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Bring It On (26 weeks)

In the past seven days, seven different people have asked me if I’m having twins. Twice this was in jest, just a little mommy to mommy ribbing about the breadth of my ribcage from a couple of friends who have been there. 798 more words


Facing reality....

Here I am almost 26 weeks pregnant and I’ve started to deal with ‘normal’ pregnancy related things! Some of these have been forced and some have been by choice. 479 more words

Pregnancy #3: 26 Weeks


How Far Along?

26 weeks + 3 days

Weight Gain

12.8lbs (I lost weight this week?)


Thursday: 2mi walk + 20min yoga
Friday: 1.5mi walk + squat/arm circuit… 745 more words


Maternity Pictures

This past weekend we attempted to take some maternity photos. Unfortunately, it was 46 degrees outside, we have two insane toddlers and we brought a 4 foot ladder that the boys thought was the coolest thing to climb on (despite it being propped on uneven ground in the middle of the woods). 73 more words


26 Weeks Pregnant

Sunday marked 26 weeks pregnant! I’m inching up on the third trimester quickly…Hard to believe that in about 10 weeks I’ll be in my last month of pregnancy ever. 968 more words


26 Weeks Pregnant - Bump Update

How far along? 26 Weeks

Maternity Clothes? I went shopping with my Mum and Sister at the weekend and bought some more clothes! Phew!!! This has made me feel a little more like me again as I really was running thing on the wardrobe front! 320 more words


Pregnancy Update: 26 Weeks

How do I feel?

I feel huge! I’ve gained 10 kilograms so far and I’m happy that I’m providing enough nutritions for my little girl. The only discomforts that stay with me until this stage are the swelling in my hands and feet, backache and mild cramps in my lower abdomen. 213 more words

Pregnancy Tips