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Lifestyles Skyn Premium Polyisoprene Non Latex Lubricated Condoms 24 ct (Pack of 3)

Softer, more natural feel than latex Clinically proven to enhance sensation Strength of premium latex with the sensitivity of an ultra thin condom Long-lasting, ultra smooth lubricant Ideal for people with latex allergies
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Premium Custom Fit 2013-2015 Nissan Pathfinder Stainless Steel 3

Our OE-Quality standard bars give your Truck & SUV an outstanding custom appearance covered by No-Hassle quality warranty!
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Golden Connection

School is coming closer and closer to an end, and I feel less of a pull toward posting… usually until I actually make a post and realize how important it is to me. 74 more words


parenting lapse

I like to think of my parenting method as honest. Honest about the facts, clear and strict on boundaries, and Socratic in teaching morality. It’s been working out well with #1, for the most part. 480 more words

Jimmy,Super Kid (part two)

And this is a summer’s day. I walk at a brisk pace a short stick in hand, poking at the ground, not for balance but to promote the image of a person hiking. 347 more words

The Vow

Title: The Vow
Author: Felicity Goodrich
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Publication Year: 2016
Genre: Women’s Fiction | General Fiction (adult) | Historical Fiction
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Black Pants

QTY: 3

COLOR: Black

DESCRIPTION: Flare leg bellbottom yoga pants

SIZES: 1-Small; 1-Med; 1-Large

LOCATION: Cages – Box 3 – Black pants & shorts