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Time to Go to Work! Blog Post # 3

Every Sunday, I try to read Brain Pickings. I used to read this to find something I could add to my staff blog. That is over now, but I still need to write and share. 481 more words

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The black and white of depression

Obviously, when you think depression, you automatically think it’s all sadness and sadness only but this is untrue. I hardly ever feel just sad when my bad days strike but I feel nothing,there’s no way nothing can be represented other than the emptiness that suffocates me, surrounds me and forces me to stay in bed or pushes me into the darkest part of myself or scares me through my reflection that stares emptily at me.  396 more words


Sunrises and sunsets _ Across our adventures

I fall in love with the sky every time I see it so unfortunately, I take photos of it at every chance I get. So here follows the beauty of the sky. 13 more words


Rekinderling my love

Losing track of something that makes you so utterly happy is pretty breaking, especially if you have so little things that do. So I’m on a personal mission of rekindling, re-enlightening my passion, desire, and love for writing, photography and fighting my inner demons. 321 more words


New Years Resolution: The promise of the year.

January 1st, 2017 00:01. A new years resolution, something that comes around every 365 days, every 12 months and is probably quit after the first 5 weeks. 842 more words



Maybe some of you have noticed I have been a bit MIA for the last week or so, a few might already know why, since I mentioned it on twitter.  288 more words

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30 Days of Blogging Challenge: Day 10

Thinking back to all the holidays I’ve had in my life I actually have no clue which one I enjoyed most. All of them were so much fun. 501 more words

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