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Why Reid Day School?

Written by Dr. Michael Postma, September 16, 2016

Reid Day School, located in Newport Beach, California, was specifically developed to address specialized needs of gifted/twice-exceptional students and thereby ‘fill in’ the yawning gap that exists within the pubic school system. 1,574 more words

Twice Exceptional Resources

The 7 Traits That Will Transform Your Life

The best investment you can make is in yourself. Who you are encompasses everything you do. The refinement of your character should be the top priority to actualize your potential. 1,458 more words


K-12 Homeschool and Independent Study Programs Now Available!

Since your twice-exceptional child has started school…

  • Are there meltdowns over homework or is your child bored and unchallenged?
  • Are you fighting to get your child’s needs met at school?
  • 422 more words

Join us! Connect with other parents of twice-exceptional children.

Twice-Exceptional Parent Group

Join us and connect with other parents whose kids are:

  • Passionate about learning/creating/exploring (but not necessarily at school).
  • Underperforming in school but have advanced knowledge in certain areas.
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Program Criticisms: Why You Shouldn't Underestimate Your Humanities Major

In an assembly in grade 9, one guidance counsellor said that finding your career should be as simple as:

your passions + your abilities = your career… 833 more words


Who Needs a *504 Plan Anyway? Part I

*504 Plan described in next section.

In my experience, GREAT teachers do not need a 504 Plan to target appropriate instruction to the different students who land in their classes. 2,759 more words

Grade Skip Approved!

“Well done on seeing the bigger picture” she commented. I had bumped into an ex-teacher aide of my son’s at the supermarket this weekend. She had heard my son was skipping a year and heading to junior high in 2017; and this was her response. 327 more words