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Condi Rice: it’s time to discuss what 2nd Amendment ‘means in the modern world’ – The Washington Times

The Watch Dog response: Common sense will take care a lot of things if we would just use them. It is clear what the 2nd Amendment states but some try to twist it to push their agenda. 85 more words

2nd Amendment

Push Back: Support the NRA

I will be the first to admit that I have had my differences with the NRA in the past, but it would be hard to deny that they have been instrumental in defending our rights. 326 more words


I was fortunate. I grew up in the era of newspapers – which means I read the comic page – which means I read Pogo, the classic satirical works of Walt Kelly.

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Good Government

Gun Talk---COEXIST

This morning I wrote my representatives in Congress*, remembering the words of a strident conservative who came to my book talk looking to bristle with me over guns.  427 more words


Gun Control History MUST SEE (Video)

Don’t let this happen in the USA. WE have a Constitutional right to bear arms. The 2nd amendment.

Gun Control History MUST SEE


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