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26 Weeks + 4

Woke up as usual this morning. A moment of ‘Eureka, it’s fixed itself’, followed quickly by hitter disappointment. The more I think about my neck/shoulder, the more I’m beginning to realise it’s a trapped nerve rather than pulled muscle. 320 more words


26 Weeks + 3

Third day at preschool for DS, not as dreadful as last time but only because I promised I’d sit in the car and wait for him to make him feel better. 124 more words


26 Weeks + 2

Apologies for that short post yesterday, I really was in too much pain to write much more. The only place I’m comfortable is lying on my side which isn’t conducive with typing on an iPad. 300 more words


26 Weeks + 1

Ouch is all I can say about today. My shoulder has been agony today and to add insult to injury I turned my neck wrong and ‘twang’ there went the other one. 38 more words


Pregnancy 2nd Trimester - 2 more weeks!

It has been forever since I’ve written.  For the most part, morning sickness has been non-existent (except for this morning). I actually look and feel pregnant as the backaches and ligament pain is becoming part of my almost daily routine. 94 more words


The Battle

I’m well into the second week of being on moderately reduced activity and I’ve hit 26 weeks!  It’s both easier and much harder all at the same time.   309 more words


Pregnancy Thoughts: Symptoms, Cravings, Clothes, Etc.

Obviously every pregnancy is different, so it’s been interesting to see how this one has been for me so far. It’s also crazy to think that a future pregnancy could look completely different from this one. 1,200 more words

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