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U/S Update! 8 weeks 2 days!

Baby is doing just great! I got the IP’s on the phone and they got to hear all the stuff the doctor said as well as see the little one on the screen. 162 more words

I know I haven’t even begun to tell you about our infertility journey yet, but I think its important to capture my emotions while they are raw. 231 more words



So the two week wait had begun, trying to keep crazy busy with school work and anything else I can find, need to hold off on wasting money on pregnancy tests and also need to remember the soul destroying feeling seeing that whiter than white big fat negative!! 371 more words

BETA numbers...

On Wednesday, 9dp5dt, my Beta was 146. This is a good solid number but last time it was 197 or something like that. So it was lower. 202 more words

8dpt Round 2

I’m quietly giddy.  I am all too aware that this happened before; we’ve been here before… but also- I’m excited.  I can’t help it.

As of this minute, right now, in this present moment- I AM PREGNANT.    110 more words

7dp5dt Round 2

So today, around 2:00 this afternoon, We are officially a week past the transfer.

Again, obsessive about pee sticks- here’s the evidence of my addiction: 296 more words

6dp5dt Round 2

My feelings after today’s pee stick:

But, again, we’ve been here before so I’m not too overly confident and probably won’t feel that way until after we hear the precious heartbeat around 6 weeks. 69 more words