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Walther G22

Walther G22 – 22LR Bullpup

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Pillar Bedding the Custom KIDD Classic .22 Stock

I pillar bedded this stock over the weekend and have some pics of the process. Took a few hours to prep the pillars, stock, and barreled action, and another hour to do the epoxy and cleanup work. 54 more words

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Will Mangled 22lr AMMO Shoot Through a Ruger SR22 Pistol?

Will these destroyed rounds actually function in a Ruger SR22 pistol?!?!? These are the rounds I blended in my blender! They should be destroyed!!! how is this possible that they could work!!?!?! 160 more words


Custom Remington 40X .22lr Sporter Stock, Part 2

After completing the design for this stock and creating a pattern and templates, I was able to actually start working on the blank to turn it into a stock. 622 more words

Hunting Stocks

Custom Remington 40X .22lr Sporter Stock, Part 1

Earlier this year I started the process of making a custom stock for a Remington 40X .22lr rifle. The barreled action is made up of a blueprinted Remington 40X receiver with a Kiff bolt that has a 3-position safety and engraved Oberndorf-style handle, 24″ Shilen 8-groove barrel, and a Shilen trigger. 423 more words

Hunting Stocks

First time alone at the range with my Henry lever action .22 rifle

I have this weird affinity for material objects. I like to personify them knowing full well that saying “my car is having a bad day” doesn’t mean anything because my car is a machine and she knows no good or bad days. 408 more words

New Toys

I recently recieved a couple new toys, a Ruger 10/22 and a GoPro. I couldn’t think of a better way to debut both!