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2014- The Bombardment

Start of 2014, we decided to do IVF once again! We were courageous enough to go through it after a whole year had passed after our last ICSI. 1,689 more words


To tell or not to tell

On my first ivf cycle I told all my friends and family.

As a consequence had plenty of offers to pick me up from the hospital (my wife does not drive), offers to sit with me during the 2ww and people to talk to when I felt stressed or sad. 217 more words

2013 -One bad thing lead to another

We moved overseas in 2013 and although I was excited at first within a few days the loneliness and emptiness in my house affected me severely. 1,470 more words


Reflections on the 2ww

As there is not much to update on my progress today (more bloating, bigger boobs), I thought I would instead reflect upon the steps that I took during the two week wait (2ww) after my embryo transfer. 1,497 more words


Schrödinger's Embryos

Ahh, ’tis right smack in the middle of the dreaded Two Week Wait! (2ww)

I believe this phrase is appropriated from TTC (“trying to conceive”) message boards. 619 more words


2WW (Two Week Wait)

Most women find out they are pregnant by a missed period, experiencing morning sickness or simply “just knew.” When I had gotten pregnant 8 years ago, I didn’t “just know.” I had a bad migraine and contributed it to a heavy menstrual. 235 more words


To P or not to P...

To POAS or not to POAS, that was the question.

It was the question until I answered it with a big, fat, hell yeah that I couldn’t wait anymore and I was just going to POAS in advance of tomorrow’s blood test. 105 more words