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In The Game Room - Episode 49

Unboxing the Bolt Action “Band of Brothers” starter set and Rule Book.

Video Podcast

Frostgrave in winter: the living museum

The last expedition into the ruins wasn’t quite a complete disaster, so I went about revisiting the composition of my warband. I opted to keep a pair of thieves and 2 archers but let all my thugs go. 911 more words


A new warrior

Here is the next warrior of Dietrichs own messnie. Another spearman:

Ohly nine more to go!


First step down a slippery path

I did say I was itching to get painting…. after nearly 2 years I managed to wield the hairy sticks before. The figure was part of the Xilos Horizon box I won on egobay, and thus was undercoated in a bone colour. 97 more words


Enthroned in darkness - How to make a ruined shrine and flagstone bases

Last time we fashioned a diorama base featuring weathered gravestones, a gnarly autumn tree and moss-covered flagstones. As promised  in this second installment we will focus on an objective token or a small piece of scatter terrain featuring a ruined shrine and a removable birch tree. 2,595 more words