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JTFM 1/56 scale Stug iii for Bolt Action

JTFM is a Canadian company specializing in 1/56 scale and

28mm vehicles that are ideal for Bolt Action wargaming. The

company trades under the name Die Waffenkammer and can… 188 more words


Frostgrave in winter: final expedition

In preparation for my last game of the league I decided to see about creating a large construct and was successful casting it with my apprentice. 866 more words


Dungeons and Dragons

My boys have suddenly got into Dungeons and Dragons

and I got the job of painting up the figures.

So far I have only completed two but it lots of fun… 50 more words


some livestock

I painted up some livestock . Sheep with the shepherd and his dog.

The minis are from Gripping beast when I remember correctly . I had them so many years before actually painting them . 49 more words


Fully Painted: Pig Iron System Scavengers

If you know me, then you know that I’m a sucker for the fantastic 28mm sci-fi figures from Pig Iron Productions. Over the years I’ve collected skirmish squads and warbands from most of their figure lines, including the gritty, weaponed-up Heavy Infantry, to the bizarre, rag-wrapped Kolony Ferals, to the greatcoat-and-gasmask troopers from the Kolony Militia series. 277 more words