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Non-Stress Test No. 1

Today was the first non-stress test. Though I have had these with the other kids, that happened 17 and 16 years ago…technology has changed! Back then it was two big monitors strapped to my belly, one for the heartbeat and one for contractions. 166 more words

28 Weeks Today!

Today is a big milestone — 28 weeks!

That’s the point at which viability goes up to about 90%, and some studies put the percentage at even higher than that. 162 more words

28 Weeks and Schedule Check In

Well, I haven’t kept up with the schedule very well since starting it on Monday. You can tell, because I just didn’t get around to publishing a post for Turnover Tuesday – so you lovely readers out there get my 28 week update (complete with bump shot!) and a little something something for Work at Home Wednesday. 466 more words


Parvo and the Blubbering Mess

I can’t believe I’m already to 28 weeks. I told my OB yesterday “This pregnancy so far has been a dream compared to my pregnancy with Josh!” Even if the next 12 weeks are completely miserable, it would still overall be better than last time! 1,319 more words


Week 28 - Sugar, Decisions, and Swift Kicks to the Bladder

My first week of the third trimester went by in a whirlwind!

Let’s see… I had my glucose test on Friday and passed with flying colors! 619 more words

Patience Dear Patient 

One of the things I’ve learned throughout this round of parenting is that it is much easier to care for yourself than others. Before you roll your eyes, and express a giant mental “DUH!”,  allow me to explain. 834 more words

Knowing My Limits

I have never been one of those people who do well with limitations. I can do anything, be anything, etc. That’s what I was told growing up and it was drilled into me. 328 more words