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The Huffington Post, Vintage Revivals and 22 Words are three of my favorite blogs to visit. They provide me with entertainment, news and sometimes inspiration when I am feeling crafty. 1,808 more words


Proof That Kids are Clueless

As kids, we’re pretty much clueless (a state most of us maintain through adulthood, but whatever.) Anyway, I thought you could get pregnant by just kissing someone and that everyone could pretty much use their grandma’s bra as a hammock. 977 more words

Funny Notes, Cool Cakes, and the Cutest Animals on the Internet

True story.

Anyway, it’s been a couple weeks since I dropped a bunch of GREAT links on you from 22 Words that I highly recommend you click on, read, and share with the world because you JUST CAN’T KEEP THE AWESOME TO YOURSELF. 307 more words