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Cousin Connections

At this point, I’m convinced everyone is my cousin. 

I don’t think I’m alone when I say that I used to daydreamed about being related to someone famous or renowned when I was little.  1,096 more words


Getting personal with DNA

We now have the ability to sequence the human genome, what now? I’ve always wondered about the home DNA kits; never really knew what they entail or what information I could glean from them, but I suspect this technology, coupled closely with information and communication technologies (ICT), will lend itself to very valuable, personalized health care information in the future. 844 more words


Here's How 23andMe's CEO Says Her Company Empowers People

23andMe is best known for its at-home DNA testing kits, but founder Anne Wojcicki believes it has a bigger impact on people.

“My hope is that 23andMe, by being less and less regulated, will enable more people to open their eyes to science,” said Wojcicki on Wednesday at… 174 more words


Exome DNA sequencing test versus whole genome DNA test

Exome sequencing, also known as whole exome sequencing (WES or WXS), is a technique for sequencing all the expressed genes in a genome(known as the… 755 more words


Within spitting distance

Today is the day I decided to spit in a bottle and hope one day it might lead me to my biological family.

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that 1) I was adopted as a baby, from overseas, in a closed (no further contact) adoption, and 2) I was given an anonymous donation via a forum for transracial adoptees so that I could buy a DNA test. 846 more words

Random Thoughts

My DNA and me.

Often times the best things we find in life are not the things we are searching for. Such was my experience when I went searching for my ancestry. 417 more words

Taking the plunge

I mentioned a while back that an adoption group I am in nominated me to receive a free DNA test. Some kind donor had donated money for several adoptees to receive DNA testing kits, and they chose me as one of them. 504 more words

Random Thoughts