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D&D online campaign - Domains of Dread episode 1

With the release of the current D&D hardback adventure “Curse of Strahd” conversations within our group turned inevitably towards the history of Ravenloft. With it being one of my favourites I was able to supply much information including the fact that there were so many more dark domains than just Barovia, each with its own Darklord, some of which were possibly even worse than Strahd! 412 more words


The Two Year Plan

The last day of term. I mean, it is not, and it is very important to go to school on all the days, if you can. 492 more words


Once in a Blue Moon

Today has been a day of meetings, and talking. Parents evening being one of them. If you have been following this, you will know we are talking with the school about accelerating the older small one. 403 more words


Some Kids Don't Win Awards

I read an article this week. Well, you know, I read a lot of articles, but I read one that I wanted to to talk to the author about.  530 more words


The beauty of children's museums

Kids need constant supervision and interaction for a long period of their childhoods. If you’ve got constant question asking, stimulation needing, psychomotor overdrive kids you need to have a plan to let those animals run free. 699 more words

Gifted Education

Overexcitablity Inferno: leading gifted/2e kids to writing

As a writer, I thought that my children would burst from the womb thinking in haiku, stretching for writing implement, and begging for more time to write.  2,180 more words

Gifted And Talented

Planning to Accelerate

School reports are in. Exam results are known. The next academic year is being planned. And we have spoken to the good people at Potential Plus… 565 more words