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Round 3

Well Thanksgiving has came and went. AC and I rotate which family we spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with each year. This year Thanksgiving was with AC’s family so that Wednesday night we drove to their house and stayed through Sunday. 441 more words

Get to know me tag.

I thought I would do a get to know me tag as a way to 1. get to know me and 2. pass the time during this 2ww… 344 more words

The dreaded 2ww...

So I am in that awful 2ww between ovulation and aunt flow showing up. I am trying so hard this cycle not to symptom spot but am failing quite miserably at it! 283 more words

Show me the numbers!

My blood test was this morning and I went in feeling good after yesterday’s positive home test and all your wonderful comments to me over the past 24 hours. 56 more words


Hellooo potatoes!

Potatoes. Probably not your usual early pregnancy symptom for most people, but for me yesterday’s sudden and intense desire for potatoes was a very welcome sign! 208 more words


Trying to trick my mind.

I feel like I need to blog about something else to just get my mind off this cycle.

The problem is, everything in my life now revolves around IVF. 687 more words


The Phantom of the Uterus

….. is there.

Inside my mind!

One for the fans of show tunes there!

The Phantom of the Uterus is in full session right now at 6dp5dt. 510 more words