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Safeguarding Technology

At the end of my summer 2013 Informatics internship — after having spent 3 months researching and pursuing projects related to health informatics technology — I declared to the rest of my group the one thing I was sure of: The Cybersecurity Market is going to flourish.   180 more words


23AndMe Granted Regulatory Approval By The FDA

Good. But the FDA shouldn’t be able to regulate diagnostic medicine in the first place. You should have the right to learn whatever you want to and can pay for about your body, from whoever you wish.


TILTed Genetic Testing

Even if you are not living with an invisible illnesses (like MCS, ME, Fibromyalgia, etc) you have probably been hearing quite a bit about the use of genetic testing to personalize medical treatment. 2,622 more words

Toxicant Induced Loss Of Tolerance

The Genetics of White and Gold, Blue and Black: A Holler to 23andMe

The internet is currently losing its collective composure over the perception of colour in the following unremarkable photograph:

Buzzfeed’s explanation invokes the illusion of compensation; that a single shade can be perceived in multiple ways depending on the lighting context (see image below). 303 more words


FDA Allows 23AndMe to Use Its Genetic Kits to Test for Bloom Syndrome

In a significant boost for 23andMe, the Food and Drug Administration has allowed the direct-to-consumer genetics Silicon Valley startup to use its kit to test for a serious genetic disorder known as Bloom Syndrome.

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The Results Are In - 23andMe

For Christmas this past year, one of the most special gifts I received was a 23andMe DNA kit. When a Paraguayan adoptee friend told me she was interested in genetic testing a year ago, I was very skeptical of it- mostly due to 23andMe’s crackdown by the FDA and an ignorance about the way these companies operate. 524 more words