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Ajudando no tratamento do lixo

Oi filha,

Já vimos os possíveis destinos do lixo e agora vamos conversar sobre  as ações práticas que podemos tomar, como indivíduos, para ajudar no processo de tratamento do lixo que produzimos. 355 more words


The 5 R's

As far as sustainability is concerned, the 3 R’s concept – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – is becoming outdated and has been enlarged to a 5 R’s… 164 more words


What are public schools becoming?

Public school has played an important, nay, critical role in the education and economic success of America. From the original one room school houses with a range of ages with one teacher and textbooks like the… 573 more words


Preparing to hit the ground running...

Are you one of those people who can switch work off as soon as you leave the office? What about when you go on holidays, can you get into vacation mode as soon as you wrap up your final work projects? 461 more words


Pondering by the sea...

This summer was supposed to be all about relax, refresh and rejuvenate…I haven’t been doing so well at that. In all fairness there have been good reasons for the lack of follow through. 384 more words


The Corrupted Human Spirit

What economics lacks is the space to include other human sciences such as philosophy in the scope of its subject matter.  Philosophy has the grand vision that is usually lacking in economics, which is all too often a science of the minutiae of life. 1,293 more words


My 'creative' office space...

In my last blog I committed to do whatever I could to avoid creating cracks in my overall well being…that’s easier said than done! I can’t believe how many daily habits I am unaware of that fight against that desire. 537 more words