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Two No Fail Campbell's Soup 30 Minute Meals

Mmmmm, Mmmmmm Good!

If your family was anything like mine, Campbell’s Soup was a “staple” in the pantry. ¬†Tomato Soup with a grilled cheese sandwich just could not be beat. ¬† 421 more words


My Favorite PROats recipe

This is my go-to post workout proatmeal recipe! It’s a super easy and filling breakfast that ensures you’re getting the protein you need after a hard workout. 271 more words


Shrimp Pasta: An Under 30 Minute Meal Idea

Hey Lovelies! I have been doing a lot of cooking while taking photos along the way (I’ve just been slacking on the whole post writing department… I think I’m just captivated by my new surroundings). 332 more words

Zaychishka's Kitchen

Flatbreads II - Lamb and Raita Wraps

My basic flatbreads recipe produces very crispy, cracker-like flatbreads which are fabulous to scoop up dips, spicy chutneys, or the like.

This variation uses yoghurt which makes softer breads. 717 more words

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Duck Breast with Plum Compote

I’ve jazzed up ordinary duck breast with a plum & clementine compote, a fresh salad with a zingy dressing, and a crispy ginger garnish.

To make this a ’30 Minute Meal’, you could start the compote off, then immediately start frying the duck. 674 more words

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Mexican Beef Skewers

Although we Brits think of chocolate as sweet, in Central America it was originally a savoury ingredient, combined with cinnamon and chilli, and not including sugar. 642 more words

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Spicy Black Bean Burrito

Hello Everyone,

A new recipe I tried lately is this wonderful Black Bean Burrito. It was so yummy. My spouse also loved it but he did say, “This is really good but, just so you know, I am not a vegetarian so please put meat in it next time.” Shesh, men we love them but, just shut up and eat what I make you am I right? 445 more words