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Gravel Pimp: Port Alberni to Cumberland Loop Part 2...

Day 3 – Wrong Turn

I made a serious mistake on the last day. I didn’t question the Google Maps bike route enough. I was so close to PA I could taste the ice cream and I wasn’t thinking straight. 1,042 more words

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Gravel Pimp: Port Alberni to Cumberland Loop Part 1...

With a dirt bikepacking route sorted out from Lake Cowichan to Victoria I was eager to push northwards. I know the logging roads from Lake Cowichan to Port Alberni as I have driven them on my kiteboarding adventures. 2,458 more words

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Krampi have landed!

I just noticed that The Fairfield Bicycle Shop has 3 Surly Krampus complete bikes in stock if you are Knard curious and on the island. The complete bikes seem very nice. 139 more words

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The Girlz ride Terra Nova Trail...

Last time I went riding with Sharon and her friend J we left with J having two broken hands and Sharon could barely walk. That was an easy paced chill ride… ;) 721 more words


Blessed Silence!

As I was pounding along last weekend I suddenly realized something was missing from my usual ride experience – noise! My MTB has a Hope hub that sounds like angry bees making love when I coast. 225 more words

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Gravel Pimp - Got her done!

I spent a lot of time last year doing recon on a dirt route from Lake Cowichan to Victoria. With the Galloping Goose MUP mostly dirt from Sooke Potholes Park to Victoria it seemed straightforward to just find a route from Lake Cowichan to the potholes. 1,200 more words

Bike Touring