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30 Day Blog Challenge. Day 30: 10 Hopes for the future.

Hello everyone!

We have now reached the end of the 30 Day Blog Challenge. It has fulfilled my wish of providing me with the creativity for future blogs. 109 more words


30 Day Blog Challenge. Day 29: Something you find fascinating.

Hello everyone!

We all know who fascinates me, but this blog is asking to name something that fascinates me. For me this is simple. The thing that fascinates me is the human body. 613 more words


30 Day Blog Challenge. Day 28: If the world were to end tomorrow how would you spend your remaining/last day?

Hello everyone!

Personally I don’t like thinking of ‘if today was the last day’. However there are things I would definitely have to do on my last day if the world was to end. 182 more words


30 Day Blog Challenge. Day 27: Favourite hobby.

Hello everyone!

Like many people I have more than one hobby. I have many hobbies but when it comes to my favourites,┬áI don’t have one favourite, but two. 190 more words


2. 20 Facts

Today’s challenge is simply to post 20 facts about yourself. I’m normally useless at these sort of things, so I’ll do my best to make them interesting, and to not list things I’ve already mentioned in passing. 636 more words

30 Day Blog Challenge

So this is what happened . . .

I intended to write and post my Day Four – Blogging Challenge rambling on the fourth day from the first day I challenged myself with said blogging challenge, which means it should have been written and (hopefully) read by whomever may read my words on the 19th of March. 1,571 more words


4th day in the 30 day blog challenge.

Today’s challenge is to write about someone that inspires me………………..

First of all it has been about a week since I have continued with my challenge due to several interruptions. 431 more words