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How an Umbrella Helped Me Become a Better Teacher

How an Umbrella Helped Me Become a Better Teacher… and Other Tips on Homeschooling a Gifted/2e Child Parent perspectives by Nikki C.

Like many homeschooling parents of gifted kids, I was a reluctant, last-resort homeschooling mom. 1,605 more words

Parent Perspectives

Medication Holiday Success!

My son asked me if he had to have his ADHD medication in the school holidays. He told me he was happier when he wasn’t taking it. 407 more words


Two Out of Three

Tonight SHOULD have been our son’s leaving ceremony from primary school to junior high. However, as he is currently year 5, he doesn’t get to attend. 341 more words


Charter School for Out-of-the-Box Learners

We are in the beginning stages of forming a public charter school and need your input. Read on to see if this sounds like the school you’ve been looking for, and then please fill out the interest form below. 242 more words

Alternative Education

Squirrel Brain

My name is Midge, and I got a bad case of the ADHD.

This is a blog for my people, and the poor folks we’ve suckered into putting up with our shenanigans. 1,104 more words

Why Reid Day School?

Written by Dr. Michael Postma, September 16, 2016

Reid Day School, located in Newport Beach, California, was specifically developed to address specialized needs of gifted/twice-exceptional students and thereby ‘fill in’ the yawning gap that exists within the pubic school system. 1,574 more words

Twice Exceptional Resources

The 7 Traits That Will Transform Your Life

The best investment you can make is in yourself. Who you are encompasses everything you do. The refinement of your character should be the top priority to actualize your potential. 1,458 more words