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20. Get a degree-related job ✓

In September 2009, I made the bravest decision of my life – move 300 miles away from my family. From the North to the South. Growing up in Yorkshire, I decided I wanted a change when I applied to university. 765 more words

30 Before 30

6. Learn to drive ✓

I started learning to drive in September 2015. Until this point, I’d always lived close to work, town, supermarkets, shops, university etc, so never actually had a need to drive. 2,039 more words

30 Before 30

Phase 1 of the SCU

Welcome to the beginning of the Sheldon’s Change Undertaking… that’s right folks, I made up a horrible acronym just as a bad joke about the Marvel Cinematic Universe and I regret the time it took to think of a word that started with C that made sense in context! 948 more words


31 things I learned in 31 years

On the eve of my 31st birthday, I do what I do best- which is of course, reflect and write.

Inspired, I tried to think of the 31 most significant, REAL life lessons I’ve learned over the past 31 years, and here’s what I came up with: 1,473 more words

I Caught a Swarm of Honeybees

One of the best moments of my life is when I caught a swarm of honeybees off of one of my beehives.

Breath on Paper is taking the next two weeks to share…
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30 things it took me 10,958 days to learn

Today is my 30th birthday. Some people think turning 30 makes you old and other people think 30 is the new 20. I have no real opinion about whether turning 30 means you are young or old, but I can say I’ve learned a lot of things in the last 10,958 days . 917 more words