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Is Giana Sisters Better Than Mario?

Game: Gianna Sisters: Twisted Dreams and Rise of the Owlverlord
Developer: Black Forest Games

Gianna Sisters is one of those indie gems you would be lucky to stumble over. 532 more words


Ducktales 2

Releasing a game as late as 1993 was an odd choice. Think about it: the SNES and Mega Drive had been out for some time and the cartoon it was based on had its last episode in 1990. 1,325 more words


(Vita) Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark review

A stealthy platformer with a puzzle twist that brings a few too many frustrations along with an otherwise enjoyable ride.

Developer Curve Studios Publisher Curve Studios… 1,552 more words

Aegis Defenders Review [PC Gamer]

Read the full review at PC Gamer

Things were going well until the escort mission. My regular tactic of hiding behind towers and traps didn’t work when I had to safeguard a caravan across a level full of monsters, trying to keep things moving while also juggling multiple characters and opening pathways for them. 44 more words


EverEnding DevBlog, January 2018: Stalled

I’ve been procrastinating on writing this post, since it’s always galling to admit this: Very Little progress has been made on the project over the last month. 551 more words

Problem Machine


I think at this point, the game is more familiar to me than the TV-series it is based off. In fact, while I enjoyed the cartoon as a kid (and still do as an adult), I have much more fond memories of playing Ducktales on my Game Boy. 1,248 more words


concept art for level design

more backgrounds for the 2d platformer, composites of hand-drawn, collage
and photoshop.