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I'm Living with a Compound Heterozygous Mutation of the MTHFR Gene and Struggling...

I feel crazy, as if I am not myself half of the time and I have no clue why.  For years I thought my depression and anxiety was caused by mostly external causes, but then about a year and a half ago I started seeing a new psychiatrist who wanted to run tests I had never had run before. 1,177 more words


DNA testing firm trying to figure out genetics behind ‘The Dress’

TORONTO – The Internet has finally recovered from the great dress debate of 2015, but genetic testing firm 23andMe is still focused on finding out whether its users see black and blue or white and gold. 282 more words


Top med tech stories from previous day 13/03/2015

Medical device trends brings you top 3 stories from previous day. As these features remained at the forefront in terms of tweets , views and discussions, we bring you quick snapshot of their content. 51 more words

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Drugs from DNA: 23andMe's Next Move

23andMe, the California company that sells DNA sequencing tests, announced yesterday that it will be entering the drug development business. Normally, this wouldn’t turn heads – there is no shortage of companies doing treatment research in America and worldwide, but none of those companies is sitting on a database of nearly 700,000 fully sequenced human genomes. 442 more words


Here's How 23andMe Hopes to Make Drugs From Your Spit Samples

On March 12, 23andMe, the genetic testing company best known for analyzing your DNA from a sample of spit, announced the creation of a new therapeutics group. 711 more words