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Trump May Believe That The 2nd Amendment Protects Gun Ownership, But He Happens To Be Wrong.

It only took about two minutes Wednesday night for the Hillary Clinton – Adolph Trump debate to get to the question of guns. And it was Adolph who raised the issue when he said he would appoint Supreme Court justices who would uphold the 2nd Amendment because it was ‘under siege.’  So Wallace then flipped he question to HRC and asked her to explain her comment that the 2008 Heller decision was ‘wrong,’ to which our candidate gave a fairly sensible and cogent response: 606 more words


Final Presidential Debate Accentuates Candidates' Divide on Abortion Rights

The candidates take neoliberal positions on most issues, but their positions on Roe v. Wade show what’s at stake for women’s rights, says attorney Kamau Franklin. Watch Now

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Clinton’s Five Point Plan to Destroy the Second Amendment

#1 Comprehensive Background Checks 

What, exactly, is meant by “comprehensive background checks?”  Currently, any person who buys a firearm from a licensed firearms dealer, in every state and at any location, must undergo an FBI background check, in addition to various state laws.

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The NRA: America's Most Dangerous Terrorist Organization

Everyone is so worried about terroristic threats coming into our country that we seem to be living in a constant state of fear and paranoia. You can’t turn anywhere without hearing the words radical or terrorist, but we need to look somewhere closer to home if we truly want to address the greatest threat facing the people in this nation. 790 more words

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