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In Inspector Modular Block Tool - Unity3D

Footage of the modular block system I have been developing to help our designers put our levels together in editor. This video is to show how each block type has it’s own set of 2D and 3D colliders that work consistent┬átogether. 93 more words

Tale of Nostalgia now online; plus reflective blabber

It’s time to announce that Tale of Nostalgia has been released. The game is now up and running on Kongregate, which means there really is no more we need to do for the game. 715 more words

'JumpJet Rex' Receives New "Rage Quit Rex" Mode

2D platformer JumpJet Rex has today received a new “Rage Quit Rex” mode, which is now available in the Steam Early Access edition.

In Rage Quit Rex players only receive three lives as they attempt to beat more than 20 levels and three boss encounters, with no checkpoints along the way. 90 more words


Dev Work: Level Designs and Maps

Due to a lack of usable level maps to work with the artist for ‘Balance’ are now doing some basic design map to give the designers a idea of what it is we need to work with to start making this game. 186 more words

Game Over

Yesterday we finished the game. Yep, we finally did it. It was a long, painful journey but now we finally have a complete game. We really went full speed ahead towards our final goal in the last few days. 352 more words

Bipedal Nightmares

Animating bipedal locomotion is fun – when you’re looking at the finished product.

My desktop is resembling a graveyard of folders; a mosaic of discarded hours as the start/stop cycle continues to haunt me with perceived failures – and some outright failures as well, in which grappling upwards initiates a gravity reversal, or there’s an accidental 3rd foot, or even making my two-legged friend look like she was moonwalking forward. 169 more words

public string blogPostTitle = "Almost Done";

It’s the final week of production and Tale of Nostalgia almost looks like it is ready. There are just minor things that need to be included and adjusted before we make our final build. 441 more words