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Michigan 3-Day—2016 Route Update!

Last year on the 3-Day® blog, we shared some detailed “Insider’s Peek at the Route” posts with you. We pulled the curtain back on the overall process of planning and executing a 60-mile route, and then got even more in-depth with each individual 3-Day walk’s route. 733 more words


11 Hot Weather Training Hacks

In the middle of summer, going out for a 3-Day training walk in the heat may be the last thing you’d like to do. But if you decide to venture out and get some training miles in on hot days, here are some tips/hacks that might make the sun-baked miles a little easier to bear. 680 more words


Susan G. Komen Mission Webinar: What We Learned

In June, we had the pleasure of bringing you our first ever Komen Mission Webinar. The purpose of this online meeting was to allow 3-Day participants and Komen supporters in all corners of the world to hear firsthand about the impact that Komen funds are making to one researcher’s groundbreaking work. 470 more words


I’ve Done This A Million Times: Training Advice For/From Veteran Walkers

Most walkers who are new to the 3-Day put a lot of focus on training their bodies for the challenge of walking 60 miles. The 3-Day provides all walkers with a number of training materials to help them prepare physically, including very thorough 16- and 24-week training schedules and a training handbook. 1,092 more words


You’re on Social Media? So Is the 3-Day!

It’s 2016, and practically everyone and their mom is on social media! As we approach event season, we want to make sure you know all the best ways to connect on social media with the 3-Day and your fellow walkers and crew. 453 more words


3-Day Camp: Short but so Sweet

This week has been very busy! We had both 3-Day Camp and Jr. High Camp, with a grand total of 63 campers! 3-Day Camp is a great way for youngsters to experience their first few years at camp, without being away from home for a full week. 53 more words


Susan G. Komen Mission Webinar Recap and Full Video!

Earlier this year, the 3-Day held a series of Komen Impact Forums in 10 cities across the country. The forums were hosted by Chrissy Mathews, the 3-Day program manager for Susan G. 252 more words