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No Excuses: Quick Curry Shrimp

I love cooking. So I’m a bit bias, but I don’t know why people don’t cook. Especially since there are so many good, quick meals right at your fingertips. 51 more words


Heart-Warming Hearts of Palm Soup

Being originally from Brazil, hearts of palm is a very common ingredient in our culinary, being used in salads, pies, soups or even eaten by itself. 254 more words

Diet Food

Salad Lover: Taco Salad

Hey y’all! I’m slowly but surely getting my life together eating healthy, meeting my daily step goal, and working out four times or more each week. 42 more words


Bikini Season is for Salad Lovers

While game night was a lasting success, it did nothing good for my fitness. I ate leftover king cake for three days! I got the baby and the food baby (i.e. 93 more words


Citrus Maple Sockeye Salmon - Seasonal Sweetness

Just when I think the darkness of winter will never lift, the daylight begins to grow longer and citrus season is here. I couldn’t believe it when these gorgeous clementines showed up in our small rural grocery store. 372 more words


Cashew Butter - who knew it was so easy!

Well I must confess… I can’t really call this a recipe! Doesn’t there have to be at least two ingredients for it to be considered one! 262 more words


Food Processor... what’s that good for??

Food processor, what’s that good for?? This was the comment I asked my friend when she said she used her food processor! I’ve never really thought about using one until cauliflower mash potatoes came into the brain waves… then nut butter entered my thoughts! 74 more words