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Number 27: Gout stops play

As you are aware I have the lifestyle of a medieval lord. Quaffing gallons of mead, eat whole haunches of venison, and throwing unfinished chickens over my shoulders for the surfs to scrabble over. 74 more words

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27 Pieces of Advice for your 27th

Hi guys

It seems as though I get my inspiration from my birthday. It’s been a whole year since my last post and what a wonderful year its been. 394 more words

Number 27: Make exercise a regular habit.

Well I joined a gym, yes me who broke into a sweat just walking past one. I have been a few times and not absolutely hated it. 58 more words

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Quarter Life Crisis

I keep telling myself that I am only 27, and I have so much to learn still. However, interlocking with the feelings of being young, wild, and free there is this harshness that I judge myself with. 324 more words


Being 27

I wrote this piece November 19th 2017.

I want change.
I always make attempts too, and then they always fall through. Ever since I can remember I have been failing at things, or rather, not pursuing them. 832 more words


Space (part fifty-three a)


“Yes Mac.”

“If computers could experience boredom I would join you.”

“In my boredom?”

Yes Randy. If I could I would.”

“Thank you Mac. That’s very nice of you.” 280 more words