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ADHD or Gifted Overexciteabilities

She finally said it “I don’t think your boy has ADHD”. My first thought was, “You haven’t seen him off medication!” And so we trialed a few days at his gifted enrichment programme without it, and he was “manageable”. 838 more words


Rationing Learning - there CAN be too much of a good thing!

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Escaping through Books

British psychiatrist R. D. Laing wrote somewhere that there are three things human beings are afraid of: death, other people and their own minds.

And so, it was reading the book  419 more words


Brain Under Construction

This is the packaging my 6 year old created for his dad’s father’s day gift. His dad is a particle physicist, so there’s intentionality in this list. 278 more words


Traveling with Intense Children - It Can Be Done!

We have 3 kids, two of whom have significant sensory sensitivities.

We also have family scattered across about 20,000 miles, so we end up traveling. Long distances. 999 more words


The Death of the Author in The Beginner’s Guide

The Beginner’s Guide is a story-game about how people treat stories, and by talking about the game’s story right here, I’m doing what the story says that people do with stories, thus committing the same “mistake” to this story as the story causes the person playing through the story to do to its story. 1,474 more words


A Mile in His Shoes

He tried to hide it, ducking his head quickly as I walked into the room, but I had already seen his face. He was crying, again, and didn’t want me to see. 1,020 more words