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Happiness Is...

Happiness is SO many things. It can be subjective to the person, the situation or timing relative to other factors. It can be a hard concept to whittle down into a tangible idea, but again, this blogging challenge is about thinking, so… what IS happiness? 293 more words


Favorite Craft to Make | Favorite Tactile Craft | What I like to Make

Now that we looked at Lazy Day crafts and my Favorite Medium, it seems only fitting to look at my favorite tactile craft! I know it may come as a shock, but I really love creating, crafting and DIY, so it was relatively hard to debate with myself on my favorite tactile art. 342 more words


Defying The Odds (Health update)

(I’m working on a more lengthy blog post that will be out shortly, with lots more great detail about my MS journey for anyone interested, but just wanted to update you all briefly!) 908 more words

30 Days Of Blogging

What Inspires You | Inspiration for Creation | Motivation Monday

Inspiration can be a funny thing that picks you up and carries you away on a creation adventure, or it can be something you chase after like a child with a butterfly net. 258 more words


Faceless Self-Portrait | Who Am I? | About Me

Previously, I did a post on Gratitude Tracking that had 4 different ways to reflect on what makes you thankful. Today’s challenge in my interpretation of a faceless self-portrait allows the additional freedom of adding not only who I am and what I’m grateful for, but also what makes me unique and me. 239 more words


Day 22: The Scale

For a long time I lived in fear of the scale. I refused to own a scale because I was afraid of falling into a trap where my weight somehow determined my self-worth. 532 more words

30 Day Challenge

5 Random Facts About Me | Fun Facts | Random Facts | About Me

What a fun #30daysofblogging tag! If there is one thing these 30 days of blogging has shown me, it’s that I don’t take enough time to stop and reflect on myself, my creative process and what makes me unique. 270 more words