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Hearing On McAuliffe's Concealed Carry Ban In State Government Buildings To Be Held Wednesday

Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe should be given credit for signing a pretty solid concealed carry reciprocity agreement in February. It reversed the executive actions of Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring that would’ve curtailed gun rights in the state.

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Study: Gun ownership rises, 44% of all homes now have a firearm

According to a new survey conducted by Pew Research Center, 44 percent of the country — almost half — has at least one gun in their home.

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Wealthy Elitists Buying Another Gun Control Election, This Time In Maine

According to the Washington Times:

Campaign finance records show that Maine Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense, which is affiliated with the billionaire former New York mayor’s group, donated about $433,000 to the gun ownership organization when it dissolved this year.”

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Judge strikes some of Cleveland's new gun control laws

In a mixed ruling, a county court this week axed several of the city’s expansive gun ordinances adopted last year while upholding others.

Source: Judge strikes some of Cleveland’s new gun control laws

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Pelosi says Clinton will shape Supreme Court, immigration, gun control

“We know what is on the line in what truly is the most important election of our lifetime: for the future of the Supreme Court, for the fate of a planet imperiled by climate change, for the sake of immigration reform, for the promise of an America that rewards hard work instead of those who exploit America’s workers, for women’s reproductive rights, equal rights, civil rights, and to do what is right for our service members, veterans and military families who have given so much for our country,” said Pelosi.

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Let's Stop Worrying About The 2nd Amendment And Start Worrying About Ending Gun Violence.

I’m not sure whether it’s Donald Trump or Wayne LaPierre who is more convinced that Hillary is an enemy of the 2nd Amendment, but I get emails from both of them on a daily basis asking for money to keep her from moving into the Oval Office at High Noon on January 20, 2017. 614 more words


Spadea: I want gun rights for NJ, too. Here's how we actually get it done

This week Gov. Chris Christie smartly vetoed new legislation from the Democrats in Trenton that would have potentially made the process of gun ownership and applying for a carry permit even more difficult that it already is for legal applicants.

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