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Challenge Day 13: What's a purse?

I have never been a girl that always carries a purse so that I have all the essential “girl” items with me at all times. Yes, I have a collection of purses but they are all rather small. 553 more words

30 Day Challenge

30 day challenge: Days 3 and 4

As I start this blog, I’ve decided that Sunday’s are no post days. Why? Because I want to focus on my family. I might pick up my camera and take A LOT, like 100 from our park adventure yesterday, of pictures, but I really want to take the time to spend with Evan and Avery. 108 more words

30 Day Challenge

All caught up

Again I have had to play catch upon the 30 day challenge. I am now all caught up. Sorry for the flood of posts in such a short time.

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Day 15: Your favorite Tumblrs

I really never got into Tumblr so I really can’t write much on the subject. I enjoy some of the fandom accounts ┬ábut that’s about it. 23 more words

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Day 14: Your earliest memory

My earliest and most vibrant memory would be when I was about 4. I was still with my birth parents at the time. I remember my parents had some friends over and I was told to go play in the living room of the apartment we lived in while they entertained in the connecting dining room area. 102 more words


Day 13: Somewhere you'd like to live or visit

I really want to visit Africa. I would like to see their culture up close and personal. I also think it would be awesome to get in touch with my roots. 39 more words

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