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On Oud: Oud 27 by Le Labo

In the modern niche market there exists a strong rift between the synthetic and naturally derived oud within a fragrance.

One camp focuses on the natural derivation of oud.  673 more words


august 27


and for the truth

and lasting

and free

and said on the


and performance

and used on the selection

and made on

and when it  was the  street… 42 more words


Mid-Twenties Crisis

“Help me!!”

This is all my brain seems to shout at me these days. I find myself being so disoriented by life’s choices on a daily basis. 402 more words

I need an adult... oh wait

I want to remove the term “grown up” from children’s books, from children’s vocabulary, from everywhere.

When I was less grown up, I wanted to be a vet and an astronaut. 682 more words


Learn or Earn?

In this year ahead, the first day of school in September is none of Elephant’s business. However, when she occasionally sees some of her friends telling their excitements about the new school year on Facebook, there has always been a hint of inner joy from Elephant for her friends – at least they’re enjoying their school life :) (Hope Penguin will also enjoy his new school life in The Hague :P) 727 more words


Age is just a number

As 27 year olds go, I am pretty mature. I am a homeowner, in a serious relationship and have pets for crying out loud. That’s not to say I don’t indulge in the occasional “childish” activity. 649 more words

The Relationship Mirror

There was a time when she was always depressed. She would get irritated easily and think herself being not good enough. Therefore, he did everything possible to make her happy, but none of the things seemed to work, even some surprises could only work in exchange for a brief smile. 429 more words