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The glucose results are in.

The glucose results are in and apparently my results are not common. I passed the first draw and the one-hour draw with no problems. At the two-hour draw, my numbers came in slightly high at 140. 163 more words

24-27 week pregnancy update

So I’m officially 6 months pregnant ( Calender months) and I’m in the final stretch of my pregnancy. The feeling is bitter-sweet. I’m so excited to meet my little man but I’m also really sad it’s gonna be over soon. 122 more words


Bump Update: Week 27

This week holds many emotions for me, it’s the week in my last pregnancy when I gave birth to my daughter Madison.  It’s a pivotal moment in my life when I learned just how strong I was, and my heart learned what true love really was. 319 more words


How I'm Staying Active!

I got into the fitness crave back in 2013 and have been pretty much obsessed with staying active and fit. Buuuuttttttt I’m not going to lie, being pregnant has made it difficult for me to stay in the routine of things and its definitely been my daily struggle. 443 more words


27 Weeks Pregnant!

Hello My Delights!

Whats Happening…

Not only have we just celebrated christmas as a married couple we are now celebrating that this is the last week of the 2nd trimester. 164 more words


Keto pregnancy 27 weeks 5 day.

Today was a good day. I actually got good sleep last night. I got to school and completely rearranged my classroom. I like it better now. 206 more words

Low Carb

Keto pregnancy 27 weeks 4 days.

Well i cheated yesterday for lunch again. I’m back on track today. We had our 3rd trimester ultrasound yesterday afternoon. We got to see our beautiful baby. 226 more words

Low Carb