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Remington Bucket O Bullets 1400 Rounds 22LR 36Gr HP

Regular $119.99

December 2nd and 3rd Only



Dec 2nd & 3rd Sale Teaser

Winchester 235 22LR 36Gr Plated HP 235 Rounds

Regular $19.99

December 2nd and 3rd Only



Old Target

I visited my parents a few weeks ago, and my mom found an old target in her stuff.  The target was mine, from when I was a teenager, and is dated 2/25/96.   113 more words


A Case For The .22LR

I am the first to admit, I don’t shoot a lot of .22lr. While it was the first round I ever shot as a kid, it is not a cartridge I can say I shoot regularly as an adult over 20 years later. 531 more words

The Buck Mark Standard URX

Alloy receiver, blued finish, slab side barrel, over-molded ambidextrous grips, blowback action, single-action trigger, Pro-Target adjustable sights.

The Buck Mark Standard URX is sleek. It might be “standard” for a Browning, but don’t be fooled – it has more than enough features to separate it from the competition. 225 more words


Advantage Arms 22LR Conversion Kits For Glocks


Advantages of Using a .22LR Conversion Kit:

  • It allows you to shoot inexpensive .22 Long Rifle ammunition so that you can shoot longer and more often.
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