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50 Days Of Daily Blogging

Sometime this week last year I graduated high school. I didn’t know where I’d be in a year but I definitely wasn’t expecting this.

It’s been a really fun journey blogging every day for the past fifty days. 172 more words

Day 15 Of 30 Day Challenge:Erraticus Cerebrum

Well well, we’ve reached the half way point. Sharing my thoughts with you all has been quite fun. With that in mind, those thoughts aren’t always in my own control, the brain tends to roam a bit. 303 more words


Day 21: Something Pretty

This picture is something pretty to me because of the peace it conveys. It was taken early in the morning when everything seems quiet and peaceful, and I think it really shows in the photo. 163 more words

30 Day Challenge

Day 14 Of 30 Day Challenge:8 Legged Roomie

Hey guys, so I made a “friend” today. I looked up in my loft and spied a brown “something” on the ceiling. After further investigation, it would seem a little brown spider has taken up residence in the loft. 245 more words


Day 20: Your Favourite Place

One of my favourite places that isn’t in Canada is London. I’ve been lucky enough to travel there twice already, and every time I fall a bit more in love with the city. 139 more words

30 Day Challenge

Day 4: Someone Who Inspires You

Alright. So, I’ve been thinking about this one quite a bit. I don’t think I can write about Aperson who inspires me. I have too many people in my life whose attributes regularly inspire me. 341 more words

30 Day Challenge