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Game Review: Spectrum Break

Format: PC (tested)

Released: April 2018

What happens when you turn Tetris into a physics-based game of reverse off ground touch whilst surfing? Welcome to Spectrum Break! 477 more words


Game Review: Sir Eatsalot

Platform: PS Vita

Released: April 2018

I love my PlayStation Vita. The portable console which has endured so much neglect from its creator has quietly been a great playground for visual novels and quirky indie titles for those who want to enjoy its resources. 489 more words


Celeste: We all have our mountains to climb

By Neil Merrett

Celeste, released on Nintendo Switch in 2018, developed by Matt Makes Games

Celeste could arguably be called an “old-school” 2D-style platformer.

Old school, in this case, being used to describe a title that adopts the graphical conventions of previous gaming eras or even the deceptively simple challenge of making perfectly timed leaps over or around death traps and chasms. 471 more words

Nintendo Switch

How To Make Saving and Loading for a Platformer

Today’s Game maker Studio 2 project shows a way of handling the feature of saving and loading a game. It focuses on retaining what level the player was in, the abilities they have obtained in their adventure and allow new modes to unlock depending on how much the player has progressed. 66 more words

Game Review: Where Are My Friends

Released: March 2018

Formats: PS4 (tested), PC, Xbox One

Hardcore platformers. You will either love their challenge or rage quit out of them in five minutes flat. 546 more words


FMP - Existing 2D platformers

I will be looking at other existing 2D platformer games


A very recent platformer which came out in January 2018. You play as a person called Madeline who she wants to climb a mountain. 1,606 more words


Is Giana Sisters Better Than Mario?

Game: Gianna Sisters: Twisted Dreams and Rise of the Owlverlord
Developer: Black Forest Games

Gianna Sisters is one of those indie gems you would be lucky to stumble over. 532 more words