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奶奶 saw you moved!

Yst as we were on the sofa talking, 奶奶 saw you moved! Haha! Did you feel her stroke you??

2nd Trimester

24W+2: Gulcose Tolerance Testing

GTT in short today! Mami’s first time doing coz it wasn’t mandatory back during BabyH’s time.

Was almost caught in a very bad jam on KPE, but we managed to detour and save ourselves some time. 469 more words

2nd Trimester

First Movie~!

MiniH caught her first movie yst!

We left BabyH at Ah Ma’s place then went to watch Avengers: Infinity War. Papi been dying to watch since released on 27 April but we just couldn’t find the time. 31 more words

2nd Trimester

Haiku Friday: Ouch!

Round ligament pain:

Don’t remember this last time?

Hurts like a mofo.


The Halfway Mark

We’re halfway there!

Victory dance! This week I hit my 20 week mark, the official “halfway point”, according to all my pregnancy apps. It’s a bit surreal to see all these things starting to form both in my body and in the real world (like my house!). 1,049 more words


Pregnancy Dreams are the WEIRDEST

It’s pretty well known that pregnancy dreams are a bit… Unusual.

Even compared to “normal” unusual dreams.

For instance, when I was pregnant with Alana, I dreamt I gave birth to a litter of kittens. 89 more words


Tummy Movements Spotted!

@ 23+1!!

We were watching TV on the sofa and you were so actively moving about. Even Papi saw your wriggles and jiggles!

Moving every night from 9+ till 10+ 11pm!

2nd Trimester