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Coming into myself; Third Trimester Confession

r,This week marks the third trimester. It also marks the week (27) that I’ve stepped back into myself.

Settling in. Creating a new nest; far, far away from my old home. 549 more words

27 weeks, 6 months and play dates- 7th May xx

So, at the end of last week, Coen had slept through the night and I can confirm that this has continued through this week too! He seems to alternate nights where he either sleeps through until 6ish or he wakes up about 4am for a feed then goes back to sleep. 387 more words

My 27 Decks in 27 Weeks Challenge

I’m going to challenge myself to make 27 budget decks over the next 27 weeks. I want to make a deck using one of each of Magic’s one, two, and three color combinations, as well as colorless and an artifact-matters deck. 246 more words


27.2 weeks/days

Getting to the third trimester was something I was kind of really scared of. To be honest I still am.

Considering my first pregnancy, and considering this pregnancy is unfolding much like the first, I have to say I’m nervous. 341 more words


7 Month Baby Update

I am soooooo late writing this that she is almost 8 months now – oops! I’ll start off with some pictures from month 6 to 7: 882 more words


Petite and Pregnant

Photo by Scott Cotton Photography

Growing up I remember thinking that the Petite section in stores was for older ladies. Every time my Memaw came to visit we went shopping and she would always be looking for the petite section. 1,652 more words

27 weeks! 

Third trimester…depending on who you ask! lol Some say 27 weeks. Some say 28.

Things have gotten a bit tough the past few days. My belly feels so heavy so my upper ab muscles are constantly tired and sore. 729 more words