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Doggie DNA startup Embark raises $4.5 million in seed to find your puppy's breed

Ever wanted to know the genetic mix of your mutt? Embark, a doggie DNA startup has raised $4.5 million in seed to expand its offering of genetic kits for your pup’s pedigree. 179 more words



As if life couldn’t get any crazier !!! As soon as I acknowledge that I am not feeling the “void” anymore , I get an email from 23andMe saying i have new DNA relatives.   47 more words

23andMe Update: Maternal and Paternal Phasing

Yesterday I revealed how I’d nearly exhausted my very limited reserves of patience waiting for my dad’s 23andMe results. If only instant gratification were possible with such tests. 167 more words


Tonight's Dinner, and Anticipation

I’m pleased when the odds and ends in my refrigerator merge into a handsome dinner.

Currently my mind is full with waiting for my dad’s 23andMe ancestry-only test results. 206 more words


Here's How 23andMe Hopes to Make Drugs From Your Spit Samples

On March 12, 23andMe, the genetic testing company best known for analyzing your DNA from a sample of spit, announced the creation of a new therapeutics group. 678 more words



Happy Sunday! I was expecting rain today, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with sunshine so far.  It was a lovely drive up to St. George’s this morning, for a baptism.   726 more words


280. saudade

About a month ago, in a fit of curiosity and productivity, I sent off my sample of spit to the 23andMe labs.

And a couple weeks ago, I got the results back. 1,010 more words