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Healthy, strong, and JUICY

Every now and then I watch a documentary (usually on Netflix) that makes an impact on me. A couple of days ago I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead… 163 more words

30-day Challenge

Layla's Summer Starter 30 Day Body Challenge

So now that the nights are getting lighter we can finally start excited over summer, yay! Have you let yourself go a bit over the winter months? 61 more words


To NaPoWriMo...

or not to NaPoWriMo?

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit,
it seems to be the driving force behind
the ever-popular
“30-day challenge.” 113 more words


Day #20 - 3 Celebrity Crushes

Emma Watson. That will be all.

Although Allan Rickman and Bumblestick Cabbagepatch do both get honourable mentions…

30 Day Challenge

Seasoned Chicken with a Side Salad

Here’s an option for your dinner salad meal! Seasoned baked chicken with a side salad. I used a poultry seasoning. Topped my salad with chopped onions, and dressed it all with a Wasabi Ranch. 17 more words

30 Day Challenge... Not So Much

In the month of March I set out to do a 30 day fitness challenge to help me exercise. Well the month didn’t seem to go as planned. 685 more words


30 Day Challenge. Day 16...

“What is your favorite inspirational quote?”

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… It’s about learning to dance in the rain.

If we spend our life waiting for the difficult moments to pass, we’ll miss out on everything that each day has to offer.  121 more words

30 Day Challenge