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30 days: quotes and poems for Frigg

When I last left the 30 days meme, I was stuck on the last nine.

Sweet Frigga

Sweet Frigga of the spinning wheel.
Who spins the strands we call our life.

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30 Days: recap

I have thoroughly enjoyed my exploration of Frigg, and I feel as though I am able to more rightfully work with her in ritual, both formally and informally. 124 more words


30 Days: Art

Portrait of Odin and Frigg, sensual embrace

Odin and Frigg sitting together as equals on the great throne, looking down on Midgard. A lot of great art can be found… 18 more words


30 Days: Admiration

What I admire most about Frigg is, after researching, how she owns herself and as both a mother and a wife. The myths known most hold her only as a mother figure, and this is the aspect I dislike. 367 more words


30 Days: Outward Representations

Frigg is the ultimate in femininity, but she does not accept Anglo-Abrahamic view of a woman’s place as under her husband. A woman’s role, from that world view, is to support her man. 135 more words


30 Days: Cross-Cultural

If Frigg and Frija are one in the same, then Allmother is equal to all Earth Mothers. This would equate her to Gaia, the Earth Goddess from the Greek pantheon. 98 more words


30 days: Original Values

Looking at Allmother being the only one other than Odin being able to sit on the throne and have sight to all 9 worlds. This shows that men and women were more of equals in the times of the Viking. 650 more words