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My 23andMe Adventure

** This is an ongoing Blog and will be updated as things progress**

For anyone considering the 23andMe DNA test, here is a timeline and my experience with it. 170 more words

Life...as Crazy As It May Be

More Uses for Your 23andMe Data

Nutrition and fitness decisions are best based on data and your goals. The local meathead may consume 5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight, but I do not feel like walking around with a butcher by my side all day long. 961 more words


Around the North of Italy: Sirmione and Verona

“On our way to Verona today, ladies and gentleman,” our tour guide began, “we will be stopping at a town dear to my heart. I love this town. 1,841 more words


All Matches Now FREE at Family Tree DNA for Transfer Kits

Family Tree DNA just sent the following e-mail to the project administrators regarding the new Ancestry and 23andMe file upload ability. It’s full of good news!  474 more words


23andme: Part 1

Earlier this week was Valentine’s Day, and on Tuesday night Guy and I exchanged gifts. (It’s close to my birthday so we don’t usually do anything big, but I like to get him fun stuff.) 281 more words

Family Tree DNA Now Accepts All Ancestry Autosomal Transfers Plus 23andMe V3 and V4

Great news!

Family Tree DNA now accepts autosomal file transfers for all Ancestry tests (meaning both V1 and V2) along with 23andMe V3 and V4 files. 331 more words


Dancing with the Devil: The Tradeoffs of Modern Genealogical Research

There’s a saying that goes back to the original dot com boom: If you aren’t paying for the product, you are the product. In modern Genealogical research, it’s important to know that not only are you (and your data) the product, you are usually also paying for the product! 1,207 more words

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