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Tracy Morgan Talks His Near-Fatal Accident And Returning From 'Hell' With 'Love And Forgiveness'

Tracy Morgan is full of love for everybody right now, even those connected to the fatal crash that changed the course of his life. He said as much during his… 298 more words

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Stories I Inhaled Last Week #1

I have been struggling lately with reading as much as I’d like to. I sometimes get into slumps where I would rather watch movies, watch TV or listen to music, but I still want to share these stories with like-minded people. 474 more words


Question of the Week #153

If you learned you would die in a few days, what regrets would you have? Were you given five extra years of life, could you avoid those same regrets five years hence? 151 more words


Little Wins

This week has not been without disaster; I recovered from my cold and seemingly immediately sprained my ankle, I burned myself on the oven to avoid dropping a tray, I was too late to get Unknown Mortal Orchestra tickets, the sprained ankle has in turn caused my hip to play up, I’ve had a new starter in my team at work for whom nothing was ready for (but was nothing to do with me), I got sunburned THROUGH TIGHTS and I’ve managed to massage a bruise of gargantuan proportion into the back of my own leg. 385 more words


Cocktail hour.

Can one miss something one has never experienced? I do think so. I for one miss cocktail hour. I miss dressing up for drinks. I miss not being forced into a tuxedo after six – just like Jack Donaghy, Alec Baldwin’s character in… 62 more words


S04E12 - Verna

Liz and Frank become roommates, and Jenna’s mother comes to visit. Jan Hooks Guest Stars.

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S04E11 - Winter Madness

The TGS show goes on the road to boost team morale. Julianne Moore reprises her role as Nancy Donovan.

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