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S02E04 - Rosemary's Baby

Liz meets her longtime idol, Rosemary Howard, and invites her to be a guest writer on TGS with Tracy Jordan. However, Rosemary’s ideas turn out to be too much for the show, prompting Jack to pressure Liz into firing her. 40 more words

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S02E03 - The Collection

Jack hires a private investigator to uncover skeletons in his closet so he can get rid of them before GE’s vetting process discovers them. Meanwhile, Angie announces that she will follow Tracy at all times to keep him in line, which Liz believes to be good until she covers for Tracy and gets on Angie’s bad side. 24 more words

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Jack And Liz And Leslie And Ron: How Comedies Have Excelled At Portraying Platonic Relationships

All this week, we’re taking a look at the past, present, and future of Peak TV, the current, overabundant TV golden age in which we live. 1,653 more words



Neither Mika nor I have spent much time in New York prior to moving here, we both really haven’t done any sight seeing. I thought it would be fitting to squeeze in as many tourist attractions as we could, before Mika’s hockey season starts back up. 204 more words


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Here’s a maybe shameful fact about me: I have watched the full series of 30 Rock about 7 times. From pilot to series finale. I can recite more quotes from Tracy Jordan than of American authors, which I spent a full college year taking classes about for my major. 1,283 more words



Next day, Sunday, July 31, I told him I had been that morning at a meeting of the people called Quakers, where I had heard a woman preach.

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S02E02 - Jack Gets in the Game

When Jack discovers that his boss is retiring, he decides to get in the competition for his position. Meanwhile, Jenna begins to enjoy her fame for being fat and along with Jack encourages Liz to get her act together. 13 more words

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