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Hexagonal pen gun

A tidy little thumb-fired .22lr pen gun made from hexagonal steel.

Gun Control

Favorite .22lr plinking - @BrowningArms @SmithWessonCorp #Browning #.22lr

When taking a break from fishing I’ll always enjoy plinking around with my .22lr’s – favorite caliber. Out of my 22’s, I have two that are my go to guns for my plinking excitement.   191 more words


Custom CZ 452 .22lr

Here’s my little CZ 452 .22lr that I started working on a few years, now ago all put together. The stock has a checkered steel buttplate, steel grip cap, and inletted swivel studs in addition to custom one-piece bottom metal I made for the rifle with the 5 round magazine flush with the underside of the stock. 192 more words

Hunting Stocks

Colt's .22LR Caliber M4 Carbine

Recently a friend acquired a gently used replica of the Colt M4 rifle in .22LR caliber that is manufactured under license by Walther Firearms. I have seen them advertised in shooting magazines, but until now I had never actually seen or held one. 2,736 more words

.22LR Rifle

SR-22 Usage in the IDF

TheFirearmBlog has a terrific article up on the usage of the Ruger 10/22 to suppress violent riots by Palestinians. Apparently, someone noticed that an unsuppressed… 197 more words


Old .22 Targets

Back in the day, I used to go to the shooting range outside of Blacksburg, VA, and shoot several of my .22s. I was a poor undergraduate student, but back then, .22LR was cheap and readily available, the biggest expense being gasoline for my car to get to the range. 31 more words