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24. Attraction

Today’s challenge is to write about what you find attractive in love. For fuck sake. Something incredibly personal and incredibly awkward to talk about. But I’ve made it this far with this challenge despite how much I’ve hated some of the topics it’s presented me with and to quit now would just be annoying. 74 more words

30 Day Blog Challenge

23. Lottery Dreams

Well, today’s challenge seems much more cheery than they have been recently. Although I’ll start this post by saying that I hardly ever¬†play the lottery because a lot of the time, I feel like it’s a bunch of bullshit that someone like me would ever have the luck of winning (to those who read yesterday’s post, see what I mean?), so today’s lottery dreams post will be just that – dreams. 612 more words

30 Day Blog Challenge

22. Bad Habits

This isn’t exactly more cheery than yesterday’s challenge, but hopefully if I take a nice lighthearted approach to it it won’t be as painful to read. 889 more words

30 Day Blog Challenge

21. A Sad List

Well, we’re back to shit aren’t we? This is just going to be depressing AF. A LOT of things make me sad. Probably more things make me sad than they do happy. 166 more words

30 Day Blog Challenge

"Hey you with the pretty face, welcome to the human race"

Day 5: What are 5 things that make you the most happy right now?

I didn’t want to do this one today because I was thinking that not much is making me happy right now. 588 more words


"I just hope someday we'll look back on this grieving and say, staying's worse than leaving"

Day 4: List 10 things you would tell your 16 year old self, if you could.

1) Chill the fuck out. Seriously, life is going to work out. 204 more words

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20. A Happy List

Well, this is a slightly better topic than some of the recent ones this challenge has presented me with. It’s not really to make a list of what makes you happy, but with all the things I want to give mention to, it’s just easier to list them.¬† 95 more words

30 Day Blog Challenge