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221B Baker Street: A Photographic Journey

SherlockHolmes is one of the best creations of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Reliving the fictional character is something i was always looking forward to, luckily I got an opportunity to visit 221B Baker Street, I met Sherlock as well as Doctor Watson in their living room. 285 more words


Camden Market - London Day 2

Recently I paid a visit to the capital of England – London. I have been before but I was very young and all I remember is my little brother getting scared at the moving dinosaur at the natural history museum. 327 more words




“So, my dear, how’s the response?”

“Tremendous Sir, this idea of yours is a master stroke.”

“So how many applications we have received so far for our first program, “Who wants to be the next Sherlock Holmes.”? 286 more words

Shortest Stories

Sherlock Holmes

You might be thinking “Urgghh, Sherlock Holmes. That is like, so ancient.” Well, that’s definitely the wrong way to think. Sherlock Holmes isn’t so ‘ancient’ and, in fact, the series/short storied are very good books.  204 more words


Sherlock's Solid Case

THE PERSONAL BLOG of Dr. John H. Watson

I couldn’t understand why Sherlock was dazed. I was taking him to a better doctor then. Didn’t know if it was because he hadn’t had a case in the past 6 months, or if it was just one of his Sherlock-esque idiosyncrasies, but he was just so shocking to look at. 229 more words

Flash Fiction

Friendly reminder to be more like Mrs. Hudson...

You are an amazing, unique individual and you should not let people push you around. You are important, valid, and awesome! Take it from the badass landlady of 221b Baker Street: