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The reason why I DONT like BlackPink

Well, how can I start this off gently without getting hate because of my opinion. Oh wait, its gonna happen anyway.

Well for starters I am and will always for ever be a 2ne1 fan (Blackjack for life), and when they debuted the first thing I said was “wow YG out of new ideas.” … 262 more words


2NE1 Dara - It Hurts - MV - (GIFS [7] + VIDEOS [1])

So I was perusing 2NE1‘s back catalog and re-watched their MV It Hurts.

What kind of sorcery is this?  I’ve been bewitched (all over again). 136 more words


K-Pop Nostalgia - 2NE1's "Can't Nobody"

It’s a time where I’m supposed to be asleep but in usual suho_ftw fashion: I’m wide awake. I’ve been feeling particularly nostalgic for 2NE1’s old stuff. 95 more words

Top 3 K-Pop Tracks of 2012

As the title states, this is my list of the top three K-Pop singles released in 2012.

Number 3. SPICA(스피카) – LONELY.

Number 2. 4MINUTE – Volume Up.

Number 1. 2NE1 – I Love You.


Youtube Kpop Music Videos Views – June 2017

Top 150 most viewed Kpop music videos all-time. Updated June 1, 2017. Only including Korean released.

Song that reach 200,000,000 views this month: