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My Journey Beyond the Novelty of Personal Genomics

Last holiday season, my brother gave me a 23andMe kit as a Christmas present. Personal genomics kits are excellent gift ideas… if you know what to expect.  2,163 more words

Bioinformatics And Computational Biology

Klotho Gene

More old news.

A recent discovery in the news is the Klotho gene which seems to boost brain function and adds to longevity. About one in five people have the good variant. 130 more words



The study of genetics is new.  Accordingly, saying that such and so disease or trait is “genetic” is still subject to much study and testing.  Sometimes being able to say whether you have wet or dry earwax (identified by SNP… 174 more words


Refining DNA data: The maternal haplotype

In my list of relative matches on 23andMe, I have a few cousins who share my paternal haplotype marker (T). This means that we share a paternal ancestor somewhere back in the family lineage. 651 more words


23AndMe Customer Numbers

Getting back in the grove… cleaning up old news, for memory sake. Will add more later.

Jim – 34,102 – chip 2
Rachel – 35,700 – chip 2… 8 more words


Ethnicity estimates

I now have autosomal DNA results from two companies and am eagerly awaiting the results of a third test. The discrepancy in ethnicity/origins results confirms that it is early days for this type of analysis. 85 more words

Genetic Genealogy

Spitting for Science

I try to volunteer for Parkinson’s research as much as I can.  Quite a while back, I wrote that the 23andMe folks were looking for Parkis… 264 more words

Parkinson's Research