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Arriving in Tokyo and Meeting Host Families...

We finally arrived to Tokyo Station after a two hour train ride from Kyoto. Students were nervous and excited to meet their host families and many adorable reunions occurred. 13 more words

21st Century Skills

Day #3 Kyoto: Life lessons: How to Write a Postcard; How to Tie a Tie!

Students learned how to write a postcard: where to put the message, the address and the stamp. This was a bigger chore than we realized. We spent the first half of the day visiting the Kyomizu Temple; then we headed to the Kyoto Station for the bullet train ride to Tokyo and our Welcome Meeting with the host families! 39 more words

21st Century Skills

A full day of visiting Hiroshima and then back to Kyoto for evening and dinner...

We took the bullet train back and forth to Hiroshima. It was a sobering visit and the students were very respectful of our volunteer tour guides at the Peace Park, one of whom was a survivor of the bombing at Hiroshima. 43 more words

21st Century Skills

A great first day of fun in Kyoto...

Many, many adventures. Our students were very popular with the Japanese school groups who were visiting many of the same sights that we were visiting. We saw: 33 more words

21st Century Skills

Osaka, here we come!

We are on the plane and on our way to Osaka. More to follow here with a daily update!

Happy Trails with 28 members of the Class of 2017!

21st Century Skills