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SHERLOCK HOLMES not a psychopath, but instead a ❝ high-functioning sociopath  that became a phenomenon after only a couple of episodes. It is truly a wonder how he managed to worm his way through our hearts without even noticing, but I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t change anything about it. 799 more words


London - Day Two: 221b Baker Street and Afternoon Tea

One of the most famous street addresses throughout the world is situated in the heart of London. 221b Baker Street, the residence of Sherlock Holmes and his loyal friend, Dr. 389 more words


Fictional Bucket List Part II

Hello my sweets!

Today I’m going to be doing Part II of the Fictional Bucket List tag. If you aren’t sure what it is or want to have a little browse at my Part I, you can check that out… 51 more words


#fangirl in London: The Sherlock Holmes Museum

Last October my #fangirl dream came true, as I finally got to visit 221B Baker Street – the home of Sherlock Holmes. Those who know me pretty well can tell that I myself am Sherlock Holmes in a skirt – my deduction is splendid, I can guess almost anything by just one clue, and I can literally find any information about anyone. 231 more words


Week Eight: It's All Still Great!


I. Spent. So. Much. Time. Working. On. Much. Ado. About. Nothing. Last. Weekend. I kid you not, my legs were so sore on Monday that it was difficult to walk around. 2,289 more words

221B Baker Street: A Photographic Journey

SherlockHolmes is one of the best creations of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Reliving the fictional character is something i was always looking forward to, luckily I got an opportunity to visit 221B Baker Street, I met Sherlock as well as Doctor Watson in their living room. 285 more words