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Using GitHub Two Factor Authentication (2FA) with TeamCity

If you have two factor authentication (2FA) set up in GitHub and you also want to use TeamCity, the easiest way to set this up is to set up SSH keys to access the GitHub repository. 192 more words

Software Development

Protect Your Identity

The need to protect your information and control access to intellectual property is more important than ever. They are business realities that CyberSafeID can help with.  Read more.

Large-scale cyber attack on Apple

Apple’s App Store has become the target of a large-scale cyber attack for the first time. The company has stated that the malicious programs found on a number of applications have been removed from the App Store.  Read more.

iTunes 12.3 brings support for two-factor authentication

Ever since a the celebrity nude photo scandal of 2014, in which many stars had their personal photos stolen out of their iCloud accounts, Apple’s been keen to beef up its security. 425 more words


Social Media Privacy Settings: LinkedIn is "Opening the Kimono" on YOU

Social media is a fantastic but potentially dangerous thing. Privacy policies, settings, menus, and more change. How can you possibly keep up with it? The truth is, no sugar coating, it’s tough. 1,116 more words

Internet Security

5 security tips for businesses (and everyone else!)

Do you keep databases with information about other people?

Do you allow teleworkers, road warriors, suppliers, contractors and so on to connect in remotely?

Do you accept payments, for example from credit cards or NFC devices? 945 more words


10 steps to staying secure on public Wi-Fi

The convenience of Wi-Fi for most people is invaluable. Whether it is at home, in the workplace or out and about – even on holiday… 843 more words