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Game Review-Prehistorik 2

stayin’ alive

“AH Y-YES,” YOU REPLY to your teacher as she passes by your computer, hoping she won’t see the sweat inching slowly down your forehead. 1,156 more words


Tanner Reviews Ori and the Blind Forest

Today, we revisit the concept of the Artistic Indie Game. I will not hide the fact that I absolutely love this genre. Most of these games are single player, which appeals to me, have an artistic feel to them, which appeals to me, have a typically low price tag, which REALLY appeals to me, and on the whole portrays video games as a new blossoming form of artistic media. 829 more words


New projects on the go!

My friend (Dan Rhodenizer) and I are working on two new games, under the development names Project 9 and Project Lit. These two projects can be followed at… 102 more words


Battery Check Review

We check out another obscure Dutch game, this time a 2D platformer that teaches us to recycle batteries!

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RiverCityGamers; … 13 more words

Game Reviews

Dragonslay3r94 Reviews - Mark Of The Ninja

So I bought Mark of the Ninja a few months back during a flash sale and now that that I have finally poured a reasonable amount of hours into it I thought I would do a review on the game since I have already reviewed one of the developer’s previous games Don’t Starve so onto the review because I have quite a few things about this game. 1,253 more words


2D Game Course

Make a 2D platformer with Unity

Hello guys, I again found what I believe to be a very good course. If you want to make your own games and like Unity, then this is a must watch. 237 more words


Rotating Worlds

Rotating Worlds is a 2d platformer inside a 3d world. It is some sort of 3d puzzle where you are limited to visibility of only one side (2d) at a time. 110 more words

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