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Day 3-Ugh

My head hurts, I might have a fever and I definitely have a sore throat. I’m being dramatic but I don’t feel well. I’m drinking some sleepytime tea, I had a good day of food but did not work out. 67 more words


Day 2- 30 day challenge

Well, I took pictures of everything I ate today, but they weren’t the best things in the world. Friends invited me out for wings, the best wings around. 84 more words

30 Days Of Blogging

Day 1

Not bad for a day one, after tons of temptations. I took pictures of everything, except some gooey, soft, delicious brownies a friend brought over. It’s a snow day so I finally bought the movie Frozen and watched it with some friends. 71 more words


Try something for 30 days.......

Hey, it’s been awhile!  I’ve spent a lot of time focusing on a new Facebook page called ‘Question of the Day.‘  You should like it if you haven’t, cause it’s fun!   224 more words


Just Dandy

30-Day Blogging Challenge – Day thirty-one
Prompt: Rework your previous blog entry into a (minimum) twelve line poem in any form.

Well, 31 days have past. 128 more words


Anger Fuelled Laughter

30-Day Blogging Challenge – Day thirty
Prompt: Voltaire once said, “I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: Oh Lord, make my enemies ridiculous. 652 more words


Blind Revenge

30-Day Blogging Challenge – day twenty-nine
Prompt: Is there ever justification for revenge? Has vengeance ever paid off for you personally?

Okay, so, revenge…

I’m pretty good when it comes to forgiveness and I don’t tend to hold grudges. 141 more words