hot black asphalt while a 38 year old hooker with handgun to temple goes to work on a forty year old mattress grinds out a two minute living to the sound of junkyard dog barking in the background.

Four-star LPs


my KODACHROME capturing THE last days of e.j.’S (portland, Oregon) circa ’99 or ’00…Where the stage was lower than the dance floor.  At least that’s how I remember it.   124 more words



photos     by   mr.  winch


Dennis Coffey

the legendary guitarist dennis coffey, the man from motown (actually born in the UP, Copper City, Michigan) the man who offered his guitar to many of those Whitfield-era Motown classics, later the first white man to play on… 41 more words

Dead Moon

Scanned from a black & white negative…one of my shots from a Portland show…late 90s circa.

Mr. Fred Cole (Dead Moon)               photo by winch