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Two Factor Authentication with GitHub and Visual Studio 2013

New job, new tools, new processes. In my new job we’re using GitHub for source control, and because the data is sensitive we’re also using two factor authentication. 363 more words

Software Development

Apple ditches Recovery Key in new 2FA process for El Capitan and iOS 9

I applaud Apple for continuing to refine the process for verifying identity with their devices and managed accounts.  Identity and Access Management is an ever evolving discipline and should be taken seriously by everyone.  29 more words

Security News

Apple ditches Recovery Key in new 2FA process for El Capitan and iOS 9

Ever since Apple turned on two-step verification (2SV) in 2013, Naked Security has been advising Apple ID users to write down the generated 14-character emergency Recovery Key and then tuck it away where it’s safe and sound. 882 more words


Lions, Tigers, and Data Breaches...Oh my!

Everywhere we turn these days there seems to be news about another data breach. It’s easy to become desensitized with the bombardment of of the next store, bank, health provider, school, etc. 487 more words

Information Security

Solus Launches ‘Selfie’ Biometric 2-Factor Authentication

Need a viable two-factor biometric authentication system? Try removing the pricey hardware, improving accuracy, and reducing the cost of maintaining support/user access.

Solus, a biometrics security solutions specialist based in Europe and Asia, has launched its 2 factor authentication (2FA) which uses a simple selfie to login to any apps and web services. 301 more words


Stolen logins for US government agencies found all over the web

CIA and Google Ventures-backed private company Recorded Future says stolen government login credentials have been spotted all over the web, leading to the possible exposure of logins for 47 US government agencies spread across 89 unique domains. 567 more words


Multifactor Authentication and Account Security

One thing I get asked quite often by people who aren’t computer savvy like I am, is how to better secure their accounts online. (That is, when people pay attention to it.) This is an interesting topic to me, as account access is one of the first lines of defense that can be (usually easily) breached. 652 more words