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0010 Star Wars Imperial Assault: Rough Draft

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Rough Draft– 0010

  • Date: April 23, 2016
  • Location: Helena First Baptist
  • Star Wars Imperial Assault (SW:IA)
  • Scenario location: Imperial Outpost 815…
  • 117 more words

El Jefe

El Jefe is the leader of my new Frostgrave warband.  He is a heavily converted Slann Animal handler model from Citadel.

Here is the actual warband…


Blue Halberdier

Same halberdier with a different skin tone and eye colour.

They will rank up nicely in this pose.


TBT: Circle WarpWolf

Another model for the Caen campaign Privateer Press ran. I really got sucked into the feral theme of the Circle of Orboros, and focused a lot of my attention on the Warpwolves and light Arguses, taking Tooth and Claw 1 to the literal sense. 73 more words


Last night's game...

of our Song of Blades and Heroes campaign was short – brutally short. Basically, our intrepid adventurers got the stuffing knocked out of them. Those that didn’t fall widdled their knickers and ran like scalded dogs. 59 more words


Saga Normans

Since I’ve resuscitated the blog might as well keep going with an eye-candy post of my Normans for Saga.  These are a mix of… 503 more words


First Saga Blooding - Vikings vs. Anglo-Danes

My new Anglo-Danes (build posts one, two, and three) fought to victory and glory this week in their inaugural battle! This was both proof of beginner’s luck and of the maxim that painted troops fight harder. 826 more words

Battle Report