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Calling HOGWASH on 23andMe’s Ancestry Timeline

Every now and then, I’m aghast when I look at a product and wonder how the devil it ever escaped the lab.  Is there no quality control?  1,336 more words

General Information

Illumina wants make it cheap to sequence a Genome. Here are the details.

DNA and Genome Sequencing are things that are becoming more common. Since the first sequencing of the whole human genome in 2003, we have made a lot of changes. 221 more words

23 and Mẹ: Mom's Not-Too-Surprising Results

Get it? Because “mẹ” means mom in Vietnamese. Oh, c’mon. It’s a solid pun.  

After getting my results back from 23andMe, I knew that I had to get my mom’s results in as well. 723 more words


Concepts – Calculating Ethnicity Percentages

There has been a lot of discussion about ethnicity percentages within the genetic genealogy community recently, probably because of the number of people who have recently purchased DNA tests to discover “who they are.” 3,929 more words


Genetic SNPs and Lyme Disease

Robert Miller, CTN of the NutriGenic Research Institute has done a research study with 192 participants to find out the more common genetic variants of those with Chronic Lyme Disease.  1,230 more words

Lyme Disease

10 revolutionary technologies of 2016

Last post of the year and it would not be any fun if I didn’t do a roundup of mind blowing discoveries of 2016. These are things that provided solutions to big problems or opened doors for future research. 565 more words

Fresh Off The Lab

23andMe's New Ancestry Composition (Ethnicity) Chromosome Segments

I was excited to see 23andMe’s latest feature that provides customers with Ancestry Composition (ethnicity) chromosome segment information by location.  This means I can compare my  2,580 more words