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Day Eight: Cycles

Life is full of cycles. People who menstruate are probably most aware of how cycles affect our lives, even if like me the cycle is medically induced. 323 more words


Day Seven: Clinic

In Japan it is nearly impossible to get prescriptions for medications for longer than one month at a time. This is to make sure you are only getting medicine you need and that people aren’t abusing their prescriptions, but for someone who has been taking the same hormone and thyroid medications for six years it can feel like quite the unnecessary hassle. 641 more words


Day Six: Grandmas are Universal

It is very late on a Monday night but I want to share this story with you so I don’t break my blogging streak.

On Monday nights I visit a family here in town and practice English with their daughters. 515 more words

Living Abroad

Day Five: Free time

I find free time to be incredibly stressful. Free time feels like a competition–like there is somehow a way to¬†win free time. Some people use their free time to do amazing things like write novels, pay bills, or meal plan for the entire week. 437 more words


Day Four: Superheroes

I’m feeling the pressure of this 30 day blogging challenge already today. It’s Saturday, and I’ve spent my entire day resting with Netlix at home trying to recharge from two weeks of a lot of tension at work (tension re: having no work). 598 more words

30 Days Of Blogging

Day Three: Things to do when you're at work with no work to do

It’s the time of the year where people in my job have actually 100% nothing to do at work. We are still required to come to work every day, unless you use your precious vacation days to go on a trip, but we have nothing to occupy our time. 840 more words

Living Abroad

Day Two: Sunlight

I never thought I would miss the sun when I left Arizona. I thought I had absorbed my fill of solar radiation and would love to move somewhere with brooding clouds and poetic rain. 505 more words