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11 DPO

Still in the waiting game. This weekend seemed to drag big time. Hubby and I didn’t have many plans just some errands and hiking. I find that the less busy I am the more I think about infertility, whether or not this month is a bust and check symptoms. 496 more words

Just waiting

I am currently 6 days after my iui. 3 days ago I started my progesterone suppositories twice a day. Last cycle I had all kinds of symptoms that at the time convinced me I was pregnant – night sweats, extreme hunger, lightheadedness, vivid dreams, lower back pain, stuffy nose – so many symptoms! 252 more words

Transfer Day Revisited: Remembering the 2WW

As I write this blog entry, nine months following my frozen embryo transfer, I no longer feel the sting of failure and desperation. I needed to take a break from blogging and trying to conceive to figure things out. 248 more words


Stark White: Pregnancy Test Result

The cycle failed. I’m not pregnant.

(This image is not mine. Credit where its due. Thank you.)


Stunned Denial

Despite these sticks showing clear positives over 3 different days, I still cannot believe that this means there is a little bubba growing inside of me. 354 more words

Test Day

In this (almost) 2WW, insanity has been my friend.  And I think I mentioned before – as has google.

In my trawls I found this really interesting table that I found really helpful for anyone going through this process.   345 more words

One year on…

A year ago today (4) I wasn’t feeling well.

A year ago tomorrow (5) I got my first ever faint positive and didn’t believe it. 248 more words