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Genetics And That Striped Dress

Genetics & That Striped Dress
http://blog.23andme.com/23andme-research/genetics-and-that-striped-dress @23andme on-the-fly SNP associations w/ pop trends. Next: targeting ads w/ alleles


Christmas Gift

Last Christmas, my husband and I agreed to give each other ancestral DNA kits as gifts.  We went with 23andme and found it incredibly easy to do.  448 more words


The Neanderthal in Me

I figure a birthday is a perfect excuse to discover more about myself, so I sent my spit in the mail to 23andMe, a company that tests DNA. 637 more words


Searching & Wondering

As an adoptee, I feel like I’m always searching… for an identity, for myself, even for someone who I look like.  For awhile I was part of a KAD group on Facebook, and I found myself constantly searching through the faces, looking for someone who I looked similar to.   452 more words


23andMe Parkinson's Disease Genetic Testing

23andMe is a company that provides home DNA testing. You pay $99 , send in a mouth swab and you can learn what percent of your DNA is from populations around the world, contact your DNA relatives from around the world and start building your family tree. 181 more words

Parkinson’s Disease

Science Policy Around the Web - April 24, 2015

By: Danielle Friend, PhD

Genetic-based Drug Discovery

23andMe will invent drugs using customer data

As of March 2015, 23andMe will no longer simply be known for direct-to-consumer genetic tests. 659 more words