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23andMe Offers DNA Day Only Uploads from Ancestry.com DNA

Update:You may have to hit refresh several times when uploading your raw data to 23andMe and when activating your e-mail link as the site has bogged down with the free transfers and DNA Day Sales. 457 more words


DNA Day Flash Sale Prices Expected to Drop Low for DNA Day

Update April 25, 2018: Apparently some of the sales didn’t materialize or were not as good as anticipated. Good news is 23andMe is accepting raw data transfers on April 25, 2018 from Ancestry.com DNA testers. 451 more words


The Lawton Problem

Ah the Lawtons. Probably my most prolific line. A line in which I had uncles in the Klan, .aunts who were abolitionists, forefathers who were slave owners, uncles who were missionaries, uncles who were Confederate soldiers, among a multitude of other professions. 2,463 more words

Michael and Me

I’ll make this short and sweet: No tears were shed. Michael and I hugged, talked, laughed and shared stories as if we’ve known each other all our lives. 130 more words

23andMe DNA Day 2018 Sale Prices

Looks like 23andMe finally announced their DNA Day sale prices:

23andMe – $69 for Ancestry (ethnicity) only and $139 for Ancestry (ethnicity) with Health; regular price $99 or $199 (on 23andMe’s website and Amazon). 98 more words


Ancestry DNA and My Heritage DNA Sale Prices Announced

Ancestry has lowered its price to $59 for its DNA kit and MyHeritage has lowered its price to $69 (on sale at Amazon for $68 with free shipping). 209 more words


23andMe and Michael

On February 9, 2018 I became a little sister. Actually a little half-sister…. or is that a half-little sister? It feels surreal.

As I’ve written in previous posts, I was adopted as an infant. 632 more words