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23andMe Mother's Day Sale

I saw an ad on Facebook for 23andMe’s Mother’s Day Sale. It ends May 14th, is $20 off the regular price, and is good for up to two (2) kits. 119 more words

AncestryDNA Hits 4 Million Tested

Ancestry tweeted yesterday they hit four (4) million DNA kits tested. It took them eleven (11) months to reach their second million; another seven (7) months to reach their third million; and only three (3) months to reach their fourth million. 236 more words




Sunset Boulevard:

I wrote about the Broadway production of Sunset Boulevard ages ago when I told y’all that I bought tickets to see the show in New York City over spring break. 2,719 more words


From 23andMe to Nutrigenomix

Couple of months ago, I decided to buy 23andme Test. I was excited and couldn’t wait to receive my results.

I made a video of different stages and so far until now, I haven’t made the effort to make an update video. 239 more words

Science Policy Around the Web - April 18, 2017

By: Nivedita Sengupta, PhD

DNA Testing

23andMe Given Green Light to Sell DNA Tests for 10 Diseases

On April 6th, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first at-home genetic test kits, which can be sold over the counter in pharmacies, to determine the risk of developing certain genetic diseases. 625 more words


His Father Wasn't His Father

Unless you are ready for life altering facts, don’t send your saliva to 23andMe. The personal genomics and biotech company in Mountain View, CA, has become so proficient in examining DNA, people I know are discovering information about themselves that are forever changing their lives. 314 more words


23andme me returns !

23andme Can finally give consumers answers to genetic information on potential health issues. Any one interested in finding if they carry a genetic link for Alzheimer’s must specifically request the results. 14 more words

Hereditary Hemochromatosis