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This entry is bought to you by the middle of the two week wait.

I’m 5dp5dt (5 days post 5 day transfer to those of you who are not consumed by the deep dark world of TTC.)

I wish I had have written a post earlier this week, when I was so excited and the pain of not knowing was an excited pain, like waiting for Christmas day to come (like, when you’re a kid, I totally don’t get that excited anymore!) 244 more words

Progress with Letrozole 

It’s better than clomid as I don’t have heat flashes, bloated tummy and thinning of uterus lining.

DPO 1-2: ovulation cramps
DPO 3-5: creamy CM, no signs of implantation dip or thermal shift


Pain In The Uterus

Date: 4dt3dt

Side effects: Lots of cramps, constipation, vivid dreams, tired, very slight headache, boobs not hurting

Considering being oncall, I got a decent amount of sleep (6 hours). 115 more words

Code Blue.. Again??

Date: 3dp3dt

Side effects: watery discharge, minimal cramping, boobs not hurting, tired, slightly bloated, gas

It’s my first day back at work and I am soo tired. 115 more words

Conception Purgatory: The Two Week Wait

I am in conception purgatory. Too late to be ovulating and too soon to take a pregnancy test or have a period. The two week wait between when you ovulate and “do the deed” until when you can see if all of your coitus has paid off seems like an eternity. 490 more words

One week down!

So far I have not really been that crazy!! Yaaaay!! As far as 2ww’s go, between both my love and myself this has been the easiest one. 349 more words

More appointments

Well, here I am in my last week of summer vacation. How did it go by that fast? Back in June, I remember thinking that we will get pregnant this summer for sure. 605 more words