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  • TV reviews, friends. LOTS and lots of TV show reviews are coming your way!
    • Since this is My ‘Movie’ Thoughts, I’ve been limiting my number of TV show reviews over the past few months, but this is one that I wanted to talk about.
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TV Show Reviews

Some of the best comedies of the this millenium

I am a huge fan of comedies, apart from the odd documentary and bit of painful reality TV (which I class as comedy) this is pretty much the entirety of my viewing. 1,148 more words

30 Rock

Dean Winters and Josh Duhamel talk about breaking the rules of cop shows with Battle Creek

For a short moment, it seems as if actors Josh Duhamel and Dean Winters have morphed into their odd-couple cop characters from Battle Creek.

On the phone from a frigid Toronto, where the two stars of the darkly funny crime series are talking with Canadian media, Duhamel and Winters were asked how much they knew about the titular Michigan town at the centre of the new CBS series. 731 more words


The Brief '30 Rock' Scene You Might Have Missed That Revealed Dr. Spaceman's 'Famous Clients'

You can catch every single episode of 30 Rock on Netflix. I know because I’ve been re-watching them all. Although the show loses steam during its latter years, there’s no question that the Emmy-winning comedy is one of the funniest shows ever created. 255 more words


Top Ten Thursday: TV Series Finales

There are so many shows out there, yet so little time to watch all of them. We may choose to watch only popular or critically acclaimed ones, but the truth is regardless of whether a show has had a good or bad course, the last episode can always go the other way. 816 more words

Thought Of The Moment

Looking Back On J.D. Lutz, The Perpetual Loser Of ‘30 Rock'

A common trope among sitcoms is to have theone character everybody else on the show has disdain for. On Family Guy, it’s Meg Griffin. On the recently departed… 653 more words


With 'Parks and Recreation' Over, Is The Network Primetime Comedy Dead?

Last night, after Parks and Recreation — a low-rated, but much beloved comedy – ended its seven-season run on NBC, it marked the end of an era. 857 more words