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Under Temple Modular Whitebox - Test 001

Testing the Whiteboxed modular assets for the under temple area, the ones shown here are bit more detailed than planned but since this is my first time making platforms like the ones shown here I needed to up the detail to help figure out all the possible combinations I would need to make. 57 more words

Modular Terrain Blocks

*The range of faces that make up the variation of terrain blocks shapes.*

The modular terrain blocks were made mainly as a experiment to figure out how to make the basic range of modular shapes for terrains. 142 more words

Under Temple - Modular Parts, Checklist

*Here is a checklist I plan to update whenever I finish a whiteboxed art assest for the underground temple area*

6-3-15 Update: Wall / Wall+Face / Ground Tiles – Time 1H 15Mins… 137 more words

Under Temple - Modular Parts, WhiteBoxing Day 1

Started some of the basic whitebox/stand-in meshes for the assets from the list I made yesterday. The plan is to spend the next few days making all the primitive meshes for the components so the designers can start using them in engine as soon as possible. 148 more words

Under Temple - Modular Parts Digram

I’ve made this key for all the possible modular components I can think the underground temple area may need. Preferably I would have liked to have gotten this done earlier as a clear backlog of art assets to work on would have given me a more direct set of things to get on with before, but due to the design only being brought up to a state where the artist could read, and thus gather a list of potential terrain components from, in these last few weeks i’ve had to leave this much later than I would have like. 42 more words

In Inspector Modular Block Tool - Unity3D

Footage of the modular block system I have been developing to help our designers put our levels together in editor. This video is to show how each block type has it’s own set of 2D and 3D colliders that work consistent together. 93 more words

Tale of Nostalgia now online; plus reflective blabber

It’s time to announce that Tale of Nostalgia has been released. The game is now up and running on Kongregate, which means there really is no more we need to do for the game. 715 more words