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Is it Friday Again?

Skills Program Day 42 : Ben had a good day at school. His attitude remains really positive and he is enjoying his science section on animals. 154 more words


The Mystery of the Un-Eaten Lunch

Skills program Day 41- Ben had a good day. Mom, not so much. 


Needing sleep, constant worry, pressure to learn and adapt to new things… this is life right now. 745 more words


Needing Sleep

Skills Program Day 40 – Progress update #1 – I wish that I could say that I felt that Ben’s progress update truly reflected how much he has advanced. 453 more words


"Feeding the Pan"

Skills Program Day 39: A good day at school without any events. Ben informs me in the car that he split a chic fil a  sandwich with R. 451 more words


Monday--- Madness and Miracles

Skills program day 38. At the Center the kids earn rewards for good effort and attitude. The maximum one can earn per session is 6. Today Ben earned 5. 333 more words


Sunday Randoms

Ben-isms circa 2010 – 4 years old 

Took Benji swimming. Said to him: do you have your floaties on? Your floaties help hold you up in the water. 194 more words


On 'Being Extra - Ordinary'

Skills Program Day 36 – Exercises are a bit like pulling teeth now. I need a new shtick. 

I awoke today to discover that there is no toilet paper. 458 more words