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#30DayReadingIndie Challenge

Our reading challenge starts on March 1st!

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Readers pick from a list of books (that we’ll provide) and request, read, review & repeat! 139 more words


Wrapping up Week 7

This is a long overdue posting. I have decided to focus on writing and revising my paper rather than logging my progress on the blog daily. 280 more words

A Journal Article In 12 Weeks

30 Day Reading Challenge- Day 30

DAY 30. – Book you couldn’t put down.

Of Things Gone Astray by Janina Matthewson

This one caught me by surprise as a nice escape from reality. 52 more words


30 Day Reading Challenge- Day 29

DAY 29. – A book you hated.

Twilight. I’m sorry. It was bad, it was shallow, and even though ALL my friends loved it, it made me want to die and I almost didn’t finish it. 21 more words


Exploring Stuart Hall

The past week I have read three pieces by Stuart Hall. I was so excited to finally delve into his works because pretty much all the articles and the book chapters on identity that I have read thus far cited his works. 208 more words

Online PhD Support Group

30 Day Book Challenge: Day 4

DAY 4. – Book turned into a movie and completely desecrated.

Oh wow….

I really hated the original Great Gatsby from 1974, which I think missed the mark on the story, the time period and the feel of it all. 57 more words


30-Day Reading Challenge- Day 2

DAY 2. – Favorite side character.

Oh don’t make me choose.

But definitely Hermione Granger.

I love her, she was me as a kid, she is me as an adult, except I am so not as talented as she was. 81 more words

30-day Reading Challenge