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Slik Photshoot

Recently I had a chance to work with @sliktattoos (IG) and it was fun working with him and his shop near downtown San Jose. I’m a huge fan of low lighting type of shoots and this was one I was able to have creative freedom to do so. Here are some shots .

New Fliks

Rebuking a Lioness

After driving off the Niambo, Isawannayu led the women to a village where the chief had been a close ally of her father.  Chief Bosede allowed the women to stay and heal.  999 more words


SAGA - Viking Bondi WIP

So, how’s that fellow with the awkward arm turning out?

Not badly, methinks. There’s a little more to be done in terms of touch ups, I still want to step his injury up a little further and see what I can do to ‘clean up’ some patchy spots in the grungy washes. 17 more words


Amera Plastic Mouldings 28mm Buildings - Review

Last year I played a few 28mm fantasy miniature games, namely Frostgrave and Songs of Blades and Heroes.  I played at a friends house so was lucky enough to make use of their fantastic terrain collection.   663 more words


Wait What, that's not small scale?!

It is true, I have just done a small commission for some big figures.

Given how much time is involved with shading and highlighting 28mm/30mm figures I wont do them. 49 more words