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"Kids Protest - MSM & Left using to push agenda-WH lie down"

So once again we come back to the shooting that occurred in Parkland, Florida killing 17. All of these students had organized for a school walkout and also a demonstration of lying down silent for 3 minutes to reflect the time it had taken for those unfortunate innocence at the school to perish. 824 more words


Being a Gun Owner/Soldier Doesn't Make You an Expert on Gun Policy

As a gun owner, I’m not an expert on guns.  I can freely admit that. However, this is hard for some.  Usually, as in the example linked, they know less about guns than I do. 663 more words

Man carrying concealed pistol stops attack on Utah police officer

Story sure to be ignored by the anti-gun, anti-NRA, agenda-driven liberal media.

From MyFoxChicago: A Utah police officer who was being attacked on Friday was saved by a passerby with a concealed pistol after the man drove by while the assault was taking place and turned around to help… 379 more words


2018 2A State Tournament Points by Sectional/District

The following is a breakdown of the number of points each Sectional/District scored at the State tournament last week inside Wells Fargo Arena. Other stats reflected in the breakdown include: Champions, Place-winners, Wrestlers that did not place (DNP), and Wrestlers that scored at least one point (won a match). 15 more words


Valentine's Tragedy 2018

Valentine’s Day 2018.

Another school shooting.

17 Lives Lost, others still in critical condition in the hospital.

As soon as I heard the news, I thought, “Here we go again.” 1,127 more words

Did you know the Constitution has been amended at least 27 times?

1) It is about Guns
2) It is about a President who blames “mental health” and then destroys the mental health system…To get back at the previous President…Because the current President has a maturity of a 5 year old…and even 5 year olds have more compassion! 149 more words

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"Stop trying to take our guns-Leftist myths debunked"

Since the Florida shooting, there has been a huge outcry from the left once again about gun control. From attacking the NRA, to attacking conservatives. From the “2nd amendment only being created by our Founding Fathers for muskets”, to conflating semi-automatic firearms with automatic firearms.  1,071 more words