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13. Random

This one is for you readers. :-D Copy and paste survey into a comment then fill out. :-)

Most Used Username:
Best Friend: 51 more words

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12. Favorite Type Of Literature?

My favorite type of literature to read is a tough tie between short novels, and books in a series (like Twilight not Harry Potter). I love to read short novels. 111 more words

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11. What Is Your Writing Style Most Like?

When I am writing, it is very similar to when I rant incessantly about something. The vast majority of my blog is me just blerting out whatever is going on in my noggin. 191 more words

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10. Post A Writing That You Are Proud Of.

Happy Birthday to Jimmy Moser. :) He is now 21. :D

There’s this guy
Always on my mind
I want him to be mine
But I’m running out of time… 202 more words

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9. Write About Your Favorie Book.

My favorite book is “The Five People You Meet in Heaven” by Mitch Albom.

Summary from Wikipedia:
“The book begins with Eddie’s 83rd birthday at his work place, Ruby Pier. 259 more words

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8. Write a Love Poem.

When I look into your eyes
I see myself.
I see the happiness in your face
From the cards you were dealt.

I know you love me… 121 more words

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6. Random

“As The Stomach Turns and The Dick Rises”

This is the title of the book my grandmother would write about our family. With every story being more than unbelievable, “it would have to be filed under fiction.” 193 more words

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