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Pigeons in Cerebro

If you visited Trafalgar Square in the 1990s, what probably struck you first was the name.  It used to be Charing Cross. The area commemorated the 1805 Battle of Trafalgar; and then, in 1845, John Nash redesigned the square and created the monument.  1,301 more words

Play On, Words

(Reprint of article published July 2014).

Dreamer. Head in the clouds. Eyes out the window. Grass is greener. Oh my. Flee fly. Scallywag.   Monkey tree. Oops, I got a little carried away. 1,054 more words

Going Insame

(Reprint of March 2014 article published in 2e series)

Every day I sit in my seat and try to ignore the fact that the pebbled plastic leaves grooves in my legs which will itch like crazy.  452 more words

Why Can't We See Eye to Eye?!

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What Were You Thinking?!

What Makes You Act Like That?!

Ben’s vocabulary and comprehension are quite remarkable for a child his age. This evening he was explaining to me in brief the timeline as it relates to Syria. 843 more words



Inspiration struck this morning as I was making coffee, still in whatever you would imagine I wear to bed, contemplating whether to cook some eggs. As I let my mind wander it bounces over past and future events with little heed for the present. 832 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

Plant reproduction

Wednesday was a tough day with too much tricky behaviour.  Isobel was very good at their autism social group in the evening but as we drove home they were being defiant and loud and was goading Jack in particular. 590 more words


Unschooling begins

The weekend was up and down.  Saturday morning started with Isobel hitting, throwing toys and spitting.  The plan had been to go out to Jess’ school Christmas fair and we’d planned it the day before so Isobel was expecting and looking forward to it. 596 more words