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2D Game Design Assignment – evaluation

Here is my footage for my final 2D platformer called Rogue Blade:

Good Points:

-The final product shows a working  2D platformer game with additional features such as a health/damage feature and basic combat system all made in Unreal.  1,243 more words

Game Desing

EverEnding DevBlog, November 2017: Return

Well this is probably going to be a short one, since for 20 of the 30 days since the last DevBlog I’ve been busy with writing and for the other 10 I’ve been trying to catch up with all the other stuff I didn’t get done while I was doing all that writing. 505 more words

Problem Machine

Just a Moment with Cuphead (PC)

Cuphead and his pal Mugman, they like to roll his pal Mugman.

Chance they came on his pal Mugman, and boy they paid his pal Mugman.

His pal Mugman!

Game Reviews

H.E.R.O. game in development

Okay, so after a week of writing and designing my 2D-platformer, I had to decide that I really should FIRST create a smaller game. The decision is for learning the process of releasing a game, plus that this doesn’t have to take a couple of years. 491 more words

Game Making

(Vita) Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition review

A fun little time-waster that offers nothing more than a blast of completely forgettable run ‘n’ gunning.

World-building & Story

Blasting Agent features very little in the way of plot – you play as the titular character as you infiltrate a terrorist organisation inside a volcano. 803 more words


EverEnding DevBlog, October 2017: Hiatus

Worked on the game very little over October since I’ve been busy with other stuff – character designs, learning 3d modeling/sculpting, picking Reason back up and trying to get the ball rolling again on music composition, and streaming more. 324 more words

Problem Machine

2D Game Design - Main Character Development

(min 500)

I developed my character by first getting inspired by a few mood boards I made based on robot figure from movies, video games, etc. 918 more words

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