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17 weeks and the nerves are kicking in again!

17+2 weeks now!!! Yay!! Only 2 weeks till my 20 week scan and I’m starting to worry that something will be wrong. I really wish all this worry didn’t happen after a miscarriage but it does and it’s hard to just get on and be positive! 186 more words

What a wreck!!

So hello to you! It’s been a couple of weeks between thoughts…. what a time to be alive though, especially living beside me. I didn’t experience crazy emotion like this when i was pregnant with Billy until about the last couple of weeks of carrying him (where i went psychotic at dear husband for not mowing the grass. 529 more words

2nd Trimester

Finding Physical Stability in Pregnancy

When I’m not paying careful attention, I walk a bit like a duck.  Thanks to my father, hip opening poses have always been accessible to me.   936 more words


Indents of life

In this week’s one-way discussion forum (that being – me ranting at you), I’d like to raise the topic of indents.

As is part of being a baby carrier indentation is a common thing. 791 more words

2nd Trimester

17 weeks with Twins 

Let’s just face the fact that I can’t take a picture mid week of my bump. My posts will most likely continue to be over the weekend, thus 17 weeks and 2 days. 967 more words

2nd Trimester

Tick Tock

Something about being a mom gives you an internal clock.  I’m not talking about the kind that means you are done being able to be a mom, but the kind that tells you when it’s been too long since you have seen your baby(s).   441 more words

Scad Mom

Scan continuation

We went back the following week for the scan with Dr B. As usual it took some time before the nurse called us. The doc was attending to another case and so the nurse scanned me first. 415 more words