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30 day blog challenge-day 17

Question: Do you have any husband or partner?

I will answer this in one picture. Currently a :

I hope this answered the question> Let me know if you got what I meant. 8 more words

30 day blog challenge- day 16

Question: do you have any pets?

Answer: No

I think this is the shortest post ever. I am not a huge fan of animals. They are cute and they are still a lot of work. 56 more words

30 day blog challenge-day 15

Hey guys, I’ve been so lazy lately. Having a post on the blog everyday is not easy. I guess that’s why they called it challenge. Its very challenging. 48 more words

30 day blog challenge- day 14

Questions: what are your favorite quotes?

  1. Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward.
  2. 71 more words

30 day blog challenge-day 13

Question: what are your hobbies?

There are a couple of things I enjoy doing during my down time. I will list them.


This is something I really love doing. 304 more words

Day 20: How important do you think education is?

I think education is extremely important. Education to me can derive from a many of places. Inside and outside of the classroom. From a random person you meet in a store or the best professor ever, or even Einstein himself. 92 more words


One Thing Cannot Define Your Whole Day

This morning was a typical morning. I woke up, put the coffee on, practiced yoga, and then made some oatmeal. I was carrying it over to the table and BANG the steaming bowl-o-oats was all over the floor. 105 more words

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