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Scaaaan and more...

So since my last post I have become a year older (it was my birthday, I’m now 27), I’ve had my first scan and I have made my first baby purchase. 1,890 more words

25 Weeks: Post Partum Recovery Prep

So lately I have been CRAVING anything cold and fruity. Popcicles, fruit smoothies, shaved ice with flavoring… YUM! I feel cheated since I haven’t really had any good cravings during my pregnancy. 684 more words

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23 Weeks: The Reality of Being the First Parents

Not much has changed since last week except for the fact that I’m one week further along. My husband and I had our first night in over a week alone last night and we got to talking about how things will change once this baby gets here. 348 more words

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22 Weeks: Pregnancy Brain is REAL

We’ve had some time now to process the fact that we will be welcoming a little GIRL into our family in 18 weeks and we are starting to get ready to move into our new house in 4 weeks! 286 more words

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18 Weeks: Rib Pain Relief

18 weeks! I am so excited to find out the gender of my baby in two short weeks!! My husband and I are both hoping for a girl but would be thrilled with either :) I love pink and I love dressing up and all things girl (although, most people wouldn’t think that since I am also really into fitness and am always found wearing workout attire). 408 more words

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17 Weeks: 2nd Trimester Exercise

As pregnancy progresses, different exercise are better than ones used in the beginning. When you’re pregnant your center of gravity shifts, you’re heavier and your muscles are more relaxed and prone to injury. 122 more words

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"1st Trimester Survival Kit"

Dear Faith Rocker,

It was a warm autumn day and I’d spent most of it in bed, quite fatigued. Drained for no apparent reason, I painstakingly peeled myself out from under the covers in preparation for a fancy girls night out. 888 more words