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Worst Mother Ever Allegedly Tears Kid's Genitals Then Tries to Superglue Them Back Together

The cruelty one woman allegedly showed to her own son is enough to be its own Halloween horror tale.

Authorities have charged Jennifer Marie Vargas, 34, a civilian living on a military base in San Antonio, with assault after she allegedly attempted to pull off her 6-year-old child’s genitals while angry at him, then tried to reattach them with superglue, … 214 more words


Judge: 'Messiah' Is Not an Acceptable Baby Name

In the U.S., all kinds of wacky baby names are totally fair game — especially among celebrity parents. (See: Diva Thin Muffin Pigeen Zappa, Moroccan Cannon, North West, etc.) But now, there’s apparently one baby name that won’t fly. 209 more words


WATCH: Courtroom Booty Slap Earns Chad Johnson a Month in Jail

Chad Johnson — the former NFL wide receiver once known as Chad Ochocinco — ended up in Fort Lauderdale court Monday after he violated his probation in a domestic abuse case. 195 more words


New George Zimmerman Evidence: 8 Things You Need to Know

Correction Appended on July 12, 2012

A new batch of evidence has been released detailing the police investigation into George Zimmerman’s actions after he fatally shot… 1,038 more words


Hacker Sentenced to Three Years in Prison For Selling Pirated Internet Access

Stealing Internet access is a crime. But helping thousands of other people steal Internet access is a much more serious one. An Oregon man who sold hacked cable modems online has been sentenced to three years in prison after a federal court in Boston found him guilty of a scheme that earned him up to $1 million, the… 218 more words


Trayvon Martin Trial: George Zimmerman's Wife Charged with Perjury

The wife of accused Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman has found herself in trouble after being charged with perjury, but it may well cost Zimmerman’s defense even more if the case goes to trial. 488 more words


'Son of Sam' Serial Killer Won’t Seek Parole, Says Jesus Has 'Freed' Him

David Berkowitz, who murdered six people in the 1970s, says he has “no interest” in parole because Jesus has already made him a “free man.” (via… 264 more words