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First time parents best option for potty training program

Are you a new parent potty training? Go to this website, stop guessing and learn step by step on exactly how?

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3 Day Potty Training - Success!

Two weeks out – the entire experience was a great success. I highly recommend this method. Knock it out and you’re home-free…diaper-free…pull-up free…wipe-free…no. Never wipe free. 1,475 more words


3 Day Potty Training - New Adventures, New Town, New Year

I am back. Since my last post, I have moved to a new town and we have a very new life on the Emerald Coast in Florida. 985 more words


holy potty training regression

You had to be expecting this… I mean, I was but I didn’t realize *exactly* what was going to happen. Maybe I was unclear of the exact definition of regression… I thought it was a two steps forward, one step back situation. 387 more words