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Teaching and Learning from the Millennials and (TBDs)

I have been teaching Millennials for the past two years. Millennials, as defined by the Merriam Webster online dictionary, are persons born in the 1980s or 1990s.  615 more words

Ten Tricks for Effective Facilitation

Facilitation is an art which adds value to the traditional teaching and lecturing process, like adding sugar to milk. Effective facilitation can bring a very positive vibe to the learning ecosystem, which can enhance cooperation and collaboration, and thus bringing synergy to the entire teaching-learning process. 822 more words

21st Century Skills

The check box syndrome and why we value the process over the product

A couple of weekends ago I was fortunate enough to see Hamilton. I hold season tickets to the Denver Center for the Performing Arts (a great value, actually) and this season’s package included Hamilton. 856 more words

Reflecting Without A Harness

PBL in TOK: reflection and what to do with the knowledge you created

I have been working on adding a project based learning (PBL) component to my theory of knowledge class (TOK). The easy part in developing PBL in TOK (if you are in an IB school, acronyms are part of the process, and this last sentence is normal. 559 more words

Reflecting Without A Harness

Our first F1 in Schools Challenge Experience

At Pensmith STEM International our students learn through a project-based learning approach – we call these “STEM projects”.  Although they are called “STEM projects” they are not limited to learning about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.  764 more words

21st Century Skills

Flipped Classroom

I have been intrigued with the Flipped Classroom for a while. (The general idea is the reverse of the traditional learning environment: delivering instructional content… 362 more words

Why Educator Have to Blog?

Educators are quick to tell students about the benefits of blogging, but slow to embrace them personally. Part of this is simply the immense work load educators take on these days but part of it is also the rut in which many educators find themselves in regards to approaching their work – and their students. 1,181 more words

WEB 2.0 For Education