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The two week wait (or, in our case, ten day wait)

So we had another embryo defrosted and popped into my uterus. “Embryo number six”.  We’ve got a little photo of him (I say him, but we don’t know the sex) pinned on our fridge. 443 more words


Silly Thoughts - 7dp2dt

Look at the crowd in the photo above. Aren’t they funny? This is I guess what every woman fighting with infertility is facing. Everyone is getting pregnant except you. 502 more words

Home At Last - 2dp2dt

Feels so good to be home again. It’s been one hell of a week and a long drive back. The day is glorious today and I have decided to spend it outdoors. 415 more words

Here Goes Nothing: Our Two Day Transfer

The dreaded 2ww begins. I know we do not stand much a chance after everything, but having a transfer is still better than having none. Even if it is a 2 day transfer. 508 more words

Pregnant, but not really ...

Yesterday was my first beta.  I got the call from the clinic a few hours after my blood draw to let me know that my… 337 more words



My beta came back 90!!

“Just what we are looking for” the nurse said.

Ryan and I are doing happy dances across town, me at work getting nothing done, he at home supposedly changing electrical outlets (but really telling the cats they will be big sisters). 69 more words


T-minus 10 days...

I found a yoga video that feels like more of a work out!!! I always sweat during yoga and most of the videos I’ve been using are an hour long or more. 215 more words