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Oceans Away

Took the train down to Kiel and then the ferry over to Laboe on the weekend. Kiel is a major container port and embarkation point for Nordic ocean cruises. 165 more words

Reclaiming Public Space

Last week I was in the western part or Germany and differing versions of this poster were very prevalent throughout the region. But what I found very interesting is the way a corporate ad campaign was being usurped by a… 150 more words

Relaxing and Having Fun

When I get something new I usually have a strong urge to play with it, explore its potential and to simply push its boundaries, especially when it comes to software. 185 more words

A Pleasant Surprise

You would not be far wrong if you thought I was a conspiracy theorist, although I’m not. But, and this is a big but, I do not believe that all the surveillance we are subject to today, even by the most benign apps, have my best interests at heart. 191 more words

Middle Age Thinking

I thought a small missive to those who want to build walls.

Fact 1. They neither keep people out nor do they keep people in. 124 more words




talking hurrying strolling rushing

to and fro sitting eating waiting

shadows highlights bright lights and silhouettes

glass steel stone space congestion,

resting. 10 more words

Self Reflection

I’m not doing anything serious at the moment, just processing to keep my hand in.

Three months ago I bought a graphic pen and at the time I was unsure if it was a good idea, having been a mouse user my entire computer life. 170 more words