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It Was Cold in Gdansk

We spent the last week in Gdansk, and it was cold. Oddly, before we went there I had followed Gdansk’s temperatures, which were within a degree plus or minus of Berlin’s. 186 more words

With Her

Like hopefully many others, I voted today. This is the fourth presidential election I’ve participated in, and it won’t be my last. Like hopefully many others, I’m just ready for this to be over. 826 more words


An Advantage of Age

In a world where the old is thrown away for the next new thing, I think we may be missing out on some of the sensational things that the old things can do best. 181 more words

Black And White Photography

Simple Pleasures

Sometimes (like now) I get weary with the work I’m doing and just enjoy shooting a picture of something that strikes me as beautiful at the time. 91 more words

Oceans Away

Took the train down to Kiel and then the ferry over to Laboe on the weekend. Kiel is a major container port and embarkation point for Nordic ocean cruises. 165 more words

Reclaiming Public Space

Last week I was in the western part or Germany and differing versions of this poster were very prevalent throughout the region. But what I found very interesting is the way a corporate ad campaign was being usurped by a… 150 more words

Relaxing and Having Fun

When I get something new I usually have a strong urge to play with it, explore its potential and to simply push its boundaries, especially when it comes to software. 185 more words