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Jeweled Mossberg Bolt

Today I jeweled a bolt for a friends Mossberg. I had to turn down a section of the bolt so that the jewel in doesn’t get scratched up as soon as he works the action. 18 more words


12 May 2016

My bro invited me out to the range :)
Sighted in the Savage Mk2 BTSS to 50 yards, and shot some 7.62×51 at 100.

Good day of chilling with my brother.

Diary Of An Unemployed Accountant

Hoppe's Cleaning Equipment

I have been trying to buy some cleaning gear at Makati Cinema Square with no success. All the .22lr size ones were out of stock. 50 more words

Hexagonal pen gun

A tidy little thumb-fired .22lr pen gun made from hexagonal steel.

Gun Control

Favorite .22lr plinking - @BrowningArms @SmithWessonCorp #Browning #.22lr

When taking a break from fishing I’ll always enjoy plinking around with my .22lr’s – favorite caliber. Out of my 22’s, I have two that are my go to guns for my plinking excitement.   191 more words