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Pregnancy Update : Week 29 and 30

hello everyone

It has been a little over two weeks since I last updated you on my pregnancy and my posts have been very delayed due to the fact that I have been very busy and a little stressed because the house has been officially sold and we are moving out on the 7th of October but will only be able to move into the new house on the 30th of October, that’s cutting it really close since my due date is the 4th of November, but as you know with pregnancy and birth things happen at their own time and it’s not uncommon for your baby to come two weeks either side of your due date – So the chances of me going into labour around the same time we move into the new house is looking like a real possibility. 259 more words


Pregnancy Update: 29 Weeks

How do I feel?

I am grateful.

I am grateful for everything. For Liam, for my families, friends and for the little one growing inside me. 303 more words

Pregnancy Tips

29 Weeks Pregnant

Thank you for all of your supportive comments last week. Sorry for the delay in responding, we don’t really get cell signal at the cottage. It’s kind of an exercise in disconnecting, which is good for us, but also is challenging because I love reading all of your posts and comments. 698 more words

Pregnancy 2015

What it's like to co-ordinate a wedding at 7 months pregnant

I’ve been helping two friends of mine from college to plan their wedding since April 2014. After finding out in late February this year that I was expecting, my thoughts immediately went to their wedding day in August, and what it would be like to co-ordinate the wedding day at just shy of seven months pregnant! 802 more words


Push Presents

I picked up my Husband for lunch recently.  He jumped in my truck and was ready to have a serious conversation.  He had read an article that not only should the Mamma’s be getting a push present but hell, the Dad’s deserved one too! 350 more words


Just because I'm having a baby, doesn't mean I like your kids

I spent 8 years working in the public daycare setting, countless years babysitting, summers being a camp counselor, 4 years coaching gymnastics, and have helped my friends with their kiddos.  551 more words


29 Weeks - Hand me Downs

What is it about becoming pregnant that everyone wants to instantly unload all of their used baby gear and clothing on you?

Don’t get me wrong, baby’s are expensive and so is all the gear that they seem to need.  536 more words