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Car Repairs: My Own Private Hell

We’re the new kids on the block in this metaphorical special needs neighborhood.  I’m getting to experience things that veteran SN parents already know how to handle or endure.  742 more words


Build on Strengths: Teaching the Twice-Exceptional (2e) Child

“Knowing that a person builds a happy and successful life not on remediated weaknesses but on developed strengths, I have learned to place those strengths at the top of what matters.” 580 more words

Alternative Education

A is for Aarokocra

And that, is an Aarokocra.

No I’m not doing some silly alphabet book or even planning on posting about random monsters. Although that would certainly alleviate some of the lack of activity going on here. 736 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

Going for Acceleration

Reading one of the final chapters in the book ‘The Spark’ was what finally cemented what we need to advocate for next.

In this book, the mother of a profoundly gifted boy was made to wait in a room – purposely emptied – while her son was being assessed. 513 more words


5e: Re-Entry

There appears to have been a lot of opprobrium  levelled at Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition (4e) by a number of people, though there have also been some who have stood by it. 554 more words


Kindergarten Curriculum complaints

I’m about to get up on my soapbox and do a little venting.  Sorry in advance!

I blogged about my health issues earlier and about how much of a challenge it is trying to keep up with a 2e kid when you’re not as mentally alert as you should be (read: on suicide watch, as another blogger put it!) 534 more words


Oh. My. God

When Jamie was smaller, he rejected God. Because, God is not logical. There was something sweet and comforting about his idea that, when we die, we are simply finished, and thus, no more. 613 more words