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Apple Store app 2FA

Slash Gear tells us that Apple Store app gets 2-step verification, Touch ID security. J.C. Torres tells us that the updated iOS app:

…will also now require additional authentication when viewing order history or making reservations at retail stores. 25 more words

David Harley

Nightcap - May 18

Product development and tools are discussed in The Nightcap – Radar


CSG Spring 2015 - Security 3.0: Multifactor authentication

Passwords are dead: Richard Biever, Duke

What got us here?: Breaches, breaches, breaches; account & password sharing; tension between strong password policies and user acceptance; time it takes to crack a password. 194 more words

Two-Factor Authentication on 11 Top Online Services. Let's Know..

The “Heartbleed” bug, an file encryption flaw that may expose passwords saved on about two-thirds of Internet servers, has provided the net-surfing world reason to be concerned and lots of password changes… 354 more words

2 Factor Authentication

Mac-address filtering on SSL VPN

Beberapa waktu lalu gua ada conduct training FortiGate Basic di salah satu partner, judul nya sih basic, tapi pada sesi tanya jawab pertanyaannya aneh-aneh. 149 more words


How to use Authy (Two Factor Authentication) with BTCjam

With phishing attacks (fake emails) on the rise and keyloggers (programs that record everything you type) spreading like wildfire, it’s clear that a strong password is not enough… 469 more words


Losing tokens : 2 factor authentication recovery

My phone broke. I lost access to Google Authenticate and the second half of my two factor authentication.

It was a great opportunity to look at how each of the main services deal with recovery. 695 more words