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Yay! 26 weeks!

Di is officially(?) in the third trimester! Wow! We were doing weekly photos of the bump for ages, at the beginning when nothing was happening, but I have since slacked off and have more sporadic pics of Di and the belly. 51 more words

Seeing My baby move at 26 weeks +(5 days)

Its soooooo exciting! Yesterday was the first time I saw my belly move while my baby moved, it happened so quickly! I was looking out for another throughout the rest of the day but I kept missing it. 100 more words


Pregnancy Fitness

Ahh yes….the fun topic of staying active and fit during pregnancy.

Pre-Pregnancy: Elliptical every morning before work – staying in shape was doctor’s orders, thanks to asthma, but really it was a huge wake-up call and I never felt better! 452 more words


26 Weeks & Baby Update

Now that I am blogging regularly, I will keep up with posting the weekly updates. Thursday is my “turning day,” meaning I start a new week and get one week closer to meeting my little boy! 431 more words


26 weeks: Are the scales telling tales?

On Friday we went to the pub with Sarah and Tom, later Laura came too, she had a babysitter: our mum. Laura got a couple of feels and Sarah felt you kick too. 807 more words

In My Tummy

Pregnancy:The Sequel(24-26 weeks)

How far along? As I write this, I’m actually 27 weeks.

Maternity clothes?¬†I’m actually not wearing any maternity clothes in these pics. I did buy some denim maternity shorts this past week, and I’ve been rocking them pretty regularly on hot days. 675 more words


26 weeks pregnant 


  • Oh baby Ariella…how you love to be on my bladder. I enjoy simply laying down and watching my belly shake and squirm. Braxton Hicks contractions have begun and let’s just say scary.
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