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(Un)Popular Opinions - Question Everything

Question everything…

I recently read an article that called for the moderate Second Amendment supports to step up and talk about gun control (sorry, no link, should have saved it). 350 more words


Modern Rifleman's Response to Proposed ITAR Amendment

RE: ITAR Amendment—Revisions to Definitions; Data Transmission and Storage.

Mr. Peartree,

I am writing to you regarding the proposed ITAR Amendment (RIN 1400-AD70). This amendment endeavors to make substantial changes to several definitions within ITAR and the Department’s claim is that these modifications are necessary to modernize the regulations.

1,303 more words

Gun Control Legislation Destroyed in 3 Minutes or Less

What you have below is a fellow veteran and who also is a law enforcement officer who decided to tell the politicians enough on the shortsighted emotional nonsense that will do nothing for the public good except immediately turn lawful gun owners into armed criminals because of something that a lone madman decided to do. 778 more words


The State of Modern Rifleman: Q2 2015

Every three months, I look forward to reserving time to reflect on this site and evaluate the Modern Rifleman’s progress toward goals I set at the beginning of the year. 519 more words


New Counter Cultured Video: Millennials Supporting Gun Rights

Today at Counter Cultured, we released our new video project entitled, “Millennials Defend The Second Amendment.”

17 participants from all walks of life participated in our video. 62 more words


How To: Fix Suppressed Blowback with Cheap AR-15 Mod

There is no question, shooting a suppressed rifle is far more enjoyable than firing one with a bare muzzle. The sound reduction notwithstanding, suppressors can also increase a shooter’s proficiency by reducing felt recoil. 474 more words


'Still hammering that racial wedge’: Who's the WH blaming for Obama's 'missed opportunities'?

Well, one thing’s for sure: The blame for anything negative will not be accepted by the White House. So with that in mind, somebody’s got to be at fault: 290 more words

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