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Week 27 - Baby Girl

The real effects of pregnancy are now alive and well.

The baby is starting to kick and punch,and move around more often now that the amniotic fluid has lessened. 79 more words


Our special moments

Dear pumpkin thank you for being such a sweet baby, you have stolen my heart even before you are in my arms. I could not wait for that special moment where I am going to hear your first cry and hold you for the first time. 315 more words


My favourite what if

I saw this picture today and it sparked all the what ifs I have off.

what if: I had attended my 26 week scare scan. Would you be alive now? 387 more words



Hello trimester 3! I absolutely cannot believe how quickly this pregnancy is going. It feels like just yesterday I was revelling at my newly found big pregnancy breasts and flat tummy small waist look and now I’m sporting a good size baby bump! 89 more words

Diary Entry

Week 27

Last week I gave a half-butt update because I just wasn’t feeling it. I have been ridiculously busy, I can’t even begin to explain it. 649 more words

Week 26

How Far Along:  26 Weeks!

Trimester: 2nd Trimester! I think this will be my last week in the 2nd Trimester – I’ve read that 3rd trimester starts at 27 weeks? 347 more words

Where My Head's At...

This isn’t going to be an easy post to write (or to read, I’m guessing). I say that because I don’t quite know how I feel and I’m completely lacking the words to even begin to describe the bits of myself that I  1,064 more words