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6dp5dt afternoon 

Crazy sudden bloating. Hurts. Feels like I ate a balloon and now it’s inflating in my tummy. Can’t even finish my lunch.

Is the bloating and tummy pains from the decaf coffee that I drank 4 hours ago? 76 more words


6dp5dt mind games

So it’s started. 6dp5dt and I’m starting to think “ooh, maybe I am pregnant!”

My symptoms? I have none. Or rather, my symptom is that I don’t feel pregnant. 224 more words



Minor heartburn last night, but I’d had a bit of dairy and mayo, which I don’t normally have

Didn’t sleep super well and was awake very early in the morning, but it was hot overnight… 29 more words


3dp5dt stuff (but not symptoms)

Shortness of breath (rapid change in weather and air pressure?)

Feeling if tightness in abs (they feel squishy if I poke them though)

Weird, vivid dreams (been having these for awhile though) 15 more words


The Two Week Wait

Waiting for beta feels like an eternity!!! Luckily, I’ve got home pregnancy tests and symptom tracking to keep me busy. ūüėČ

Here’s what I’ve had so far: 190 more words

2dp5dt natural cycle 

Teary all yesterday

One meltdown

Watched season 9 of How I Met Your Mother

Watched Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

Watched the new Ghostbusters… 20 more words