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Dungeons &Dragons 3.5 – Avast! – Fifteenth Session: Once More Unto the Breach.. then Quickly Away from the Breach Again

In Attendance:    

Player 6/Niema the Aventi Wizard    

Player 11/Voormas the Human Druid    

Player 12/Xander the Human Fighter

Session Writeup:

Xander stares down Queequeg who is frothing at the mouth and on the verge of of a berserker rage. 1,181 more words


Ant-Man (Informal) Review

Last night I saw Ant-Man at cinemas so allow me issue a rather brief and informal review. In an age where spectacle is usually gaged on big explosions and CGI quickly swept aside being too ‘fake’, it’s refreshing to finally see a film make a fantastic case opposing those views. 344 more words


The Tomato House

Jacob learned about tornadoes, and he has had a lot of questions. What do they destroy and how and why they can. Every time we drive up Chapman avenue, he sees Orange County Mining Company (a mining-themed restaurant) and asks why we haven’t ever take him to the “old house that would fall down in a tomato.” We made his dreams come true.


ANT-MAN Review: "Marvel's New Ant-y Hero"

Marvel finally unveil their hugely troubled adventure, but does this “tiny” blockbuster stand out from the superhero crowd?

Ant-Man is an absolute Frankenstein’s Monster of a film. 715 more words

Film Reviews

Book: Peril at End Point

Title:  Peril at End Point

Author: Agatha Christie

Rating: 3.5 376 more words

Book Review

"Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2" (2015)

Overall Grade: (3.5/10)

Another Adam Sandler based comedic pile of boredom, this time he simply produces this worthless sequel with his bestie Kevin James going through the motions. 480 more words