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Empathy and Kindness, now more than ever...

How to foster empathy and kindness in children

This article in the Washington Post is timely as we help children navigate not only their own relationships, but watch the tenor of the presidential election this fall, and sometimes even get a sense of some of the vitriol being broadcasted across all media! 6 more words

21st Century Skills

Postscript Japan 2016

For the better part of July and August I have let the Japan experience marinate in my mind. There were so many special moments with students, between students, among the adults, even through some pretty substantial language barriers. 64 more words

21st Century Skills

Board Books - For Students of All Ages

Have you read Stuck by Oliver Jeffers? It is hilarious! My children received it as a gift recently and we read it together many times over the next few days (and if you are a parent too, you know that by “many times” I mean at least 1000 times). 347 more words


Newsela adds "tampered" primary sources

Last week, I had the chance to lead a quick conversation centered on this simple question:

“Is it ever okay to tamper with history?”

As in . 662 more words


First Day Thoughts: How to Turn a Mistake into a "Beautiful Oops"

During this morning’s opening Middle School Convocation, I shared this reflection with our students.

Everyone in this room is going to experience moments of success this year. 903 more words

21st Century Skills

Improve your 21st Century Skills

Which 21st Century Skills do you want to improve?

Mozilla defines 21st Century Skills as

“A broad set of knowledge, skills, habits and traits that are important to succeed in today’s world”

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Learning Strategies

Brainstorming is a waste of time. Try this instead

We’ve been a part of it. We’ve all used it. And we’ve probably all noticed that it really doesn’t work very well.

Brainstorming sounds like a good strategy. 1,031 more words