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Piers Morgan's utopian 'math' test about guns interrupted by reality

Could be. Sheer genius, this guy:

A ‘math’ test for you, America: If NOBODY had a gun, how many people would be shot dead? If EVERYBODY had a gun, same question. See?

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Firearm Friday w/Bonus Fireball

Firearm Friday w/bonus fireball courtesy of my 14 year oldHe was taught safe gun handling starting at the age of four.

On my lap he sat while he used a Henry mini-bolt bench-rested at an outdoor range. 30 more words

Message To a Liberal Progressive

I stumbled across some comments from a guy on Facebook last night.  I don’t know him at all, but we seem to have a mutual acquaintance.  1,090 more words

Citizens stand for Armed Forces recruiting centers

A group of men, and at least one woman, exercised their Second Amendment rights and show their support for the United States armed forces by standing vigil in front of a recruiting center in York, PA. 239 more words


If You're Voting Next November: Read this

For all Christians considering to vote next November consider this.

Some of these GOP contenders tap into some of the GOP’s strongest core values. They understand red-blooded Americans and the unquestionable need for rights. 930 more words

Cultural Reflections

Coming Soon: SilencerCo Specwar 556 Review

My apologies for the relative silence around here as of late. A recent family emergency has pulled me away from a number of exciting projects that I’ve looked forward to sharing. 75 more words