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When I ordered my AncestryDNA test I originally just had one query: what part of the world am I from? I knew my mom’s side was British AF. 1,213 more words

Gencove DNA - Two Options

Gencove offers two options for DNA testing. For $59.99, they will ship you a kit. Allow 6 – 10 weeks for results once they get your kit. 461 more words

A girl has no name

The results of my tests from 23andme tests should be back any time, and I’ve been nervous for reasons I don’t completely understand . What is it that I’m afraid of, what answer do I… 134 more words

23andMe Raises Another $250 Million—and Wants to Use Your Genetic Data to Make Drugs

Silicon Valley startup (and 2017 Fortune Change the World list honoree) 23andMe is on a mission to use your genetic information to conduct unparalleled, personalized health research—including… 375 more words


23andMe confirms $250 million round led by Sequoia

Genetics testing company 23andMe has formally announced that Sequoia Capital is leading an investment round in the company. This confirms the news we broke last week.  236 more words


Big data: From medical imaging to genomics

In 2006, a Scientific American article written by George Church, “Genomics for All,” rekindled my interest in genomics. I went back to school in 2009 to contemplate the business of genomic medicine, and celebrated my MBA by writing a Wikipedia entry for the word, “ 168 more words

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23andMe's second act sits squarely in drug research and development

23andMe is best known for its $199 at-home spit-tube DNA test, but the consumer genetics company has been making strides in the last few years to get into drug development and research. 734 more words