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Things I've Painted This Week

So I painted some things this week after wasting the week before doing not much. Actually that’s not quite true, for I broke a promise to myself. 349 more words



My Reaper Bones II Kickstarter arrived today. It was definitely a lift on an otherwise snowy dreary day. This Kickstarter had problems. First they had to redesign the molds for a few of the figures, mostly the larger dragons. 392 more words


Bunkers for Sho3box

As requested, some shots of two bunkers made from electrical junction boxes and assorted gribbly bits. Made these years ago. Might be time for a trip to Home Depot and try my hand at some new structures. 68 more words

Science Fiction

28mm by Statuesque Miniatures

British Statuesque Miniatures has a range of miniatures from Resistance Fighters (see pictures below) to Pulp Fiction characters – many different heads are also available. Ordering from their webseite was convenient and the shipped miniatures were very well protected. 190 more words


Beach diorama with Hasslefree miniature

For my first diorama, I wanted to create some water effect – with glue that dries transparently. I glued some flat left-over wood pieces together to make an elevated area, which I smoothed with hardware store’s putty (by hand as it’s non-toxic)  and I put down some model train stones as well – for the texture. 149 more words


Bile and Bloat Thralls

So here I have another unit and a solo done for my Cryx forces. Again these come from my large collection of second hand stuff I have for this game which I just have to paint. 517 more words