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Perry Morris CS8 AT-Portee - Project DAK finished

Perry AT-Portee finished ….

Finished the Perry Morris CS8 Bofors AT-Portee. Kept the finish plain as the vehicle is pretty busy anyway and Caunter would have been a bit tricky to pull off, plus most pics of Portee conversions show a basic sand finish. 40 more words

World At War - The Second World War 1939-45

Game Pics: Deathwing vs. Emperor's Children

Not much to say about this one, just a few quick shots of another of our early games. This one sees Sam’s Deathwing face off against Alex’s Emperor’s Children. 33 more words


The Austrian Army - Black Powder

As discussed in my previous post there are, at present, no specific rules for Austrian forces in Warlord Games’ Black Powder rules. While this is a shame it does give me a good opportunity to utilise the excellent rules they have provided for creating one’s own unit profiles. 340 more words


Crooked Dice, Future release!

I don’t normally give advance warning of other companies releases, but I was pretty pleased to see these two figures which are going to be out in March this year, according to the… 51 more words


Quick painting Russians - Contrast highlights and single wash

I’ve been plugging away at my russians making pretty good progression on them. I have a lot of figures to paint however. One of the nation rules for russians is you can get a free inexperienced 12 man rifle squad. 390 more words