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30 Day Drawing Challenge 

Day 3

I had fun with this one though it took me a while to come up with the idea. Your favorite TV show. I don’t watch TV often and when I do it’s usually cartoons. 67 more words


Day 13: Watercolor

I changed a few of the days on the 30 Day Challenge, mostly because some of them had no interest to me. Today was one of the days that I changed. 64 more words


Day 11: Draw a Turning Point in Your Life (another old drawing)

I decided for day 11 on drawing “A Turning Point in My Life” to go in search of another old drawing. I promise I will draw some new pieces here soon, but till then let me share this older picture with you. 119 more words


Day 10: Supposed to draw my favorite candy...well that failed

Well for day 10 I was supposed to draw my favorite candy, but to be honest I thought this was kind of lame. I decided that for today I would show off one of my previous pieces of art that I have created this past year. 98 more words


Day Nine: Draw Your Favorite TV Show

I debated back and forth between my two favorite tv shows this time, Once Upon a Time and Adventure Time, for the day nine drawing. 90 more words


Day Seven: Draw Your Favorite Movie

Today’s drawing was a lot of fun. I was told to pick my favorite movie and draw it. So I decided to revert to my favorite movie as a child (and I am not afraid to admit still one of my favorite Disney movies of all time), … 238 more words