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28 Weeks

The weeks seem to be flying by now. I can’t believe it’s already Thursday again. It’s going by too fast.

The past few days have been surprisingly pain-free until late at night. 714 more words


Week 28

Tuesday marked the 3 weeks of having the same cold! Uuuuugh. In the morning my one ear was pluggy, and by 9pm it hurt so bad that I was emotional about it. 1,024 more words


I Showered Today

My husband called me to see how my day was. All I said was, “I showered today, so I would say it’s been productive.”

I know that it seems like something simple, but being pregnant has not only made me not need to shower as much and is making it more and more impossible to do. 200 more words


Essential Oils

I’m still waiting on my starter kit from Young Living, and I’m really excited to try it out and review it. However, the morons at my apartment complex office have lost my package. 166 more words



When you feel like you got kicked in the vagina…

28 weeks pregnant today :)

My Pregnancy

28 Weeks

28 weeks has always been one of those big goals for me.  This is mostly because the survival rate goes up to about 95% at 28 weeks.   796 more words

bébé numéro deux | 28 weeks

progress & countdown: 28 weeks down & 84 days to go. firmly in the 3rd trimester. this is when time simultaneously speeds up and slows down. 736 more words