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The Importance of Interpersonal Skills in the workplace...

So many schools talk about social emotional learning as a co-curricular activity. We are seeing more and more that these skills are a means to acquiring curriculum. 17 more words

21st Century Skills

Access to legal system is fundamental: John Hood of John Locke Foundation

John Hood, Chairman of North Carolina’s John Locke Foundation, makes the same point this week that MidLaw made last week: the legal system and meaningful access to it for everybody is fundamental to our system of government. 328 more words

Busy People NEED quiet time... Harvard Business Review

The case for slowing down and cultivating a mindfulness practice has never been stronger. In our busy modern lives, we need to find quiet time, for thinking and reflecting and expressing gratitude. 43 more words

21st Century Skills

Digital Portfolios - a Cry for Help!

I am obsessed with the idea of students having a positive online presence – a public digital portfolio – something that can serve as a differentiator for them (over the kid who just has a paper resume) when they are looking to get into college or get a job.  432 more words

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Learning to Learn

Learning to learn is a process of discovery and is an important element in becoming an effective self-directed lifelong learner. Every individual has their own unique way of learning which means that each individual needs to be self-directed in figuring out what works best for them. 228 more words

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Educating for OUR future

In 2030, when our freshmen are several years into their career, our third graders are graduating from college, and our current pre-K students are graduating from high school, I plan to still be around.  223 more words

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Need some EdTech Gear advice?

I’ve always enjoyed Jonathan Wylie’s stuff. He’s got fingers in lots of pies spending time at the Grant Woods AEA Digital Learning Team, on… 277 more words