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Beware The Sale of Your DNA - Just Because You Can Upload Doesn’t Mean You Should

You know something is coming of age when you begin to see knockoffs, opportunists – or ads on late night TV. As soon as someone figures out they can make money from something, rest assured, they will. 6,613 more words


My Personal Exome Analysis (Part I): First Findings

You may have read about the release of my raw personal exome data in a previous entry. Although users were not required to report back any finding derived from this data, my hope was that some of them would return with interesting results. 365 more words

Personal Genomes

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After 4 years of work, I am pleased to say that two publications have emanated from this work: Low budget analysis of Direct-To-Consumer genomic testing familial data And Crowdsourced direct-to-consumer genomic analysis of a family quartet I am pleased to say that the latter article has been featured by BMC Genomes as one of the most influential articles published in the journal in 2015. You can find all of the Corpasome data in figshare. Given that the process of obtaining the data and analysing them has been incremental, there are two URLs you need to access should you want to use our genome data (released under a CC0 license). The raw dataset for my parents and sister trio, together with the VCF file for the quartet (Mother, Father, Daughter, Son) are here: https://figshare.com/articles/Corpasome/693052 The Son (mine) raw data is available here: https://ndownloader.figshare.com/files/94183 The figure below shows all the data that is available. In red I show some "anomalies" to distinguish data versions or the fact that my Aunt's data is only 23andMe and she has sadly passed away. Figure1  

What I Learned From 23andMe Genetic Testing


I’ve always wanted to learn more about my ancestry and where I came from. Growing up I was always envious of my friends who knew the exact country that they originated, and that embraced their heritage with food, music and clothing. 1,024 more words


Happiness Genes Discovered

According to a publication in the Journal Nature Genetics, for the first time in history, researchers have isolated the parts of the human genome that could explain the differences in how humans experience happiness. 241 more words


Where are you from?

Such a hard question, even though we spend our whole life getting asked.  Of course, I usually just give the name of the state I lived in as a kid… but thats not my home.  430 more words


Innovation in genomics and the future of medtech 

The field of medicine is in the process of being profoundly transformed by new technologies; much of this transformation comes from exciting advances in genomics. 1,273 more words



So here’s something interesting.

I was looking at my old 23andMe results that I got back in like 2012, ‘cause I wanted to show them to Nate. 140 more words