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Two-Factor Authentication: Is it worth the hassle?

Passwords are no longer enough. That’s what we keep hearing. Bad people are constantly battering at the door of my digital life looking for a way in, and I need more layers of defence, even if I avoid… 980 more words


got leaked?

are you really sure that your account is/was not compromised – hasso plattner institute analysed over 5 billion leaked user accounts – your able to… 117 more words


Facebook accused of spamming 2FA phone numbers

Facebook is being accused of spamming people via the phone numbers they used to turn on two-factor authentication (2FA) and posting their “PLEASE STOP!!” replies to their walls. 619 more words


Lauren Weinstein: How to “Bribe” Our Way to Better Account Security

Lauren Weinstein: How to “Bribe” Our Way to Better Account Security. “It’s time to face the facts. Trying to ‘scare’ users into adopting 2sv has been an utter failure. 25 more words


Reddit users, beware its evil twin

Unbeknownst to Reddit users, the site that likes to call itself the “front page of the internet” has acquired an unwanted evil twin they’d do well to avoid. 514 more words


Vendors, I'm coming to get you.

If you are a software or solutions provider and you fail any of the following conditions, we are not doing business. I’ve seen enough.

  1. Your public website, or worse – the web server used for your application – gets an F on securityheaders.io…
  2. 237 more words

Safer Internet Day: 3 things your social networks can do for you

It’s Safer Internet Day 2018, which is a double-sided challenge.

Part of building a safer internet is how we use it.

If we forward inappropriate or risky links; if we display, or even tolerate, unacceptable behaviour ourselves; if we do things that put… 921 more words