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29 Weeks

I swear it feels like I just posted my 28 week update…. but here we are! 29 weeks and feeling GREAT!!!!

Check out this belly one more time…. 721 more words

Fab . Fit . Me

Pillow Talk (Belly Side)

There is no denying how round and protruding my belly has become over the last few weeks. I’m avoiding the words b∗∗ or g∗∗∗∗ (work it out for yourselves) as they are negative in my book. 902 more words

9 Months of Changes

A woman doesn’t necessarily know how long 9 months possibly is until she is pregnant. When I first got pregnant, I thought I had plenty of time but I didn’t realise how quickly everything around me, and myself, can change. 609 more words

29 Weeks....Third Trimester Dementia!!


Ok so I don’t mean to offend anyone as I know that dementia is no laughing matter…..but my ‘baby brain’ has really stepped up a notch lately and has gotten so bad that I literally cannot remember anything!At work I have post-it notes everywhere, in addition to my timetable! 220 more words

First Time Pregnancy

Woo Hoo! This lady passed the GTT!

Well, two weeks ago I went to the doctor (a day early…first time I’ve felt like I had pregnancy brain) and had the glucose screening done.   468 more words

Bump Watch: 29 weeks - pelvic dysfunction

It’s been a week of lasts, as I start looking forward to all the firsts. First there was the last antenatal class last week (am I meant to feel ready to have a baby now? 606 more words


29 weeks, 3 days - Bébé is Size of a Hawaiian Pineapple- Glucose Test - Breastfeeding Frenzy

So, pineapples are pretty huge, right?!  And so am I.  Still two long months to go.  Meh. For some strange reason, I feel really good today.  1,170 more words

First Pregnancy