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The prompt-words for this week’s Three Word Wednesday are:

Harebrained, adjective: ill-judged, rash, foolish, foolhardy, reckless, madcap, wild, silly, stupid, ridiculous, absurd, idiotic, asinine, imprudent, impracticable, unworkable, unrealistic, unconsidered, half-baked, ill-thought-out, ill-advised, ill-conceived, crackpot, cockeyed, crazy, daft, foolish, silly, idiotic, unintelligent, empty-headed, scatterbrained, featherbrained, birdbrained, pea-brained, brainless, giddy; informal dippy, dizzy, flaky, dopey, dotty, airheaded. 78 more words

Original Writing

A Senryu

tearful forest path

my steps are unsteady

my thoughts abrasive


© Carol Campbell


The words this week are:

Tearful, Unsteady, Abrasive

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