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Baby P #2 Bump Watch: 29 Weeks Preggers

29 Weeks

See? I clean up real nice when I put forth the effort 😂. A lot of my previous pics have been taken just before bedtime because I always forget to take them. 676 more words

Fab . Fit . Me

29 Weeks!

This baby is still super active, I keep feeling him shifting and flip flopping all the time. He better stay headdown at some point soon before he runs out of room to flip back over! 17 more words

Captain’s Log: Preggy Week 29 – I Can't See My Vagina Anymore & Hello Pubis Symphasis Dysfunction!

sidenote: A bit of an unkempt pic – but whatev’s. It’s the only pic I have of myself at week 29- and only just. Cause we only remembered while I was prepping for work the next day, right before sleepy time on the last day of week 29. 1,414 more words


Bonus Bump Day 🌷

My shadow has changed a lot in the last 7 months. 😂😂😂 🤰

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29 Week Pregnancy Update - 28- 30 week Pregnancy Update

In this video I share my 28-30 week pregnancy update. I share what it has been like for me at 28 weeks, 29 weeks, and 30 weeks. 17 more words

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29 weeks pregnant 

Another week has whizzed by and (as this post is a couple of days late) there is less than 11 weeks to go until we meet baby Twinkle. 493 more words


Preggo Journal - Week 29 Recap

How Far Along – I’m 30 weeks, which just boggles my mind.  I am in complete shock as to how fast this pregnancy has flown by.   810 more words