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I went in today for my third, and likely final, IUI. I overslept but made it on time, thank goodness!

One of my favorite nurses was assisting with the procedure and she gave me a good luck hug before we started. 102 more words


#ThrowbackThursday: Mother's Day 2014

I’m starting to wear makeup again now but for a long while, I was barefaced. Here’s why:


The Power of Love and Support

Where would I be without the love and support from friends and family?

I don’t even know how to begin to answer this. Life is one crazy journey and I’m so grateful for the people I get to share it with. 392 more words

IVF #3 - Retrieval and Transfer

A quick update…

Retrieval #3 happened on Thursday. All went well although was more painful this time than I remember other times. The left side really hurt. 304 more words

Day 1 - Intro and Recent Pic

Recently I have been seeing lots of bloggers do these 31 Day Challenges. I have been wanting to participate, but I hadn’t seen one that piqued my interest until I came across this one. 221 more words


Another 2 week wait begins....

Finally, after a crazy week or two of ┬ámajor BD-ing (HAHA, TMI), we’re finally into our 2WW. & you know what? I still do not have any CM! 151 more words


Off The Wall

So…is anyone ready to play the, ‘Is that a line’ game?

I’m 10 DPO. Originally I wasn’t going to test today. Actually, I was going to try to wait until Sunday to test but I figured hell, why not. 157 more words