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Dry, dry, dry!

I have spent the ENTIRE evening shuffling about on my sofa, changing positions every 2 minutes because I CANNOT get comfortable. I feel like I’ve suddenly expanded and my skin is too tight for my body or something. 83 more words


Well punch me in the vagina!!!

Dear diary, long time between chats but I have made a silent vow that if I am in no mood to type semi-positive or interesting shit, i will not post. 904 more words

2nd Trimester

18 weeks in - trying to prepare

It has recently occurred to me that my pregnancy is almost halfway through. Halfway! When the hell did that happen?! This thought also happens to be a great motivational tool to get ourselves organised and attempt to prepare for the little one’s arrival. 254 more words


Baby Bump Ootd; The comfy blouse

So last thursday i went for the Doctor’s appointment and i wore this comfy blouse and black pants with black sandals. This was such a comfy maternity look to rock,the blouse was not tight and my bump could play freely. 13 more words

First Time Mom

Baby #3 26 Weeks

Dear little babe,

Another uneventful week. You continue to grow and become more active each day. Lots of dancing going on in there. Breathing continues to be an annoyance where I frequently catch myself out of breath just sitting and often have to lean back and arch my back to be comfortable. 513 more words

Pregnancy Updates

Week 16 - getting used to pregnancy logistics

I’m just over 16 weeks, and I was hoping that I would have hit my pregnancy stride by now. As far as slowly expanding goes, I have that absolutely nailed. 315 more words


Second Trimester: Pros and Cons

The second trimester… Definitely was easier in the regard, that I could mostly eat again. Not so easy in other areas, let’s walk through some. 544 more words