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AD&D 2nd Edition Character Sheet

I am planning my annual ‘Gaming in a Cabin in the Woods’ weekend this summer and will be running a AD&D 2E game. I know the art is from Everquest, but to me, Larry Elmore’s art will always scream this time period.

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New Year. New Goals.

I started this blog way back in September or October with big hopes and plans.  And that’s it.  Started it by naming it.  Never wrote another single thing.  182 more words


The Questions I Asked My Assessor

I decided to get formally assessed for autism myself. Having been misdiagnosed in the past, it was very important to me that we get it right. 777 more words

(Cont.) There's something we need to tell you about L...

L was a really early talker and we shared a deep connection where he communicated his needs from being tiny. The content of his talking changed around two years and four months-coinciding with the suggestion of ASC. 737 more words

Learning to Read to Learn to Speak?

I have this theory that learning to read will prompt Lady Bug to put more words together on her own, or at least give her more scripts to use. 609 more words

There's something we need to tell you about L...

There’s a lot to say about L. There has been lots of talk for the past two years; I’ve said things, health professionals have said things, friends have said things, educators have said things, and family have said things. 608 more words

They say lightning doesn't strike twice... What does it mean to be 2e?

Twice exceptional, or “2e,” children are intellectually gifted (sometimes referred to as Higher Learning Potential) and also have learning differences or disabilities. Being gifted is a exception to the norm as is having a disability – so together and coexisting this is known as being twice exceptional. 200 more words