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29 Weeks & Sugar Wars

Whelp. I’m 29 weeks this week and it is feeling more and more real. A customer at work (baby store) yesterday was buying a gift for his new grandson, that showed up 10 weeks premature… that’s basically how far along I am right now. 735 more words

Single Mom Life

Almost ready to practice on a live baby

Baby Bop is counting on Captain and me knowing what the heck we’re doing. What the heck are we doing? Captain and I sign up for a smorgasbord of baby classes. 277 more words


Bringing back baby fashions from the 80's

29 weeks pregnant. Third trimester baby! Home stretch. I passed the gestational diabetes test. Which is good news, because I’m not sure how I would cut back on sugar.  177 more words


The bump chronicles #18: Baby hiccups... they're a thing

Weeks pregnant: 29
Baby size in vegetables: Butternut squash

Little O is now what I would class as “massive” and I feel like I have achieved a size that could comfortably be referred to as Orca. 491 more words


Bump Date | Week 29

29 Weeks! Only 11 to go! How is that even possible? Still feeling good my only annoying symptom is frequent urination it’s practically every 10 mins I can’t walk far before needing it again & I sleep in two hour intervals I seriously considering adult nappies at this point lol I’m off to the Harry Potter studio tour today so god knows how I’ll manage that lol. 173 more words


29 Weeks Pregnant

29 Weeks Pregnant

You have just entered your third trimester! Congratulations!!! From now on you won’t have to worry about abortion. This is the first moment your baby can actually be delivered. 507 more words

Pregnancy By Week

29 Weeks Pregnancy Update

I can’t believe it took me this long to do another pregnancy update! I’m now officially in the 3rd Trimester, OMG. Time is flying!

I spy a cute little photo bomber! 443 more words

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