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She said... Almost Pregnant?

We are still in the two-week wait to find out if we are pregnant, and the waiting is hard. We are doing what we can to keep our minds occupied and to think positively. 794 more words


8dp5dt - negative

Tested this morning…. one pink line, not a hint of a second. It was an FRER so I’m pretty confident it would have picked up HCG if there was any to pick up at this stage. 62 more words


7dp5dt - today is my birthday, tomorrow is my test day

….yikes. I’m dreading it.

My official test date isn’t until Thursday (10dp5dt) but I have the day off work tomorrow. I’d rather POAS without having to go to the office for the rest of the day, so…. 196 more words


Cycle #12 Update

Today is cycle day 10. It marks one third of the way through this treatment cycle. I took Femara day 3-7 with little to no side effects. 751 more words


5dp5dt - Reasons to be cheerful

Look at my lovely kitchen window box!

It is something to be cheerful about, as is the fact that it’s a sunny morning, it’s 5 days past our transfer and I’m feeling ok. 78 more words


She said... Patience is hard, but Love is stronger

We are now in the two week wait, and every little cramp, twinge, or fuzzy feeling and I’m over-analyzing, “Is this a good sign or a bad sign?”. 1,071 more words


4dp5dt - Damn you Progesterone

Is that tiny twinge in my uterus area a sign that my embryo is implanting? Are my boobs feeling a bit sore? Are those weird dreams I’ve been having about serial killers an early pregnancy symptom? 127 more words