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Ethnicity Testing – A Conundrum

Ethnicity results from DNA testing.  Fascinating.  Intriguing.  Frustrating.  Exciting.  Fun. Challenging.  Mysterious.  Enlightening.  And sometimes wrong.  These descriptions all fit.  Welcome to your personal conundrum!  The riddle of you!  6,509 more words


23andMe and Women's Health Startup Celmatix Combine Forces To Research Genes Affecting Infertility

Humans have been having humans for hundreds of thousands of years as part of our genetic drive so it seems counter-Darwinian that some genes might work against our ability to make a baby. 456 more words



Karlie Kloss, the six foot American supermodel who I am BFF’s with in my dreamworld (I’m also BFF’s in my head with Selena Gomez, the cast of New Girl and Wendy Williams), has created an inspiring YouTube video series I think you should see. 69 more words


Ancestry Adventure part 2

This is the continuation of my experience with DNA.ancestry.com.

While I waited (and waited and waited) for my box to come, I was forced to confront certain legitimate fears of my DNA being forever held in a database: 350 more words

Panda Turds

Further Analysis of Native American Haplogroup C-P39 Planned

Haplogroup C is one of two Native American male haplogroups. More specifically, one specific branch of the haplogroup C tree is Native American which is defined by mutation C-P39 (formerly known as C3b).  677 more words

Family Tree DNA

23andMe Says Being A Morning Person Is In Your DNA

Not really a morning person? Turns out, part of that may be baked into your DNA, according to new research by genetic analytics company 23andMe… 365 more words


Genealogy and Ethnicity DNA Testing – 3 Legitimate Companies

As with any industry that has become popular, especially quickly, there are the front runner companies, and then there is an entire cadre of what I am going to call “third tier” companies that spring up and are trying to play off of the success of the front runners and the naivety of the consuming public. 1,400 more words