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milestone tahun ketiga

Assalamu’alaikum ibra,

Ini cerita tahun ketiga Ibra. Makin besar anak ibu Masya Allah :3

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2 tahun 1 bulan,

  • pertama kalinya ibra naik pesawat dengan kursi sendiri.
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Snowy Shortwave Sunday

The snow forecast for Lincolnshire and other parts of the UK duly arrived on Saturday and continued into the small hours on Sunday (today). Total accumulation here was not big, about 4 inches (10 cm), but the wind made the temperature very low and most unpleasant to be out. 404 more words

Listening Logs

Logs for 21-10-2017

I managed to get a bit of listening in today, between chores and workmen (having work done in the house). The bands are still very noisy, but there are stations to be found. 145 more words

Listening Logs


First and foremost, my heartfelt gratitude to the proud parents of this inspiring handsome boy, Adam Aloof Ahmed for giving me the consent to post this picture. 319 more words