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The hamlet of Rouvray(Bolt Action Terrain).

I have been playing Bolt Action for some time now and it was
about time I sorted some half decent terrain out.

The aim was produce six terrain boards and ensure everything was… 231 more words


28mm Middle Eastern Archers

These have been sitting around for a while; I’ve got 8 of them, and only 4 are finished. I’d planned on putting up all of them in a single post, but I had just finished these when I heard that Saga version 2 was coming out and only the Dark Ages book was going to be released. 379 more words


Painting Italian Infantry (The Konflikt ‘47 Way)

As you may or may not have seen, Warlord Games has released a preview of the two new Heavy Armored Infantry sets available soon to Konflikt ’47 Italian players (er, that is, to players who field Italian miniatures–though, I suppose also to Konflikt ’47 players of Italian descent). 1,760 more words


Tale of four gamers and weekly painting blog week 19

This week is the big reveal of the start collecting forces we have all been working on, alongside our first forrays back into the 40k universe. 865 more words


The Ork Project: High Flyers

So here’s what started it all. Way back in “the day”, I picked up the Ork Bommer kit just because it looked cool. I had no intention of using the model in a game, no intention of playing orks, or 40k at all for that matter. 381 more words


8th Army - More small bases and treasure chests

A bit of a mixed bag post this week, just showing a few more painted items. First, as a follow up to the post two weeks ago here are another 8 extra small Flames of War bases.   206 more words



A little side project I’m working on. A cooperative game where players are jacked up Agents sent on corporate black ops.

Guess who played way too much… 282 more words