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Here's where I'm at...

I wrote this on Sunday (6dp5dt) but wanted to wait to post it:

Here’s how my morning went:

Woke up at 9am- pretty late for me (there was a day not too long ago when this would be super early!). 375 more words


All over. now what

So officially negative. The dreaded phone call came. Luckily the nurse was very lovely, you could hear it in her voice she was disappointed for me. 519 more words


Beta Day.

So today is the dreaded beta day… well for some it’s the most anticipated day of their IVF cycle. But for people like me with multiple IVF fails, it’s the day where all tiny little bit of hope that you are holding onto even after a million negative home pregnancy tests gets taken away from you. 464 more words


8dp5dt - lost for words

I don’t even know where to begin or what to say or how I feel. It’s 8dp5dt well technically 9dp5dt as I write this at 1.30am cause I can’t sleep. 873 more words


FET May 2016 - Summers are a blessing

I reached London on the 4th of May 2016, it was a lovely day and finally the weather was not as cold as it used to be when I used to travel there earlier. 290 more words


Being open about infertility

I have been super open about our IVF journey with family, friends, work and hey now the world! That’s what has helped me through it. Being so open and honest has helped the people close to me understand what we are going through and they have been so supportive. 889 more words


3dp5dt= scared

3dp5dt today I am scared. I am still positive and hopeful. I believe this is my turn. But then there is this indescribable gut wrenching fear. 200 more words