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22/23 weeks-Bring on the hormonal emotions!

I’ve cried a few times this week. The first time was Wednesday when I dropped my Starbucks ceramic mug in the elevator and it shattered everywhere. 546 more words


Solitude is home

I wonder what she would be like if she were here.  Sometimes I have dreams of her being alive – I wish I would start writing them down so I could visit them like memories.  784 more words

My Story


In college, I took a religious philosophy class I really enjoyed.  I asked and answered questions often and, one day as I was leaving the class, I said goodbye to the professor.   559 more words


bumpdate: 27 weeks!

This is the last week of my second trimester. WHOA. I have loved this part of my pregnancy so much! I’ve worried less about things, I began to feel her moving, my bump became a real bump, we found out she’s a she, the nursery has furniture in it, and (my favorite part) I stopped have consistent morning sickness. 685 more words

Motherhood & Maternity

Baby D's First Kicks

I will never forget hearing my baby’s heartbeat for the first time, I burst into tears just as his little image came up on screen at my 12 week scan and they turned on the sound so I could hear it. 506 more words


The Cake Edit

OK so i’m currently 25 weeks in and i’ve finally got the hang of this blog thing. Well i say that i’ve already accidentally deleted 2 posts & had to write them again. 453 more words

20 weeks!!  Half way there!!

Again I find myself not updating. Not that there hasn’t been things to discuss. It’s funny how you think you will have more time when you are on vacation, but then you don’t update. 639 more words