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5 Novel Anniversaries in 2015 and Where to Celebrate Them

The Valley of Fear by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (100 years)

In the fourth and final novel starring Sherlock Holmes, a coded message warning of imminent danger is delivered to his London flat and hastily sends him crime-solving in the countryside. 624 more words


The Sherlock Holmes Museum

Stepping out of Baker Street Station and walking up what was once known as Upper Baker Street, you will probably spot a line of people queuing to get into an old Georgian town house. 1,240 more words


221B Baker Street

For all of you who do not already know, to say that I am a fan of BBC’s Sherlock series and of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work is an… 231 more words


DIY 221B

I am planning to move in the near future, so the subject of apartments and apartment organization has been rather on my mind. So, during my travels through the interwebs, … 86 more words

Monthly Fandom

Virtual Tourist - Sherlock Holmes P&C 1/25/15


Figured I would share some more Sherlock pics this morning.

Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishment
Kew Gardens Mystery
Divine Syndicate Compound

This is inside the main building/temple. 115 more words

Gloria Oliver

Sherlock-The Adventure of CAM

A 53 minute trim of “His Last Vow” complete with a new ending


-We open the episode with Sherlock and John discussing Sherlock going out with Janine and Magnusson. 229 more words


Sherlock-How It Was Done

In order to properly bridge the gap between “Little That Remains” and “The Adventure of CAM” (my 53 minute trim of “ 90 more words