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Week 28, week 29, and what happened in between. 

Wednesday 18th November. 27 weeks and 6 days. This is the day I was rushed to hospital. M had popped out, and I was chilling on the sofa. 672 more words

Hello 3rd Trimester

Here it is, the 3rd trimester. These first six months have gone by in the blink of an eye!

Boone knows I am growing another baby and S.J. 332 more words

Pregnancy Updates

28 weeks

Friday I left work at noon. Mom picked me up. We had lunch at Morrison’s cafe then did some shopping. I got some more Christmas bits for baby’s first Christmas next year. 590 more words


The Extra Scan (Explained)

Its always nice to see you baby on a scan and know that they are going to be ok. I know that I have said before that scans are not my favourite things because its like looking at an alien, but at the same time what mother doesn’t want the reassurance of seeing that their baby is ok? 342 more words


28 Week Appointment

Been for my 28 weeks appointment at the hospital. It was quite a strange appointment really because I didn’t know what I was really going for at the hospital that I wouldn’t get from the community midwives. 341 more words


Natural Birth is like a Unicorn in an Intervention World

Doctors and midwives have an uncanny power to turn your day upside down with a few remarks. My first appointment in CA was with the Midwife instead of my OB that I used with both of my previous pregnancies. 512 more words


Allergies during pregnancy?

Argh, feeling very rough today… not much sleep last night between practically chocking on post-nasal drip mucus and nose so congested I couldn’t breath… I’ve also been sneezing a bit.  127 more words