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Day 28 - Song that makes you feel guilty :

Dear internet,

This one is interesting but confusing. I feel like it’s either redundant and is basically the same as the “guilty pleasures” prompt, or it reminds you of something you did that you’re ashamed of. 408 more words

Day Twenty-Nine: Have you ever changed your mind about something magick-related? Ex: belief in magick, opinion on cursing, etc.

Of course. I used to think as my family does, that my ability was something to be ashamed of or feared. 205 more words


DAY TEN- Writing Challenge

Day TEN- Something I Feel Strongly About.

Being the passionate person I am I have a number of things I feel strongly about.

I could easily pick any number of them. 1,363 more words


30 Day Challenge: Day 5

Day 5: A time where I thought of ending my life. 

I’m not going to pretend I have some sad story of wanting to end my life but everybody has that moment in their life where they think people would be better off if they wasn’t around. 269 more words

30 Day Challenge

What's In My Closet

I always thought closets were boring. And I’ll be honest mine is usually a mess. I have really good intentions but the reality usually kicks me in the butt! 145 more words

30 Day Challenge

30 Challenge - Day 29 - Goal's

Just one more day!! Almost there!!

Day 29 – Goal’s for next 30 days

This past month has been rather good, I have been so productive with planning and organising. 131 more words

My Life

Something I Miss

It’s only been 15 years of my life so there isn’t much that I would really miss. Exceptions being the places I’ve lived and a few memories. 96 more words

30 Day Challenge