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Remington 597 Build

Life for this Remington 597 began as an OD Green stock scoped combo. The previous owner had added a sling and studs, as well as rust from years of neglect. 422 more words


Kimber Rimfire Target Conversion Kit

The Colt 1911 is probably the most iconic pistol of the 20th century.

There, I said it.

I will not go into great detail about the history and the legacy left by this grand old pistol, just suffice to say that it has paid its dues numerous times over. 1,074 more words


How Many RARE Stephen King Books Will a 30 SHOT CLIP DESTROY

Stephen King states that “The real problem is 30 shot clips.” We take some massive capacity assault clips and destroy the remaining and most valuable books in my Dark Tower collection. 227 more words


H&R 949: A Working Man's Trail Gun

Hey everyone, I apologize for the big break in any new posts. I had some military stuff in the interim that had to be done first, and honestly, I was a little apprehensive about posting this review. 1,107 more words


Body Armor Test: Hypervelocity .22LR Vs. Level I and Level IIA Soft Armor- Results

In the previous post, an oft-repeated Internet legend regarding .22LR and light body armor was examined. .22LR has a reputation as a very high penetrating round, more so than .45 ACP. 465 more words

Armor Testing

Custom Remington 40X .22lr Sporter Stock, Part 3

After band sawing the profile of the stock out and installing the ebony tip, I went to work on inletting the trigger housing and started work on the trigger guard too. 565 more words

Hunting Stocks

22lr Bullets in a MICROWAVE!! Don't Try This At Home

Will these destroyed rounds actually function in a hotpocket cooking apparatus – otherwise known as a microwave?!?!? These are the rounds I blended in my blender! 323 more words