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288 My Strength [09 February 2000]

You are strength
A pillar of stone
I lean upon.
Just to be near you is to be
Apart of your might.
You are my truth… 137 more words


Ferrari Friday

The Elves have been watching too many ’80s movies again, and thus our recent posts seem to have gone a bit ‘red braces’. Still, no matter, because if the results of their historical television watching are as good as this we’ll happily indulge them. 146 more words


CTV Ticino 2012 Osogna Inf 28/8

CTV Ticino 2012 Osogna Inf 28/8Need new shirts ? Need new shirts ? Need new shirts ?
https://tioggi.ch/ticinovideos/ctv-ticino-2012-osogna-inf-288/ 2012, 288, CTV, Inf, OSOGNA, Ticino


Thursday of the Fifth Week of Easter (April 28th, 2016)

God in Christ revealed that the purpose for which he had chosen the Israelites was to make his presence known to all the nations and offer all people an opportunity to share a relationship with him. 724 more words

Weekday Homilies


  • Type: Mid Engine Berlinetta
  • Production: 1984-1987 (272 produced)
  • Engine: 2855 cc V8 twin turbo
  • Power: 400 HP
  • Top Speed: 304 Kph
  • Average Value: 924,000 $
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