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Edge (3 Haikus)

Floating around space

I am skirting a black hole,

about to fall in.

The pull sucks me in

And for a moment there is… 83 more words


Jauary Challenge Update: Meditation and Mindfulness

Remember that thing I said I’d do where I’d try meditation for 30 days – still doing it! But I do confess, I missed a day! 457 more words


30 Day Minimalist Challenge: Day 17

Day 17 of the Minimalist Challenge

I had 17 of the boxes left from a wedding years ago. I put this picture on Facebook and they were claimed quickly. 101 more words



I am on a plateau.

Flat ground.

There is both nothing,

and everything here.

I think I preferred it

when I was climbing a mountain, 151 more words



“You’re dripping like a saturated sunrise.” ~Halsey

I’ve been listening to the artist Halsey’s song “Colors” on repeat all day today. I find that occasionally I get into the mood where one song just feels right to listen to over and over, each time I keep working towards understanding and connecting with it.

180 more words
30 Day Challenge

Day 3


“Your view on drugs and alcohol”

It’s ironic that this is the next theme for an entry. First, let me focus on alcohol.

I don’t find alcohol bad, everything in life must be done sparingly. 516 more words