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The Three Percent Explained, Part 1

I’m borrowing this article from Mike Vanderboegh ‘s blog “Sipsey Street Irregulars“. I’ll be breaking it into two parts because the original is pretty long to try to take in all at once. 989 more words

Molon Labe

Harvey Lembo Bill Becomes Law

Lembo, 67, is disabled and relies on a motorized wheelchair to get around. His disability, coupled with the array of prescription drugs he needs to get through the day, has resulted in him being robbed six times in six years.

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Naked Ambition

In an early May attack on Sanders, Clinton manufactured a statistic to lure voters into believing that most of New York’s crime guns come from Vermont.

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[FREE BOOK] Our Second Amendment Rights in Ten Essays

“With the Second Amendment taking pride of place in this year’s election, I’ve consolidated these well-honed arguments into ten easy-to-read essays and published them in a very short (63 page) ebook, Our Second Amendment Rights In Ten Essays. 25 more words

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Pro-gun Democrats silenced as party veers left on Second Amendment - Washington Times

Gun rights backers lament what they describe as a leftward drift on Second Amendment rights by Democrats in recent years, and predicted the push for stricter laws in blue state bastions such as Califo… 13 more words

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Federal Judge Strikes Down 'Good Reason' Provision Of DC Concealed Carry Law As Likely Unconstitutional

By Matt Vespa
May 17, 2016

The fight over Second Amendment rights in the nation’s capital has entered a new phase. A federal judge has  613 more words