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Let's Talk... potty training???

First… let’s take the largest deep breath ever. And exhale…

Now that breathing is out of the way, let me tell you why I’m even considering venturing down this road with 3 months to go until new baby comes. 522 more words

Palmer Olivia

The potty

We had a little breakthrough over the past few days. My mum bought Leni Once Upon a Potty (classic!) and she immediately took to it. She was especially tickled at the part where Prudence bends over to show the hole where the poop comes out. 313 more words

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Potty Training vs Potty Learning - Signs of Readiness

This article was originally posted on AwesomeBeginnings4Children.com on July 18, 2011

Most parents start potty training between 24 & 30 months. Experts say that potty training takes about 6-10 months to complete. 809 more words


3 Day Potty Training: It's Reality or Ethereal

There is no stage looking to get a head-start – reports present that after parents start potty training before a young child is bodily or psychologically capable, the procedure merely requires longer. 601 more words

3 Day Potty Training

Potty Training x3: Day 2

I give up. I’m stressed. My hair is falling out.

I am in potty training hell. I won’t go over the stats with you, but just know that one of my children got put back in diapers pretty quickly this morning. 245 more words


Potty Training Times!

After a few “unusual” weeks in our household (mostly, Aaron having back-to-back trips…which has never happened,) things are starting to get back to normal. Whenever he has been out of town, I want to shout out to the world to have some solidarity in being alone with Hadley/or now both girls (sidenote: I have so much respect for single parents/parents who have partners gone a lot) but alas, it’s probably not the safest thing making it known that I am alone with the girls! 1,348 more words


Efficient Potty Training Tips for Girls and Boys

One particular challenge lots of parents encounter these days is definitely potty training youngsters. They have many questions in your mind such as whenever to begin education and in exactly what way. 586 more words

3 Day Potty Training