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Will Trump Impose Backdoor Gun Control?

Urge President Trump to Rein in the ATF!

1. Click on the Take Action button to urge President Donald Trump to prevent the ATF from using the Las Vegas shooting to impose new gun control restrictions. 499 more words

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It depends...

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A Reminder For Young Black Americans Who WANT A Race War

Control the moron population. Spay & neuter your Liberals.

2nd Amendment

Gun Control Lies and the Truths of Tragedy

A couple of weeks ago, a tragic shooting occurred in Las Vegas, Nevada, that shook the entire nation. At least 58 people were killed and over 500 were injured, making it the deadliest mass shooting in… 1,648 more words


Rebecca Colaw Supports Background Checks. Her opponent didn't say.

At a forum in Smithfield, Virginia, the candidates for Virginia’s 64th House of Delegates district were asked about their position on background checks. The Republican candidate Emily Brewer said that she supports the Second Amendment. 245 more words

2nd Amendment

No, You’re wrong about Second Amendment rights I'm not

Mr. Gene Yoon wrote in medium.com that “You’re wrong about Second Amendment rights” in it, among other things he said, “The problem is that the disparity of destructive power between the weaponry of the government and the weaponry that people can own has become too great. 451 more words

On a Defense of Thoughts and Prayers

The argument against thoughts and prayers is becoming so prevalent today that I propose it be designated as its own logical fallacy. To perhaps better illustrate this fallacy, we can translate it to a logical equivalent by using the rules of implication within propositional logic. 514 more words