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Downloading Data for Genome Mate Pro from "old" 23andMe

If you have done an autosomal test with 23andMe, are still on the “old” format of their site, and are wondering which files you need from there to import into… 561 more words


How Much DNA Do We Share? It Depends

I was curious how testing the same two people at the 3 different vendors, then uploading the results from those different vendors to GedMatch and repeating the matching process there would affect the amount of DNA reported as matching. 605 more words


it's in his dna

With adolescence comes the need to figure out yourself…who you are…do you fit in. Normal. Completely normal. Yes, even for the most well adjusted child raised with all the love. 214 more words


The Jews Behind 23andMe and Family Tree DNA


When considering purchasing a DNA test for the purpose of determining ethno-racial percentage estimates a couple of years ago, I spent time researching the different companies which I had gathered to be of some repute. 2,860 more words

The Jewish Problem

The Results Are In!!

Well, last night I started writing a blog post about waiting for my DNA results to come in because I was getting antsy. (I did a 23andme DNA test a couple weeks ago and wrote a little about it  846 more words

Decoding your life, growing family trees with DNA tests

You’re not who you think you are, and now science can prove it.
Individuals might have genes from ancestors who practiced discrimination as well as genes from the people against whom they discriminated. 15 more words


23andMe and Todd.

You’ve never seen anything more racist. Except maybe an actual Klan rally.

Todd had received his genetic results from 23andMe and they weren’t as he’d expected. 534 more words

Short Stories