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DPO means we are in the TTW

A quick post today to let you all know we are officially in the TTW!

I finally got my peak on both the Clearbl.ue and a normal OPK on CD23 with Fertili.ty Frie.nd putting my ovulation at CD24 which is in the normal range for me. 49 more words

A quick update

Just a quick stop to let you all know how this cycle is going.

Well it is now CD18 & still no ovulation! That smiley face keeps blinking at me every single day- I have been testing for 5 days now. 91 more words

Some advice from Garlfield to the crazy IVF chics 🐔

I can be lazy for a bit but I cannot keep calm anymore. 🐔🐔

I guess Garlfield’s best advise is to just sleep away and not cheat by testing early and make myself go crazier…

Prayers for all



3 more days to wait..

Today its been a week to my embryo transfer. The two week wait is like the longest time in a person’s life, while looking out for symptoms very closely makes the wait even harder. 87 more words


I'm back!

Well after a 3 month hiatus (longer than originally thought) I am back and we are officially TTC again.

Originally we were only taking 1 month off but we ended up taking 3! 266 more words


Yesterday I felt terrible. I woke up with the worst period pains and trapped wind. My stomach was so bloated and sore. I had some pink spotting which seems to late to be implantation bleeding so I spent the day awaiting the dreaded AF. 105 more words


So it’s been a week since transfer. I started off relatively relaxed and normal but as the days go on the more emotional I have become. 227 more words