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Reluctant Allies

More Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes gaming this week, with Matt, Derek, John, and Pat each fielding a Hero and Sidekick as they search for the… 362 more words


Frostgrave in Summer: The Living Museum

I should be calling this series Frostgrave in Winter now. It had been ages since our club was able to meet over the past few months but I finally managed to get a game in during January. 946 more words


28mm Mahdist Rebellion Forces

In this article we put the second of two factions set for our Congo-rules-powered Egyptian tomb-raiding game at Pensacon in February: the Armies of the Mahdi. 305 more words


28mm Colonial Belgian Sudan Expedition

For exibition today we have the first of two factions slated for our Congo-rules-powered Egyptian tomb-raiding game at Pensacon in late February: the Belgian Expedition. 291 more words


The Ork Project: Biggest and Smallest

Any proper warboss needs a badass ride to drive to (and into) the enemy. I wavered on spending the money to pick up the Genestealer Cult rockgrinder kit for conversion fodder, but the opportunity to build… 275 more words


French Harbor Town - Part VIII

We finally had a short break in the weather, so I was able to fire up the airbrush and finish the Opel Blitz and the sea wall. 102 more words


28mm Modular Egyptian Tomb — Pt. 2

The old Major took a hesitant step forward through the low stone doorframe and into a long corridor, keeping the Explorer a step behind him by an outstretched arm. 1,050 more words