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The Most Stunning 2D Platformer Games

2D Platformer nowadays is as stunning as 3D games. But aside from its graphics, a game should also have an interesting plot line and well-developed characters to become memorable. 382 more words


Evaluating Research

The majority of my research has been rather helpful through the course of my project. Aspects of the project that I was unsure of, such as the visual theme have been solidified through the help of my research. 195 more words

2D Platformer

Further Challenges

As my project continues and approaches its end, there are a few more difficulties that I have come across.

Project Estimation

Attempting to estimate the amount of production possible is initially rather difficult to do, as feature creep could very much blow the project out of proportion and make it much larger than initially intended.   413 more words

2D Platformer

Ice Climber

Ice Climber
NES, GBA, arcade
Developed by Nintendo
Released in 1985

I have a tradition where, every time I visit a foreign country, I make it my goal to find a place that still sells physical albums and bring one back home from a band I like, mostly since there are no music stores left where I live and I find physically browsing a store more fun than scrolling through Itunes. 674 more words


Control Demo

I’ve touched up on the controls and they’re in a spot I like now, they all work in their current implementation. I’ve managed to do a few extra things with some of the controls like a wall jump, and a dash (although it is currently infinite, I have plans to change that). 68 more words

2D Platformer

Week 1: What is a 2D platformer?

Ah, the first Game Design class. It was nerve racking to walk into a new place and meet new people but I did manage to get out of it relieved. 467 more words

Game Overview - Snipey Swipey

Whilst the city slumbers, the robo-goon menace patrols the corridors of the world’s biggest corporations. Piles of loot are just waiting to be taken, but going it alone as a frail thief could be quite dangerous.

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Telekinetic Criminal