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30 Days of Biking - The Hard Part

How can I ride my bike each day as we travel from Los Angeles to Minneapolis? The car is fully loaded so I’ll need to be creative on this part of the 30 day challenge. 560 more words

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One more thing/30 Days of Biking

“One more thing” is the closest thing I have to a theme for this round of #30daysofbiking. There’s just always so much I want to share about biking and it’s been a convenient way to tuck something unrelated at the end of each post. 971 more words

30 Days Of Biking

Burien test run

Route update:
I ended up light railing to the reading, thinking it would be quicker…but it wasn’t! Oh well. But for future reference, what I… 582 more words

30 Days Of Biking

Bike towing with a tow hitch

I first shared pictures of my Big Dummy’s two-bike fork-mount tow hitch in my Happy fourth birthday, Big Dummy! post last December. I’ve used it a lot and adore it. 400 more words

30 Days Of Biking

Commuting with mini commuter

On Monday, my six-year old and I retraced our pedal strokes from Sunday’s errand (bottom of page). I tried to level the playing field this time, though: I had him carry all the stuff in a pannier, thinking it would make him slower and I rode my single-speed bike, thinking it would make me faster. 416 more words

30 Days Of Biking

Short day/tall bike

Sunday, April 24th: We had a very mellow day. Since we decided Saturday afternoon to cancel our bike camping trip, I didn’t have anything planned for the day and it was hard to motivate to go out just for the sake of going out given the rain. 298 more words

30 Days Of Biking