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What does Globally Ready mean?

In this month’s edition of Educational Leadership, author Marc Tucker looks at the impact that globalization, automation, and the improved skills of workers in other countries are having on the United States economy.   430 more words

Give Your Google Classroom Super Powers! (Doctopus + Classroom + Goobric)

Sure… Doctopus sounds like a Spider-Man villain, but if you’ve never been introduced prepare to have your mind blown!

Doctopus came out years ago as an extension to Google Sheets that allowed for the distribution of electronic “handouts” or assignments to students before Google Classroom existed. 323 more words


What are schools preparing learners for?

For more than a century the requirements of the workforce/economy have influenced what has been taught in schools.  In the industrial age, skills like efficiency and conformity were highly valued. 349 more words

Contemporary Schooling

History Nerdfest 2016: Ten Tech Tools for Teaching Social Studies

I had the chance to drop in on a quick 30 minute Power session that focused on ten tech tools for teaching civics. Three minutes of overview for each tool and a bit of fast discussion on how it might be used. 437 more words


Blockchain for dummies: more transformation, more change

Blockchain is coming. It will radically transform commerce. And the economy. And the practice of law. It’s another one of those things.

So what is blockchain? 504 more words

acrl and 21st century skills in workplace info lit

I have been reading research by Annemarie Lloyd, senior lecturer in the School of Information Studies at Charles Sturt University who has researched and written extensively on information literacy in workplace contexts. 291 more words

Goal 1: Reflective & Creative Learning