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Phishing Alert -- What is Phishing and how can I avoid it?

Buenos días Jammers!

Thanks to the eagle-eyed Guido P. on Facebook, BTCjam was alerted to a phishing attack.  Now we can warn you about Phishing and how to avoid it.   197 more words


Facebook publishes new security settings guide

Now that it’s made its privacy settings drop-dead simple, Facebook’s turned to the cobwebby murk of its security tools to do some spring cleaning.

On Friday, it uncorked 11 new visual and interactive guides on the tools it offers for users to keep their information secure, the steps the company itself takes to keep users’ info secure, and the ways users can recognize and fend off attempts to get at their data. 523 more words


Twitch resets passwords, says user details may have been stolen

Users of the popular live streaming service Twitch were yesterday told that all their stream keys and passwords have been voided after the San Francisco-based startup noted “unauthorized access to some Twitch user account information”. 389 more words


How To Activate Two Factor Authentication on BTCJam and Gmail

With phishing attacks (fake emails) on the rise and keyloggers (programs that record everything you type) spreading like wildfire, it’s more and more clear that a… 556 more words


Hackers force closure of Canadian Bitcoin exchange Cavirtex

Canadian Bitcoin exchange Cavirtex has announced its imminent closure following an apparent security breach.

The exchange, believed to be Canada’s biggest, has already ceased taking new deposits and will halt withdrawals from 25 March. 485 more words


Twitter's new tool should stop password sharing and help fend off hijackings

There are many ways to have your Twitter account hijacked: clicking on phishy links; using feeble passwords instead of unique, hefty brutes; or practicing poor password etiquette by, for example, … 355 more words


Apple's "two-step" security now protects iMessage and FaceTime, too

Apple has quietly extended its two-step verification feature to more of its ecosystem.

If you have the “Apple two-step” turned on, then the iMessage and… 961 more words