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Barrett Fieldcraft: Creating The Perfect Long Range Precision Round (300 winmag)


CAUTION: Failure to follow safe loading practices could result in severe personal injury (including death) or gun damage to the user or bystanders. Technical data and information contained herein are intended to provide information based upon the limited experience of individuals under specific conditions and circumstances. 57 more words


The unboxing of the Barrett 98B Fieldcraft


“The Barrett Fieldcraft is the Olympic Athlete son of the 98B & MRAD. It combines the best of both rifles in one lean and rugged package.” 364 more words


This Post Brought To You By Nervous Exhaustion

Sleep deprived and delirious – bed should be my ally right now. But restlessness can’t be bargained with or feel pity/remorse/sorrow so here we are. Just a few things before passing out. 395 more words


I'll Never Open Carry: Here's Why

A lot of people today are getting really excited about the open carry movement.  I think it’s great- it’s wonderful- I’m a huge supporter of the #2A.   390 more words