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Sallis Agrees With the Alt Right on Something

Some good sense.

I essentially agree with and endorse this article, with some caveats, and it should be read together with this piece I wrote several years ago. 325 more words

Counter Currents

23andMe Results


I did the DNA for 23andMe just out of curiosity.  I know I am a mix of European but some of the results was interesting.   14 more words


Concepts – Why Genetic Genealogy and Triangulation?

One of the questions often asked is why triangulation in genetic genealogy is so important.

Before I answer that, let’s take a look at why genealogists use autosomal DNA for genetic genealogy in the first place. 1,620 more words


DNA Testing - A Review of 23andme

I had been reading a lot about the availability of DNA testing kit by mail from ancestry and 23andme and decided to give it a try. 1,591 more words


Curiosity Killed the Cat!

Yeah right! Anyone who knows me knows that I am far too curious a cat to let my story end there!!! 23 & Me taught me some really cool things about myself. 438 more words

Budding Detective

Have You Seen My Ancestors?

In 8th grade we learned about Punnett Squares and alleles. I was fascinated by this. In fact I would say it was one of the few things I was so excited to learn about and picked it up really fast. 1,021 more words

Budding Detective