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Level Zero

Most games with levels will have a tutorial of sorts, which goes through all the basic controls and introduces or shows the player some more advanced ones. 318 more words

Cat Game

Screenshot... Tuesday?

Hey everybody,

I haven’t put any updates out about the cat game in a while, so here are some friendly screenshots to make up for it. 83 more words

Cat Game

EverEnding DevBlog 163: Vacation

I’m a few thousand miles away from home and very busy this week, so uh, no progress to report. No dev to blog.

Updates resume next week.

Problem Machine

Walk The Light

A unique puzzle game where you control a mysterious light source to help Charlie escape the caverns he’s been trapped in. 37 more words


Leo's Fortune

You’re gonna have a ball. AND THE BALL IS SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE.

Leo’s Fortune might have straightforward mechanics and a rolled up bit of flannel for a protagonist, but don’t let that fool you. 562 more words


Cat Parkour Game!

I’m making a game which involves lots of parkour, kitty cats and big guns. Exciting!

The story is about food mysteriously vanishing for a race of space cats, so they send out spaceships to different sectors of the galaxy on a mission to find a new source of food. 90 more words

Cat Game

Processing Platformer



Main Code:

import java.awt.Rectangle;
platforms platforms;
player player;

void setup(){
player = new player();
platforms = new platforms();
} 429 more words