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Two Thirds

Over the last couple of weeks, I could feel myself having these mini internal freak outs – nothing that has resulted in any kind of implosion, but we’re probably getting closer to one. 647 more words


My Pregnancy Journal: Week 26- Baby #2

Week 26! One more week until my third and final trimester and 14 more weeks (hopefully) until I get to meet my little poppet. I am already imagining what his little face will look like, whether he will be similar to me, or look identical to his daddy like his sister. 401 more words


Pregnancy Update: 26/27 Weeks

It’s a double update this week as the past few days have flown by and I’ve barely had chance to sit down! I’ve also been feeling really yucky with not one but two colds (how does that happen?!) and have basically just wanted to lie on the sofa eating biscuits and watching Real Housewives of Cheshire. 444 more words

Aspiring Yummy Mummy

26 Weeks Pregnant - Size of a Scallion

Today our baby is 26 weeks along, the size of a scallion, at about 14 inches. S/he weighs about 2 3/4 pounds. For size comparison, I put the bunch of scallions up to the Charlie Brown Bobblehead we got at… 87 more words

Our Baby Week By Week

I've Decided to Avoid Mirror

I’ve decided to avoid mirrors as much as possible with the remainder of my pregnancy.

I look ugly to me and it’s making me depressed. I feel and look fat. 71 more words

Catching Up to My Games

Since I’m in such back all the time, I figure I’d play some of my 3DS games to just stay caught up.

I’ve played Happy Home Designer which lead into Animal Crossing New Leaf and remaking my town. 95 more words

I Have to do What's​ Best for Me and Baby

During my pregnancy, even before I became pregnant, I knew it was going to be difficult. I couldn’t eat all the healthy things my body needed before I had a baby growing inside me. 485 more words