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30 days of blogging... day 11

Today I am crocheting two small cushion covers, one in peach and white and the other in lavender and cream, both for the teepee. I’m trying to design a simple double crochet stitch with a third colour to put the girls initials on them… but I tell ya, I’m no crochet designer so this could go either way! 373 more words

30 Days Of Blogging

30 days of blogging.... day 10

No crafting today, it’s a day of admin, emailing being the top of the list.

I am feeling so very blessed and grateful that my designs and offerings are becoming sought out by people in community settings and in the private sector of schools (two to be precise). 166 more words

30 Days Of Blogging

30 days of blogging... day 10

My scheduled posts are not posting, here or on the other blog¬†and it’s a little frustrating!

However, I’m determined to share what I can so here is what should have showed up…. 454 more words


30 days of blogging... Day 9

If I ever told my life story I’ve no doubt you wouldn’t believe me. The parts I’ve shared skim over the situations, partly to save my reliving unnecessary pain and partly to save the one I’m sharing with. 266 more words


30 Days of Blogging...Day 9

Well this schedule posting is an epic fail! Both here and on my personal blog are not posting on the days I have pre-scheduled them to and I’m getting a little frustrated now! 276 more words

30 Days Of Blogging

30 Days of Blogging... Day 8

I lost my teen to The Vampire Diaries two weeks ago, she watched all 5 seasons on Netflix and bearly came up for air, then two days ago, I lost her again to The Originals (a spin off but very good to The Vampire Diaries) so whilst she is in the unknowns of her room, Charley is on his second night sleep over at my moms I am left to play alone. 166 more words

30 Days Of Blogging

30 days of blogging... Day 8

Four years ago today I was 12 days away from moving house. My first time at renting privately was hit and miss with the landlord being a tyrant. 211 more words