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When Black Isn't Black - Painting Sci-Fi

The Floozy may be a slow painter, but she paints a little each night.  This week I finished 3 science fiction figures and rebased 1 figure.  773 more words


Pix from last night's game in the new war room.


Moving the hobby game room down into the basement took a while, what with preliminary clean up and then physical transfer of well, everything. 135 more words


Some Dark Age* and Bronze Age figures

Not like me to do much of the ‘sharp stick’ side of wargaming but it would be dull if life didn’t havea bit of variety every now and again…. 304 more words

Conan Pict Hunters from the board game by Monolith.

Picked up the board game on the cheap the other day and I have started

painting up the first of 74 miniatures(help lol). These guys are called… 68 more words


Scratch built Cider Press for Bolt Action Terrain

In an attempt to get started on my Bolt Action terrain

boards I am getting stuck into the fine detail. I wanted

something extra and typical in a Normandy farm yard, 256 more words


Fantasy Stuff

During the last months, I was quite busy painting 28mm fantasy figures and terrain. I mainly orientated myself by the scenarios in the Sellswords & Spellslingers… 548 more words