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Fight Like a Girl? Watch This Little Girl Shoot Like a BOSS.

Sharing hear because you will NEVER SEE or HEAR anything about the “Shooting Sports” on the LAME STREAM MEDIA!

They don’t want to show or put Firearms or GUNS in a POSITIVE LIGHT! 35 more words

2nd Amendment

From "Second Amendment is for Muskets" to "Regulate Muzzleloaders"

You’ve heard it before – the Second Amendment only applies to guns that existed when it was written. Therefore, we shouldn’t be allowed to own anything more than muskets. 430 more words

608: Differentiation

In this final assessment task for the 608 paper, I investigated the ways to engage in Effective Differentiated Planning and Teaching for Gifted and Talented Students. 333 more words


Tailoring lessons to student interests

I found tailoring lessons to the students’ interests was a great way to increase their motivation and engagement, as they could see the purpose and relevance of what they were learning. 201 more words


Reading: Using modelling books

I found using modelling books, and later the whiteboard table, an effective way to engage students in the purpose of the lesson. I think it is important for students to feel like they are active in their learning, and have a voice in what is recorded. 119 more words


Learning to be firm (but fair)

Throughout my first two practicums, I really struggled with having to be firm and clear with my expectations, providing consequences when required. It is not in my nature to be confrontational, nor to get angry, and I found that students were not clear in understanding of what my expectations were. 760 more words