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bébé numéro deux | 28 weeks

progress & countdown: 28 weeks down & 84 days to go. firmly in the 3rd trimester. this is when time simultaneously speeds up and slows down. 736 more words


How I scared the Home Depot man Part 1

“Do you need help with anything,” The large male associate at Home Depot asks me.

“No. I’m just walking around to avoid eating anyone! I’m not in control of my emotions right now,” I say with the fire of hell in my eyes. 1,048 more words

A right royal rant at 28 weeks

It’s meant to be one of the most magical experiences of my life, but 28 weeks in, I couldn’t disagree more.

If you hadn’t yet guessed, I’m talking about being pregnant. 304 more words

Bump date: 28-30 weeks. Hello 3rd Trimester!!

How are we at 30 weeks already?! I know I’ve been saying each week that this pregnancy is going so fast, but it literally is flying by. 350 more words


you're massive!

(and other things best avoided in dialogue directed at a pregnant woman.)

You’re pregnant. You’ve spent the better part of the morning going through your wardrobe trying to find something to wear, hurling pants and tops over your shoulder and onto the floor. 568 more words


28 Weeks: Hellllooooo third trimester!

In the true fashion of this pregnancy, the very first day of my third trimester started off with a bang, or maybe I should say a trickle. 2,063 more words

sick guppy

27/28 weeks

Two weekends ago was one of the best ever: We took you to our beloved National Aquarium for the first time, followed by our second-only date night since you were born. 1,272 more words

National Aquarium