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Day 6 Post Transfer...

5:50am and I was up this morning. This isn’t the least bit unusual, but I was hoping to sleep in a bit. Spent some time with google this morning for about an hour reading about “d6p5dt” = Day 6 post 5 day transfer before finally getting up. 373 more words

Post 5 Day Embryo Transfer



My boobs are soooooo flipping sore this morning! Felt sick all night and just couldn’t sleep! I know I get these symptoms after Ovulation, and just before AF is due, but I have a good feeling about this month, but then again, I do every month, and always end up with my heart broken into a million little pieces…  But I have decided I might try and ignore all symptoms (HARDER than it sounds, I know!) And get back into sewing some baby items for my Sister In Law :) 121 more words




 Nothing to report, other than the slight cramps, tender BB’s and some nausea, but that is quite common for me until AF arrives. Its really cold were we live (Country Victoria, Australia) It feels like it’s going to snow at any minute, not that we get snow here… But that is how cold it is… Our Son had his tonsils out on Wednesday, so we have been staying in doors to keep him from getting sick. 115 more words



It has been a crazy week. On Monday and Tuesday I was having pains in my ovary area. I emailed my nurse and she told me to come in Wednesday am for an ultrasound. 274 more words

Peeing. Sticks.

I was having an argument with my husband the other day and as it usually happens, when you are talking about one thing, another thing comes up. 878 more words

That's what HE said!

My husband made me happy this weekend, without even knowing it! He isn’t the type of guy that wants to be going through all these tests, and having sex on certain days and so on. 281 more words

Cycle #5

I kept myself very busy during my last two-week wait. I snowshoed six miles with friends and had a mountaintop seder and slept overnight in three-high bunks. 383 more words