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Three’s a Crowd…or IS it?

Link: https://youtu.be/nIUFz4DwuK8

THe above video gives a short background of what Crowdsourcing is, but how does that relate to education? 641 more words


Starting a Student Led Class Blog

  • Check in with your administrator. Make sure that they understand your vision for the blog and that they are on board.¬†
  • Introduce your students to the idea of a blog – read some student/class blogs with the students and have them identify what makes a good post good.
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Tip of the Week: Google Save is new tool for archiving sites / photos

I’m a huge Pocket user. I’m either saving to or reading from Pocket multiple times every day. It’s a tool I ran across several years ago and continue to love. 964 more words


Creating a Maker Culture

“The emergence of maker culture depends a great deal on our understanding that different people learn through different means. Some are auditory learners, and some are visual learners.

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Use Timeline JS and Juxtapose for historical thinking awesomeness

Several weeks ago, I gushed about a new tool I had just run across called StoryMap JS. It seemed like an easy to use, nice to look at tool for creating interactive, multimedia historical accounts. 673 more words


Cool Technology Tools to Use in Schools

Try saying that fast 3 times :)

Link: https://youtu.be/loFL5gT_m8I

WHether you love it or hate it, technology in the classroom seems to be here to stay. 782 more words


The Science of Learning

Here is a report from the Deans for Impact. The authors provide practical classroom implications for the following 6 questions about student learning:

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