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Easy-Peasy, 3-Ingredient, BBQ Ribs in the Pressure Cooker

I *love* using my pressure cooker! Perfect for someone like me who thinks I’ve got everything going for me and I’m having a productive day, only to be brought up short in late afternoon with, “When’s dinner? 483 more words


3 Ingredient Nutella Brownies!

‘Ello my loves!

Yes, this sounds too good to be true, but for once it isn’t! I saw this Buzzfeed video…

…and thought “looks good, but it probably won’t work.” 337 more words

Makes & Bakes

3-ingredient Nutella brownies!

I  first stumbled upon this catching title upon a Buzzfeed video on my Facebook feed and of course, it immediately caught my attention in one scroll (because “daaamn nutella?” “3 ingredients” “bROWNIES!” so yeah). 139 more words


Cinnamon Banana FroYo (no machine needed)

I did use a single serve blender, but you could easily just mash the banana. Combine plain (not fat free or greek) yogurt*, ripe banana (brown and yellow on the outside and soft), and cinnamon. 102 more words

FVC Original Recipe

3 ingredient pancakes - Deb

Dev’s been obsessed with bananas lately, I think he could happily eat bananas all day if I let him. He’s even worked out where I keep the bananas, he drags his high chair over and starts to climb until he reaches his goal. 192 more words


fruit & granola fro-yo pops

Warmer weather is upon us. What does that mean?

It’s popsicle season!

This is another 3-ingredient* recipe that can be interchangeable with your favorite flavors. Have fresh strawberries on hand? 204 more words


Easy Fresh Beet Pasta

Fresh Beet Pasta- so pretty and so tasty and healthy too!

Don your gloves for the beets unless you want bright red hands.
Cooking the… 237 more words