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Pregnancy:The Sequel(24-26 weeks)

How far along? As I write this, I’m actually 27 weeks.

Maternity clothes? I’m actually not wearing any maternity clothes in these pics. I did buy some denim maternity shorts this past week, and I’ve been rocking them pretty regularly on hot days. 675 more words


26 weeks pregnant 


  • Oh baby Ariella…how you love to be on my bladder. I enjoy simply laying down and watching my belly shake and squirm. Braxton Hicks contractions have begun and let’s just say scary.
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26 Weeks Pregnant + Smoothie Recipe

26 Weeks Pregnant

What it Feels Like

The tummy is definitely getting rounder and bigger, which means more pulling and bladder pressure. During my runs that have moderate elevation change, gravity starts pulling down at my stomach which leaves me with a bit of a cramp just underneath it. 428 more words


Nagging Nursery Nonsense

Really not sure where to go from here in terms of the look for the nursery. Do I stick and stay with the existing theme, one that was developed with my two little men in mind and just adjust it for the needs of only one little inhabitant? 687 more words

26 Weeks Pregnant.....pancake baby!!


So i’m a little late this week because I went back to Ireland for a few days over half term. The week went by so quickly but thankfully it was very productive and I got a lot done :) I went to the doctor and registered to have the baby in Ireland….I had been very anxious to get that organised and not leave it until the last minute. 386 more words

First Time Pregnancy

Bump Watch: Week 26 - Preparing for labour

The less exciting side-effects of pregnancy just keep on coming – puffy ankles, first stretch marks, leaky boobs (yes, already!), grunting whenever I get up or sit down… It’s getting classier every week! 477 more words


Glucose Test FAIL.

I figured I would be better off typing this out while everything is still fresh in my mind.

First off, today started out good.  I woke up right at my alarm, at 6 a.m. 1,520 more words

First Pregnancy