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Wild Times at Game Design

Ah, the first Game Design class. It was nerve racking to walk into a new place and meet new people but I did manage to get out of it relieved. 396 more words

Game Overview - Snipey Swipey

Whilst the city slumbers, the robo-goon menace patrols the corridors of the world’s biggest corporations. Piles of loot are just waiting to be taken, but going it alone as a frail thief could be quite dangerous.

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Telekinetic Criminal

Bleed 2

Welcome back everyone. Today we’re covering Bleed 2, brought to us by Ian Campbell February 8th of 2017… or, y’know, not long ago. It continues to follow the adventures of Wryn as she defends her title of Greatest Hero. 660 more words

Indie Spotlight

Generation IV - Pseudo3D

Put some basic sprites into the game with really basic animations, but I also created some logic that would prevent the player from colliding with “background” objects unless they were on a y-axis that was greater than or equal to the “background” object. 58 more words

Generation IV

Generation IV - End of January Update

It’s hard to believe that we have come such a long way in such a short amount of time.

The Generation IV RPG project was started near the beginning of January and since then we have already managed to put many of the core platforming features into the game. 88 more words

Generation IV

Stick It To The Man - A Sentence Review

Papercrafted platforming with a purple spaghetti arm.

Khinjarsi has no affiliation with purple spaghetti arms, blue tentacle aliens or The Man. The image was a screenshot from her PS4 copy, but all rights etc belong to their respective owners.

Video Game

DLC Quest

DLC Quest
Xbox 360 and PC
Developed by Going Loud Studios
Released in 2011

I used to hang around a lot on forums and was particularly active around the time when gamers really began to rise against bad practice surrounding downloadable content (DLC). 855 more words