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Gifted and Struggling with Relationships? The Virtues are a Good Place to Start

Gifted or not, relationships can be difficult. Much of my research in my masters thesis focused on the impact of relationships on learning and the focus of three years of intense study into curriculum along with interviewing teachers confirmed that yes, relationships are difficult. 439 more words

Social/Emotional Needs

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"Institutions are what they are: places designed to help us conform to the perceived needs of our society. What makes them positive places is the humanity that we bring to them as we navigate the expectations and the diversity. " -- I think I need to learn more about this Virtues Project!

A Week of Stress - Intro

The way it sometimes goes : 

It’s 3am.

You don’t remember exactly when your eyes opened or how long you have been staring at …something. The ceiling fan… 967 more words


Taking Care

Friends came by for an impromptu dinner last night. I was delighted to see them, it had been too long, but I was not fully prepared for company. 483 more words


The Magic of Jimmy Fallon

Although Ben has a wonderful sense of humor, it doesn’t always come naturally. Sarcasm, idioms, plays on words can all be challenging. He is prone to the literal interpretation, and will often feel that people laughing at a joke or something funny around him are actually laughing AT him, which is hurtful and hard to understand. 175 more words


Classes of Nehwon

As mentioned in the Races section, Nehwon is a very multi classed / dual classed environment.  To reflect this, all races are eligible to do both, and experience points can even be applied to the various classes at the player’s discretion. 1,307 more words


Races of Nehwon

Humans are very prevalent.  Many racial traits are exhibited by various regions.

  • Northerners – from the cold wastes, a barbarian region.  +1S,-1W.  Arctic Survival Proficiency.  Ice Mage, Fighter, Barbarian, Druid, Ranger, Cleric, Bard classes.
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Ill Met in Nehwon

This series of articles are for a new Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2e game that I’m running, based on but heavily modified from Fritz Leiber’s world of Nehwon from the Lankhmar series of books. 68 more words