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Fr. Sam Buice - Sammy got a gun

Today I had a pastoral call to make in Gainesville.  So, last night I googled “gun shops” and found one close to where I was going.  398 more words


As Media Sees Gun Ownership Down, States Report CCWs Up

Using data from a mid-June CBS News opinion poll, the Washington Post reported that gun ownership in the United States is on the decline, with only 36 percent of respondents reporting that they live in households where guns are present.

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2nd Amendment

Massachusetts Attorney General Rewrites The Law To Ban More Guns

Last Wednesday, Healey issued a so-called “enforcement notice” to firearm dealers in the Bay State in which she unilaterally announced that, effective immediately, sales of semi-automatic rifles that were perfectly…

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Clinton delegate on how to ban all guns: Just say ‘sh*t’ about keeping children safe

When asked how she felt Democrats could ban guns in America, the alternative Clinton delegate told Project Veritas, “It’s hard because the country is split. And all the big money is with the NRA.”

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Words Of Wisdom - Californians... Stock Up! Store Up! and Network! (Non-Online Networking)

It’s the reality folks! Paranoid/Schizophrenic people have actually been right about some shit to worry about (Aside from a few of them mentally unstable enough to throw literal shit at you!). 2,072 more words


All You Need To Know About Germany's "Most Stringent" Gun Ownership Laws

Source: Zero Hedge

An 18-year-old German-Iranian believed to have acted alone killed nine people in a shooting spree with a pistol at a busy shopping center in Munich on Friday evening. 485 more words

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