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Asian Cinema Recommendations: Thirst, 3-Iron, and Thirteen Assassins

Looking to get into Asian cinema? The following article briefly reviews (spoiler-free) three acclaimed, yet accessible films from diverse genres.

Thirst (Horror, Drama, Romance) – 9/10… 611 more words


3-Iron Movie Review

“Silent Zero”

Behind the smiles and the frowns, the sadness and the joy in tears, is an emotion that no words could ever explain. Done with the ordinary days, for love could turn a normal world, upside down. 595 more words


3-Iron: tonight (Tue 21 Apr), 6pm at Filmhouse Edinburgh

Korean writer-director Kim Ki-duk captures raw realities about modern life while telling a genuinely touching romance using virtually no dialogue.

Tae-suk (Jae Hee) is a young man who takes up residence in homes that sit empty while the occupants are on holiday. 44 more words


The Three-Iron and Eleanor

First of all, Eleanor has no idea what a 3-iron is, this being 1272. Golf was not invented until the 1500’s on the Scottish coast. Also, there were no household irons, either, in 1272, and, even if there had been, Eleanor wouldn’t have been anywhere near one, she being the lady of the castle. 229 more words

Eleanor And The Modern Age

Questions (Unofficial Video)


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Sophie Lillienne

Filmosophy - now booking

Filmosophy returns for a fourth season of original and thought-provoking films. This season focuses on the distinction between appearance and reality. Each film provides a unique perspective on this philosophical problem, using the notions of sight and blindness as powerful metaphors. 129 more words


Favourite Movies | Filmai, kuriuos verta pamatyti


Žinote, kodėl ruduo ir žiema yra gerai? Nes, kai šąla  ir sunkūs debesys kabarojasi ant varganų medžių  – tai gera priežastis būti namie be sąžinės priekaištų, kad reikia  kažkur bėgti. 495 more words