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What PreK means to your Pre-Teen!

Compelling research is growing about the importance of  Pre-kindergarten in the lives of our students!

21st Century Skills

What lawyers are for: what Montaigne said: a respite from artificial intelligence, alternative providers, and accountants

Now is a time when great chunks of law practice are breaking away. Law work is going to alternative providers and artificial intelligences and accountants. Lawyers are challenged to get clear about what their core function is. 873 more words

President Obama meets Quest Alliance

Joining almost 300 young Indian leaders for discussions around active citizenship, Aakash spoke directly to the president about youth employability in the Indian context. After introducing President Obama to Quest’s work in school dropout prevention and job-readiness, Aakash probed the president on the best way forward in creating young people with 21st Century skills. 742 more words

21st Century Skills

Holiday Shopping

Hey folks,

I wanted to share a lesson idea that I picked up many years ago (sorry, I can’t remember where) and have tweaked over the years to meet a few key learning objectives in my STEM lab. 264 more words

Thought Depends on Knowledge

Guest Blog by David Didau

Recently Paul went to Making Shift Happen 2017, a happening in Amsterdam where the keynotes were Anders Ericsson, Stellan Ohlsson, Yana Weinstein, David Didau, and Lucy Crehan. 1,290 more words

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Final Vision Project Submission, Challenges, and Project Summary

So, here it is … my Final Vision Project

My Final Vision Project is finally ready to go live and I am jumping for joy.  I can’t say it’s finished as I hope to keep developing and revising it as a work in progress, but I am happy and relieved to post. 1,320 more words