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The Huffington Post, Vintage Revivals and 22 Words are three of my favorite blogs to visit. They provide me with entertainment, news and sometimes inspiration when I am feeling crafty. 1,808 more words


Proof That Kids are Clueless

As kids, we’re pretty much clueless (a state most of us maintain through adulthood, but whatever.) Anyway, I thought you could get pregnant by just kissing someone and that everyone could pretty much use their grandma’s bra as a hammock. 977 more words

Funny Notes, Cool Cakes, and the Cutest Animals on the Internet

True story.

Anyway, it’s been a couple weeks since I dropped a bunch of GREAT links on you from 22 Words that I highly recommend you click on, read, and share with the world because you JUST CAN’T KEEP THE AWESOME TO YOURSELF. 307 more words

A Girl Has To Have Standards

It was the moment when he reached down into the console of his truck, picked out a used golf tee and started using it as a toothpick that I learned a) to always keep floss in my purse and b) that even though it means that waking up with hummus in my hair is the closest to breakfast in bed that I get, I was meant to be single. 599 more words

Things You Should Spend Your Time on the Internet Reading

In my defense, it IS my job to look at the Internet.

At any rate, if you’re going to go look at the Internet for the 103rd time today, I have some suggestions from the gazillion things I’ve written for work. 246 more words