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May, 2017

Phew! We poets who were writing 30 poems in 30 days during April have made it through another National Poetry writing Month.

This is when I disappear into the small-press publisher’s world of collecting, editing, proofreading, et cetera until Autumn.  108 more words

30 Poems In 30 Days

Laughing at Death and After

Over dinner with friends, somehow
how we’ll dispose of you after your death
becomes the conversation.

You painted into a wall
or onto individual canvases by all our friends… 92 more words


Something About a Flower

Out walking again
despite self-driven deadlines,
I discover another
and another
and another small sample
of simple
meets sensual,
of beautiful meets primal. Look. 75 more words


Beautiful People

Old man watches us all over coffee
on the patio. Cragged face,
dapper hat, long gray hair
escaping its past,
dress shirt and pants,
phone on the table. 146 more words


Art and Fatigue

My old painter friend
contends that art requires real
leisure, while my stand
used to be that fire heats any
place, any time. As
life races on, I feel him. 10 more words


This Minor Voice

Birds warble like never before as I walk
and ponder my new conceptus interruptus:
sensing my way instead of playing
my strong suit, intuiting my every move. 117 more words


On Music and These Men


I was raised on guitar, songs, piano,
and books, rather than rockers
my father didn’t approve of. In our house
it was traditional and folk… 815 more words