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New Jersey Gun Laws and the Latest Mass Shooting in Trenton

On my way to Galilee Baptist Church in Trenton.

Devastated by last night’s shooting at Art All Night Trenton. We must eradicate the scourge of gun violence from our communities.

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Americans Will Not Give Up Their Guns

We will not submit, not now, not ever. Despite the major push from the Alphabet media, high school kids, and the uniformed, we as citizens will not give up that freedom. 307 more words


Red Flag Laws

Giving the power to psychologist (some of whom are politically affiliated) and the Government to take away the ultimate form of self-defense… sounds like a good idea, when it comes to MAYBE, Potentially, HOPEFULLY, having some kind of impact on the small number of mass shootings nation wide.  698 more words


Democrats aren't coming for your guns.

Guns and gun crime are the new climate change: those who know nothing about the subject are suddenly “experts.”

I call this faux expertise Albert Gore-itis, and I discuss it at length in my upcoming book, …

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1st Amendment

"Shall Not Be Infringed" is shorthand for "I don't understand history or law"

During the course of discussing gun laws, someone will invariably pipe in: “What part of ‘shall not be infringed’ do you not understand?” The implication being that the Second Amendment is an absolute right and the founders meant that  by the wording they chose in the amendment itself, and the further implication being that the Second Amendment is still held as an absolute right today. 355 more words