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Social and Emotional Learning in Action! Part I: School Athletics

Social and Emotional Learning is getting a lot of press lately, as more and more research emerges showing its broad benefits to students across all ages, racial/ethnic backgrounds, socioeconomic levels and geographic location.   854 more words


Explorable explanations and 4 ways to encourage active reading

I love Sylvia Duckworth’s version of the SAMR tech integration model. The whole idea of any ed tech is to support student learning. And the SAMR is a nice way to think about the tech you’re using or planning to use. 862 more words


Useless words no longer a problem now that we have space for them. Or, not?

In Style, The Art of Writing Well sixty years ago, F.L. Lucas wrote:

[I]t is not only ill-mannered in the individual author to waste his hearers’ time; it is also a public problem.

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The Rocky Shores of BYOD

Like many districts, we have little money for individual technology. I have tried many different methods of having students bring in their own devices, but no solution is perfect. 146 more words


Social and Emotional Learning: Resources for Caregivers

Social and emotional learning is happening in AISD schools via evidence-based curricula, intentional integration, and collaborative planning.  But what about SEL at home?  Generally, caregivers are doing the best they can to support and create opportunities for social and emotional learning outside of school hours, but of course there is a lot that goes on in day-to-day life. 318 more words


Tip of the Week: The problem with history classes, the Civil War, and hexagons

Several days ago, I wrote a quick post highlighting an article from The Atlantic titled The Problem with History Classes. In it, author Michael Conway suggests that traditional social studies instruction that focuses on the “right” answers doesn’t allow for enough academic discomfort. 869 more words


Why Graduate Profiles Feel Wrong

Let’s face it. Every school’s graduate profile sounds the same these days.

“Lifelong learner”

“Global citizen”

“Able and willing to make a difference”


You know the drill. 537 more words

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