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Balance, Burnout and Other Things That Don't Start with "B"

A few of you have asked for an update on how things are going with the new job, so instead of a lame attempt at humor today, that’s what you’re going to get. 825 more words

Some News and Some Links

I’ve been waiting almost four months to write this post and now I’m not quite sure what I should say so I’ll just blurt out that I finally have a new job! 681 more words

This Is What a Faithful Friend Looks Like — Heartwarming Portraits of Elderly Dogs…

Everybody loves photos of brand new puppies or videos of dogs in their prime being silly, but what about those pups who have been around for awhile and have settled down in their old age? 45 more words

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Adorable toddler’s best friend is his rescue dog, and they’re ridiculously cute together!

Three years ago, Jake and Devin Crouch adopted Toby, a rescue dog. After their son Carter was born a year and a half later, Devin started taking photos of her son with the family’s dog… 62 more words

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Weird Volvo People

Volvos are weird. People are weird. Volvo people are, well, behold the following used car ad:

Which of course, caught Volvo’s attention, and they asked for this:

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Dog Breath Photography

Photographer Kaylee Greer has found her passion in life — taking lively pictures of dogs…

Greer’s photography business, called Dog Breath Photography, features “unique, whimsical, happy, drooling, colorful, wagging pet portraits.” 97 more words

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Beautiful photos of black dogs often overlooked for adoption in animal shelters

Fred Levy learned from people who work in animal shelters that for some reason, it’s especially difficult to find homes for black dogs.

In response, the photographer launched the… 36 more words

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