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First Day Of School

Today was my first day at the University of Northern Iowa, college number 4, attempt number 5.. er 6? This time around I am majoring in Public Relations, and minoring in Marketing. 216 more words


Weekend Wrap-Up: Sturgis Falls

Every year during the last weekend of June, Cedar Falls, my hometown and Waterloo’s neighboring town, celebrate Sturgis Falls. It’s like any other town celebration but it is my favorite weekend. 355 more words

Weekend WrapUp

A New Week

I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting you, sweet little blog. The first full week of summer was both relaxing and overwhelming. I’m sure many of you can relate; sometimes free time is overwhelming. 240 more words

24 Before 25

Today is my birthday! I already celebrated with my friends, but today I showered with sweets and treats at work. I will be leaving the high school I work at as a secretary in June, and it’s days like this that are going to make leaving hard. 237 more words

24 Before 25

Queen for a Day!

Today I turned a whopping twenty-four years old. Even Google knew it! I woke up tired and feeling lethargic, and then my partner made pancakes for breakfast (it is also Shrove Tuesday, known as Pancake Day) and things got a little bit better. 329 more words

New Blog!

My new blog is here! Yay! Nate and I have been working together on this new blog design for a couple months now (and by “working together,” I mean he does all the actual work and I tell him if I like it or not. 161 more words

24 Before 25

Thou Mayest.

“After two years we felt that we could approach your sixteen verses of the fourth chapter of Genesis. My old gentlemen felt that these words were very important too—‘Thou shalt’ and ‘Do thou.’ And this was the gold from our mining: ‘Thou mayest.’ ‘Thou mayest rule over sin.’ The old gentlemen smiled and nodded and felt the years were well spent.

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