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Schläfli - for lush, voluminous polyhedra

Because of some turbulence in real life (™) over the last few months, it’s been somewhat hard to concentrate on research. Fortunately the obligation of teaching sometimes exerts the right sort of psychological pressure to keep my mind on mathematics in short bursts. 2,283 more words

Hyperbolic Geometry

Not all finitely-presented groups are fundamental groups of closed 3-manifolds

In our previous note Amalgamated products and HNN extensions (IV): Markov properties, we saw that for every and for every finitely-presented group , there exists a -dimensional closed manifold whose fundamental group is . 1,254 more words


MOO is classical

The simplest quantum 3-manifold invariant is the Murakami-Ohtsuki-Okada (MOO) invariant. It comes from Chern-Simons theory in the way that the Reshetikhin-Turaev invariant comes from Chern-Simons Theory. 1,270 more words


SnapPy 2.3 released

Marc Culler and I are pleased to announce version 2.3 of SnapPy. New features include:


Mr Spock complexes (after Aitchison)

The recent passing of Leonard Nimoy prompts me to recall a lesser-known connection between the great man and the theory of (cusped) hyperbolic 3-manifolds, observed by my friend and former mentor Iain Aitchison. 993 more words

Hyperbolic Geometry