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When to Use IT and When not to use IT!

I get really worried when I see teachers putting too much faith in IT! I’ve been a teacher long enough to know that while fads come and go, there are some universal truths that remain. 532 more words

21st Century Skills

SEL Standards Assessment: Break It Down!

What do you get when 25 teachers, counselors, administrators and SEL specialists converge on the Sanchez elementary library for 6 hours on a Saturday?  Jazz hands, of course! 500 more words


Cash in on Learning: Engaging Students through Interest-Based Anchor Activities

It’s that time of year again—that time between the end of spring break and the end of the school year. In many schools, it’s high testing season, so students and teachers alike are stressed. 876 more words

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Changing the Ways of a Lion: Policy Challenges in Fostering 21st-Century Skills – The Case of Singapore

By Charleen Chiong, Oxford University

Singapore’s education system attracts great interest from educationalists all over the world. Despite being a relatively small, young country with few natural resources, Singapore – also popularly called the ‘Lion City’ by its politicians and people – has consistently remained amongst the top performers since it joined the OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 1,072 more words

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EduDrone Challenge

You might be surprised to learn that your school can purchase a drone for less than $50 dollars! If you’re interested in connecting with other schools that are cultivating critical thinking and creativity using these cutting-edge “quadcopters” this is the blog post for you! 472 more words

Ripped Apart: A Civil War Mystery

The Smithsonian has always been one of my favorite museum / museums. I suppose a person could add up how many museums, exhibits, and collections they have but who has that kind of time? 451 more words


Newseum is a no-brainer for all social studies classrooms

I’ve been on a current events kick lately. A recent newsletter from social studies guru Mike Hasley reminded me of another awesome news resource called Newseum. 874 more words