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(Another) Fleece Terrain Mat

Recently Walmart Photo temporarly reduced their price on their fleece photo blankets, so I had another large one printed from a cobblestone street map I had previously purchased at… 41 more words


Chaotic natter #1/WIP

I have decided to change the function of my blog slightly. Not only will I use this to showcase and keep track of my painting but I would like to add random thoughts mostly concerning war gaming/miniature painting but there are sure to be a few tangents thrown in for good measure.I would also like to follow my individual projects more closely, so hopefully more posts, more accountability and more progress. 93 more words


Gall-Gaedhil moving out

The Gall-Gaedhil or Sons of Death are painted. Its about time to present them to the public – and to any timid enemy of course. 80 more words


Judge Dredd - Judges

One of my few regrets around kickstarter projects (either joining or missing them)  is that I missed out on the Judge Dredd kickstarter by Mongoose. I was not an avid reader of comic as a kid but read a few and actually played quite a bit of the Judge Dredd the RPG while at University. 558 more words


Back Home, Back to the Hobby?

Recently, I have moved back home (from university) as I have talked about a lot on my other blog. This has caused me to look over all of my stuff and think about it. 591 more words


City Lights

Saturday Night I have taken out my new lens for a little walk through the City Of Westminster. It’s a 28mm wide ankle prime lens from Soligor with an M42 mount which only cost me about £35 on Ebay. 73 more words


Guide: Painting the Warlord Games Panzer II with Aerial Recognition Flag Tutorial

The subject of this Guide article is the Panzer II ausf A/B/C model from Warlord Games in 28mm (1:56). This model was originally painted for my friend Phil as part of my  2,234 more words