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Saving Throws

Saving Throws in 2e have largely been based off of your class, with a general dump for save vs Magic to catch all other things that don’t apply to anything specific. 839 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

No, all students should not participate in gifted programs

Today I read Dr. Green’s article, “Shouldn’t All Students Be Able to Participate in Gifted Programs?”


Dr. Green has some valid points, that can help highlight problems with the current state of education in our nation, if we can look past some of his more egregious errors. 2,028 more words


Comparing Gifted

Recently I had a conversation with an amazing group of parents trying their best to keep at bay this monster of a job we call Parenting-the-Gifted-and-2e-Child. 983 more words

Namoria and Terah (or How I Failed at Modules Between Editions)

When I was working on a post about Retrocontinuity , I discovered that I could not find a post to which I wanted to link.  It turns out that I never finished or posted that particular post.

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Without Him

Without Him

The world is falling apart
It’s filled with so many
Broken hearts
There’s nothing that can be done
To mend what’s become
Without Him… 101 more words

Creative Writing

A Week of Stress - Intro

The way it sometimes goes : 

It’s 3am.

You don’t remember exactly when your eyes opened or how long you have been staring at …something. The ceiling fan… 967 more words


I just want to disappear... part I

This blog post is part of a series called “His Journey UP” about my twice exceptional son’s journey through the complicated web of diagnosis, misdiagnosis, mental health and finally to understanding. 358 more words

Twice Exceptional