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OBAMA killed the pipeline, seized the Internet & cut off your ammo in just ONE WEEK!


Obama vetoes Keystone XL bill

President Obama on Tuesday vetoed legislation authorizing construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, rebuffing the new Republican-led Congress amid a furious battle over Homeland Security funding. 307 more words


The Frog In The Pot...

It is said that if you toss a frog into a pot of boiling water it will jump out, but if you place the frog in warm water and slowly turn up the heat that it will allow itself to be boiled to death. 678 more words

The War On Preppers: Obama Bans Ammo For The Most Popular Rifle In America

Source: End of The American Dream, by Michael Snyder

Because he can’t get Congress to approve the things that he wants to do, Barack Obama has apparently decided to rule by decree for the rest of his time in the White House.  542 more words

2nd Amendment

Lawyers for Lawlessness, Doctors for Death

Lawyers for Lawlessness, Doctors for Death.

Among the ways the “professionals” recommend “to reduce firearm-related injuries and death:

  • Support criminal background checks for all firearm purchases, including sales by gun dealers, sales at gun shows, and private sales from one person to another;

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2nd Amendment

California Cartridge-Microstamp Law Upheld

(Bloomberg) — California’s ban on new semiautomatic handguns that don’t stamp identifying information on the cartridge was upheld by a U.S. judge in a major loss for gun-rights groups. 568 more words

Anti-gun Asshattery

DIY: No Soliciting Sign

After moving into our freshly built home we had about 10 different sales men/women, obnoxiously banging on our door and repetitively ringing our door bell, a day. 244 more words