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Kings of War

Starting to get some regular wargaming in now, in among boardgames, reenactment and RPGs!

Last night Rich and I played Kings of War. We cracked out our old Warhammer Fantasy Models (Because Age of Sigmarines sucks!) and played a 1250 point game. 175 more words


Myth elementals

OK so another set of Myth monsters. These are the elemental forces. Everything shown came as part of the kickstarter but I had to buy (as an additional option) the big guy. 445 more words


Fun things to do when ordering stuff

Whenever I order something, I use the comments box to fill in a request for something silly.

This last order, to Little Big Men Studios… 91 more words

Old Citadel/Marauder Norse Dwarves

More from the lead mountain that finally got some paint on them. I brought all these miniatures in the UK in 1988-90.  These are all old Citadel Norse Dwarves and some Marauder Norse Dwarves. 60 more words