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11dp5dt - what are we waiting for?

So beta yesterday of 11 is not great. The nurse was not optimistic and didn’t offer much in terms of explanation – I also didn’t ask. 105 more words


10dp5dt beta day

No signs of AF this morning.

Bloods taken.

Off for another crappy day at work (big boss is a d*ck)

And we wait for THE phone call.



9dp5dt HPT time!

Ok. So this morning I went nuts. There was lots of crying, getting grumpy, getting angry and more crying.

We went out of fancy breakfast. And I was still grumpy. 114 more words



Mental state – not good


2dp5dt 2ww

9:00 am-

No real symptoms this morning. I was restless last night but I think it’s just the 2ww anxiety. No cramping or twinges. I feel less tired today as well. 165 more words

8dp5dt what if...

So with all of my previous transfers (and there have been a few!) I’ve gone through the usual ups and downs and emotional torture. And then I’ve always had the very distinct “I don’t feel pregnant” feeling. 255 more words


1DP5DT 2ww

7:00 am:

Throat is still sore and red. My left neck lymph node is very swollen. UGH, probably a little virus or a bacterial infection. I’m never “well” it seems. 235 more words