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Day 2 of 2WW blog challenge

Topic: the last time you went out for dinner

I’m actually embarrassed to say that I really don’t remember the last time we went out on a dinner date… 350 more words

Day 1 of 2WW blog challenge

Topic: your favourite drink at Starbucks

This one is easy – what I order nearly every day, and sometimes more than once a day, is a… 234 more words

14 day blog challenge

Stolen from mama et maman, in part to keep my mind distracted, in part to let you get to know me a little better, and, lastly, in part because I’m hoping a little of mama’s baby dust might rub off on me!!  123 more words

Post-IUI bliss

This is what I love best about IUI days–I’m overcome with the joy of the potential. There’s all the possibility in the world right now. I might get pregnant this time! 30 more words

IUI #4: I think I'm going to Boston

I just had my fourth IUI this afternoon. After much stressing yesterday about the best timing, and being told by a nurse on the phone that “anytime Tuesday” was fine for the appointment, I chose 1:15. 318 more words

The seemingly endless Waiting Game

I’m still stuck in the two week wait and I’m not even half way there! Because really it’s 16 days for the blood work plus 2 more days to make sure the levels are doubling. 366 more words


The waiting game

Infertility is a waiting game of epic proportions. First, you wait for months or years to get pregnant. When that doesn’t happen you wait weeks or months to find out why. 457 more words