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List Grows as Entertainment Industry Weigh in on Georgia Bill

Georgia’s pending religious liberty legislation it getting more and more attention. And not in a good way. Disney and Marvel said they would their business elsewhere.  1,133 more words


Cell Division part 3: A* understanding of Meiosis for iGCSE 3.25 3.26

In sexually reproducing organisms two types of cell division are needed.  One is for the processes of growth, repair and asexual reproduction and it is called… 562 more words

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"Goodnight, Mommy"  - Predictable, Surprising, Haunting, and Dispassionate

“Our mom wouldn’t do that.”

Can a movie be both predictable and good at keeping you guessing? Seems a little contradictory, but there sits “Goodnight, Mommy.” It’s both a typical contemporary horror movie with plenty of torture and weirdness, albeit more in the early Haneke vein than “Hostel,” and genuinely eerie and suspenseful. 334 more words

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"Jurassic World" is a half-hearted, limp blockbuster (3.25/5)

Jurassic Park is a film I admire more than I love. Much like how I feel about Citizen Kane, I can recognize and appreciate the massive effect… 654 more words