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Threat Adaptation & Guns

Before I delve into my post I want to give some of  my own background. I started my professional career in the US Marine Security Forces providing armed physical security for a critical national asset.  955 more words

Guns, Games, and Videos- A Marine Sniper on Violence and Killing

“I left the sky in the middle of the night
I hit the deck and I’m ready to fight.
Colt .45 and Kabar by my side… 1,865 more words

School Shootings: There Something Deeply Wrong in this Country, Part 1

We are facing something unprecedented in America, premeditated mass murders plotted out by teenagers against other teenagers and teachers. Their goals seem to be attention, fame and ultimately suicide.  1,037 more words


Gun News. ...

Nick Hanauer hates big money but just donated $1 million to anti-gun initiative

Yet again, despite decrying the evils of big money, progressive activist and venture capitalist Nick Hanauer is trying to buy an election. 309 more words

1st Amendment

Oppose the Nomination of Mark Bennett!

Contact Your Senators to Oppose Bennett!

Repeatedly, President Donald Trump has criticized San Francisco’s leftist Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for assuming the role of “super-legislature” and blocking his agenda. 260 more words

1st Amendment

Santa Fe High School

Yet another mass shooting. More precisely, another mass murder. This time in Santa Fe, Texas, at Santa Fe High School. You’ve no doubt seen or read about the carnage: ten people (eight students, two staff) who were alive at 7:30 a.m. 816 more words

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What Is Wrong With Today’s Youth?

So, here we are again, son. Another day, another violent act in an American school. Look, when a school shooting occurs, the conversation almost immediately turns to guns. 479 more words

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