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Malifaux Flame Wall Markers

Embarrassingly this is my first update in almost two months – busy Summer. At the very least I have articles to write about my trials and tribulations with 3D printing, my experiences at… 318 more words


Deadzone 2.0: Pathfinders Faction.

Pathfinders are the recon troops used by the GSCP Enforcers as scouts. They are not an individual faction¬†but chosen from the Enforcer list. Thankfully,¬†there are enough choices to field an entire Pathfinder strike team and the multipart plastic sprues included with the Deadzone… 391 more words


Deadzone 2.0: Veer'myn Faction Starter.

Ver’myn are Mantic Games’ version of space Skaven, giant rat-people who live in the underbellies of futuristic cities. Ver’myn have existed in the Warpath universe for many years, however, the successful completion of the Deadzone expansion Infestation Kickstarter campaign and the Deadzone 2.0 rules brought new multi-part plastic sprues for the race. 1,171 more words


MOUT and Mat

As promised, pictures of the GameMatz mat. Judge for yourself. Also took some pics of my reinforced Near Future MOUT team on the mat to give you some context. 187 more words


Hybork with Powerklaw

Here we have another Hybork, this time armed with a powerklaw from the GW Ork Nobz plastic set as well as a missile pod from the GW Ork Lootaz set. 166 more words

Warhammer 40K

Eureka Miniatures 28mm WWII Soviet infantry

Fighting 15s has received its initial stocks of Eureka Miniatures’ 28mm WWII Soviet infantry, which are now available to buy in the online shop. 168 more words

Eureka Miniatures

Arcadia quest more models

So continuing the work on the Arcadia Quest board game models here are another three heroes and a couple of monsters. These continue to be a challenge to get gone nicely. 235 more words