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Hands on learning!

Being at Edge Hill has shown me just how much fun you can have in science! I wanted to pass my new found passion onto the children I teach. 379 more words

Displays for Phase 2

I began creating displays to help children with their subject knowledge and to celebrate their work. On my Science display, I used key vocabulary and consistently referred to this during lessons so that children would use it also. 183 more words

Phase 1B - promoting good progress

During my first weeks on placement, I enquired into the backgrounds and abilities of pupils. A discussion with the class teacher informed my understanding of the needs of pupils within the class. 375 more words

Like Father, Like Son - Giftedness across the Generations

This week, I’ve been watching the Bright & Quirky Online Summit, a video conference of all things 2e, anxiety, gifted, ADHD, etc. It’s been great – encouraging & enlightening. 390 more words


"All Boys are Hyper"

I haven’t posted on my blog for quite a while. Part of that is due to being busy with my new baby (who is doing great and is now 7.5 months!) and also due to having something of an identity crisis. 1,186 more words


Chemistry Resources for Curious Kids

For a year now, my seven-year-old has been in love with chemistry. He has other interests and will participate in other activities, but on an average day, he probably spends 2-3 hours in chemistry-related activities, just because he loves it. 970 more words


Asynchrony - Favorite Bloggers and Thinkers

If anything I’ve been writing in a Days 1 or 2 of this series has been striking a chord with you, here are some resources I have found helpful: 174 more words