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Healthy Weight Gain Throughout Pregnancy

One of my other biggest questions and concerns before we met with a doctor was how much weight I should be putting on and when that should happen. 1,152 more words

1st Trimester

18 Weeks with #3

So, I’m just using the same questionnaire I used for Ellis.  Sorry, Asher, that I didn’t do this with you.  Middle-child problems. 

Due Date:  October 15th… 405 more words

2nd Trimester

Hormones, Hormones, Hormones!

One of those weird, emotional roller-coaster types of days today. I woke up in a great mood. Got to the gym, worried throughout my whole work-out that I was working too hard and going to hurt the tiny little life beginning to grow inside of me, but managed to get a great workout in. 800 more words

1st Trimester

Week 22 - old lady Davie

It has begun. I’ve started to properly slow down! For someone like me who loves to walk quickly, scooting around the slow movers on the pavement, I can no longer do this without becoming seriously out of breath! 341 more words


Foods: Safe and Unsafe

Foods to Avoid

  1. Fish high in mercury
    1. Shark
    2. Swordfish
    3. King Mackerel
    4. Tilefish
    5. This also includes any fish caught in local water due to risk of other pollution…
  2. 241 more words
1st Trimester

2nd trimester -weeks 13-20 (Halfway!)

Well I have made it to the 2nd trimester. This is when things are supposed to get better so I hope they do. I decided to do weeks 13-20 seeing as 20 weeks marks halfway. 976 more words


Week 21 - when your body rebels

I’m about halfway through my second trimester and it’s really started to hit home that perhaps this body is not entirely mine. It has a life of its own! 415 more words