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Goodnight Mister Tom

Its been a couple weeks since my last blog post, but trust me, I’ve a good excuse.  I’ve been in the process of relocating from Wiltshire to Cumbria.  310 more words


We All Wonder - When Will a BFP Appear After a Transfer?!

Every month during the 2ww, a lot of us fall into the POAS (peeing on a stick) trap! Each day we wake up and test first thing, hoping and praying that a BFP will finally appear. 310 more words


Not feeling super positive

Today is 7dp5dt (basically 12dpo). I’m not feeling any symptoms, which is fine. I’m also spotting a bit, which is less fine. It is honestly just a bit (once when I wiped but not since), but that paired with the brown tinged Crinone left overs (so gross, so sorry) has had me mostly counting this cycle out today. 70 more words


The State of my Uterus

I think it’s time to fill you in on our journey to conceive #2! I did update my timeline if you are inclined to just jump to the quick and dirty facts. 1,147 more words


6th day after embryo transfer

Aggh can’t help obsessing over every symptom that turns up.
Heartburn is a new one.
Bloating has subsided and the
boobies aren’t as sore either. 186 more words

Seriously overthinking this.

This waiting game is seriously a horrible thing. I’m the least patient person. I always look for quick answers or move on but this TTC process has definitely beat me down and taught me a thing or two in patience. 396 more words

Pengalaman Inseminasi yg pertama, selama 2ww.

H+1 : 26 Nov 2017

Hari ini perut berasa kaya ketarik. Keram. Kaya lagi mens hari pertama. Trus lemes bawaannya pengen rebahan terus. Dan tidur malem jd nyenyak bgt. 1,183 more words