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Keto pregnancy 28 weeks 4 days.

I did pretty good today. I was hungry pretty much all day but I didn’t go off track. Tomorrow is going to be hard because we have a luncheon that’s not really a luncheon it’s just sweets. 139 more words

Low Carb

Keto pregnancy 28 weeks 3 days. 

Well i cheated pretty much all weekend. It started with date night on Friday then we went to see my in laws Saturday and we got fast food, then Sunday was my nieces birthday party so I had cake and ice cream. 246 more words

Low Carb

Hello Third Trimester 

Today I am officially 28 weeks! It’s so crazy how fast this pregnancy has gone and how slow it has been at times. A lot has happened within the last three weeks in which I haven’t written a blog. 447 more words

28 Weeks 1 Day 💕💕

28Weeks. Third Trimester. How is it that time already?? How is this the last trimester before little one arrives?

Everyone keeps saying they think she’ll arrive early, they keep saying that I look like I won’t last until 40 weeks. 380 more words


In for a penny...

It seems all I do these days is upset and anger people. Today I got called disgusting. Today I got told my unborn child would receive no presents or love. 452 more words

Pregnancy Update: 28 Weeks

Feeling: Mostly tired. Probably hungry.

Craving: Loads of fruit high in vitamin C (tangerines, strawberries, cantaloupe…pass ‘em over by the bowl).

Hating: My current face wash… can’t explain it. 263 more words

28 weeks tomorrow

Coming along to 28 weeks tomorrow! Though I have been alone at home most of the time during my pregnancy, Dan reminded me that I am not alone, bub’s here with me all the time. 310 more words