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30 days: a woman's work 

Mundane, to a Witch, is Magickal. Part of what makes Magick so great is to take time, effort, joy, and pride, in doing what must be done anyway but doing it in a way that makes it special. 254 more words


30 days: Evolution

​When attempting to find information about changed worship, I came across two main veins of information: Do modern Heathens even acknowledge Frigg? or Hey, there’s a new temple coming in Iceland that is devoted to Thor, Odin, and Frigg! 273 more words


30 Days: Issues are Everything

Deities often evolved over time to encompass the needs of a changing demographic.

Frigg is the keeper of women in all of their domestic forms: wives and mothers. 348 more words


30 Days: Sacred Devotions

In the readings I have done, I have gleamed that Frigg has been lost to history. In some studies I have completed during several nap times, I have come to the conclusion that Frigg (as well as Sif) was a major goddess who gave way to the more provocative Freyja. 337 more words


30 Days: Givings

From the readings I have done, Frigg’s main offerings are done through service:

Working with children, helping fellow mothers, comfort and love to others in a motherly way, even if they are not one’s children. 61 more words


30 Days: Half-Truths

Mistakes and misinterpretations are bound to happen with re-constructionist religions. Ancient religions were torn to shreds with the arrival of Abrahamic religions. Anything and everything that was not considered sacred by those in power indoctrinated under the religion they represented was destroyed until there was virtually no trace left. 151 more words


30 Days: Review

Day 7 is the day of epithets

I covered all of the epithets I could find during her introduction

Day 8 is the day of variations. 11 more words